24 Jun 2014

Projecteo - A mini projector for your Instagram photos!

Recently we got the chance to review something that we're very excited about, the new mini projector called Projecteo. This tiny little wonder is the latest gadget to make the most out of all of your photographs from Instagram and we're both really pleased to share that it seriously doesn't disappoint! 

This little trickster is so small it can fit in your pocket but it's mighty enough to make your favourite snaps as large as your bedroom wall if you fancy it!  It works just like those big old clunky projectors you used to get in school. All you need to do is select your favourite images from instagram and load them onto one of these tiny wheels... they're a lot like a View Master only with single frames instead of double. Then you simply pop it into your little Projecteo and click the red 'ON' button. It beams a ridiculously bright light through your baby slide and turns your quick snap into a beautiful projected piece of artwork...

Naturally, being a projector, the best way to view your slides is in the dark. Unfortunately this makes it totally impossible to share pictures that do it justice! So, to give you an idea of how this looks in action, I've projected some of my favourite pictures into a little box. The sides of it has helped reflect the light inward making it less grainy and the dots help the camera focus, so at least you can see what I'm talking about. What you can't see is the great colour of the pictures and the really amazing sharpness you get when experimenting with it. The Projecteo has a functioning focus ring around the lens meaning you can project your images into a really small space ... or a really massive one! This feature makes it really worth investing in if you have a lot of different ideas for using it like we do :D

The website is really simple to use, all you have to do is connect your Instagram account and select which pictures you'd like to put on a reel. Each reel can hold 8 photographs, but you can order as many as you like and come back to it again and again which is really handy as it gives it longevity. To start out I took a few of my favourite photographs, like this one from Monte Carlo and this one from Hawaii because they're both really beautiful and make me really happy when looking at them. Perfect for a change of scene at Vivid HQ!


We also decided to try out a few other things with it; we thought it would be really amazing to have it on hand for doing craft shows and events so we added our Vivid Please shop logo and our Edinburgh Etsy Team logo to the reel as well - we're planning on using it at our next big events because it's a great way to show people where we are! And, after doing our illustrated windows for Sofi's, we had a couple of ideas for illustrating on windows in the future, so I also added a couple of my favourite illustrations which I'd love to trace on a large scale! There really is a lot of different things you can use it for which makes it really fun. I like the idea of getting a reel made up of silly pictures for Davids next big birthday so I can project them behind him when he's not looking ... I bet he'd think everyone was laughing at his jokes instead of what I was sneakily doing haha!

Our Projecteo, in the tiny box we used to show you these pictures!

All in all, we both think this is a cracking little bit of kit, and for anyone who's as obsessed with photography as we are, this is a great purchase for yourself or gift for your favourite person. I've got plans to get another one for my dad already because he used to show us our old holiday photos on a 'life sized' one from the 80s haha!

In all seriousness we're struggling to find any faults with the product itself. It's robust, bright, fully functional and great at doing exactly what it says it's going to... The only 'down side' we could think of is that if you're ordering one and you're outside USA you're going to have to pay a customs charge on it's delivery (we paid £12 for the UK) ... but, if you buy a dress from ModCloth you'll be facing the exact same issue, because that's what happens when you order anything from abroad! Overall, it's not something to complain about really because one you have it, you'll have it for life, and it's so small you can take it on all of your adventures!

If any of you fancy joining the club and purchasing one, we've got a cheeky 20% OFF code for you to use on the site too! Simply type FRIEND0DCH in at the checkout and the discount will come off. At less than £20 it's really hard to resist!

Hit this Projecteo link to visit the site and find out more...
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We'd love to hear what you would do with yours!

Happy Snapping...


  1. I've seen someone else review this a few weeks back and totally had forgotten about it! I am in love with this idea and really want to get my hands on it!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Hey. This projector is amazing! love it.. Thanks for sharing this amazing thing here ^^
    Besides, I am back in the blogging business now :D xox | http://www.najsultan.blogspot.com/