21 Mar 2014

What I wore ... to the art school library

Going to the library by no way means that your outfit needs to be quiet! 
This week I thought I would share a shoot of me wearing my amazing new trousers. Whilst I adore dressing up and wearing shorts, they're just not practical for everyday wear sometimes. There was no way in heck I was going to pick something bland though! haha!

The floral print on my new Warehouse trousers is quite intense, but I think that too many people get frightened by a heavy print. I'm a small person and often read in articles that I should avoid crazy prints because they'll 'drown me out'. That's only true a fraction of the time. If worn correctly you can pull off anything! If it was a full jumpsuit made of this you're going to be drowned out, sure, but a pair of trousers is totally fine!

My shoes are actually a butchered pair from Primark. They had these gold things on the tops with massive fake crystals *bleugh* I can't even describe how hidious they were. BUT! They were only attached with plastic string so they were easily removed with a pair of scissors. This is only recommended on shoes that are too cheap to have things properly attached to them. Check before you do anything brash :)

My fun little steamboat necklace is from Kate Spade and, much like this stripe top, is a staple piece in my 'casual style' wardrobe... I'm a massive fan of the breton look and have quite a few striped jumpers in my possession too. It's a classic H&M number (similar version here, but it's defo in the stores) and so cheap there's no excuse not to have one in your possession ;)

I love mixing and matching florals with stripes, but if that's a bit too bold for you, a block colour top would work brilliantly with the trousers as well. If you're looking to venture into the world of printed trousers and skirts but worry what to pair with them, just pick out one of the colours from the material and find a top that matches it :) If all else fails, black goes with everything!

So, which do you prefer? My usual retro twist on outfits? Or something a little more ... 'normal'? 


  1. These trousers look great on you. Love the floral print. I agree, there is definitely no need for casual outfits to be boring. Long live bold prints! x

    1. Hooray! Thanks so much Helen! I think together, we can turn around Scotland's attitude ;)

  2. I think these are the best outfits ! Because they are so different ! I am small but wouldn't ever be able to wear anything like that. Your whole style is so unique and perfect !
    Eb x

    1. Thanks so much Eb, that's lovely to hear :) I bet you could pull off these trousers - it's all about attitude. Who cares what people think anyway? It's none of their business (plus wee people can get away with murder! heehee)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Serena! I'm loving that combo right now - especially with the sun coming out for spring :D

  4. Love your outfir and the hair style! Amazing!