18 Feb 2014

Oh Snap! A catch up on our week...

What a month! Between post projects, Valentines Day orders and and peoples leaving do's it feels like February has passed in a blink. This is my first 'oh snap' post this month, which just goes to show how busy we've been. I've not even had a chance to create a DIY yet which is pretty unusual for me - I've just not even had time to think about it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! We ended up getting our favourite curry in and cozying up for the evening because I was a bit worn out from the week. We've got a mini break coming up so we thought it would be nice to celebrate it properly then, which I'm really looking forward too! I did get a lovely little surprise though, a wonderful treat from Peaches And Pebbles. Words cannot describe the tiny awesomeness that is contained in that jar - the picture doesn't do it justice but even though it's a teeny weeny handmade teapot, it looks like the real thing - it's totally perfect! Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?

Last week we also had a stall at the Victoria Bar Art Sale which was raising money for an orphanage school in Kenya. We actually had this little table and another one to the right with all our phone cases, stationery and brooches etc on it, but I thought this shot was really cute. It was actually our first ever evening stall (normally they're a full day on the weekend) It's a fair amount of work to set up for a few hours, but it was really nice to just sit in the bar for a while chatting - our first break in the month!

As you can see, I was especially thrilled when the bar staff said I could use their Piñata's for my display! Our little piñata print looked very content with his new pals, and I've got a feeling that kind of inspiration is going to be problematic for our other events ;)

For those of you who follow us on twitter, you might have seen my INCREDIBLY HAPPY picture of getting a very large funfetti surprise... I would post the image on the blog, but I have ideas of using it for something so you'll just have to wait for now :) This is a nice teaser of it though - that's a can of hot pink vanilla frosting and it's the brightest happiest cake topping I've ever seen in all my days! I was a little over excited and got totally stuck in and I forsee the sugar crash happining any day now :P 

Last but not least, I'm really REALLY pleased to share that the Snail Mail Trade is now fully in action! I started emailing people who signed up on Saturday, then sent more emails out on Sunday to the last minute applicants and people in Europe who wanted to play and I spend the WHOLE of yesterday contacting everyone with their partners information. From a blog post I only expected a couple of people to sign up to, I'm thrilled to share we now have 41 people swapping post! Isn't that just amazing? Being dyslexic, this was a mighty feat for me to undertake. I'm really looking forward to how well it all turns out after all the work I put in to making it happen :) I've had a few super lovely messages from participants which has made it really worth the while so far - it's so lovely that people want to share the love and make a stranger smile, you know? Absolutely brilliant :D

I hope you've all been having a great February! I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things now the madness has passed :)


  1. that necklace is seriously so adorable! And love your stall it looked great. Glad that the Snail Mail swap has got a lot of interest too!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! I have big hopes for the Snail Mail Trade... If it goes to plan I'll be doing another soon :D