29 Jan 2013

DIY: How To Turn Vintage Buttons Into Earrings

Oooh! Vintage buttons!
I have a little pot full of such beautiful old buttons. Some from vintage clothing, some from thrifting and some from haberdasheries. I decided that I wanted to accessories with these cute sea shell ones but I didn't want to sew them on to just one item. What to do? Make them into earrings and wear them wherever I go!

This is a really cheap and easy way to update your jewelry box and make use of your old buttons. It's particularly great especially if you only have two of a kind! All you need to do is saw off the loop at the back. I did this with a small jewellery saw, but if it's plastic and you're very careful you could probably use a sharp knife. 

Once you've taken the back off, you'll need to file or sand it down. Don't worry about scoring the back of the button as this will help the glue stick..

Add a few dots of super glue or a craft glue that can stick metal and plastic together. Don't add too much as you may wreck the button if it goes onto the front. Then place your stud backings on and hold for a few seconds till the glue sets...

Aren't they the cutest? One of a kind and only cost a few pennies. What more could a girl want? Plus, they're going to look darling next to my little cardigan clips. Perfect for rocking a mermaid look :D 
Oh! And if you only had one button, you could also use this method to turn them into brooches or rings; just switch the backing. Simply brilliant!

Happy Accessorizing!
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  1. Great tutorial :) thanks so much for posting. I love tutorials like this that save lovely vintage things and give them a new purpose :).

    1. Thanks Dorothy Days! I love having unusual things, especially when they have a story :) Happy upcycling!