29 Nov 2012

Morningside Makers Market & Blog And Buy Sale Wish List

If you're in Edinburgh this Sunday, pop along and get some beautiful and unique handmade gifts at the Morningside Makers Market.

We will be there with bells on (or at least some pretty fairy lights!), so we hope to meet you there too!

The Event: Morningside Makers Market
Where: Columcille Center 2 Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh
When: Sunday 2nd December, 11am till 4pm
And it's FREE ENTRY!

This weekend also marks the end of our Spectacular window display in Coco's Bruntsfield (just down the road from this market!)
If you got the chance to see it, we'd love to hear what you thought in person so be sure to say hi. Those of you wanting to make use of the free postage code which was hidden inside both shops will need to redeem it by Sunday night. Simply enter it at the check out stage in our Etsy shop.

Support local artists and get the perfect presents for your nearest and dearest - what more could you ask for?

We're also featured in this years Blog And Buy Sale's Chrismas Wishlist :D
You can find our incredible Make & Do stationery set with our classic geek engraved pencils and illustrated post it notes in the Stocking Filler section. The perfect kit to keep you organised this Festive Season!
If you're a fan, please support us by tweeting, liking and pinning the link - you will make our day!

As you can see, thunderbirds are GO this November at Vivid HQ!
We hope you're having a great month too :D 

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27 Nov 2012

Featured In Stylist Magazine's "Etsy Christmas Gift Guide"!

This week Etsy has collaborated with everyones favorite free fashion magazine Stylist to feature their top picks for their Christmas Gift Guide... and they've included us in their online wish list!

Stylist's 'Style List' is always brimming with the most amazingly trendy and awesome finds, so when we heard they were going to create a handmade style list we got really excited to see what their faves would be. To be asked to be included in the online Christmas Gifts catalogue was bloomin' phenomenal! What an honour :D

We're really ecstatic that they're promoting our shop and selected many of our prints, bags and accessories for the feature. Isn't that exciting? To celebrate, all shops participating are giving readers a special discount too... so if you want to get your mitts on Stylist & Etsy's top picks, you better get in there quickly snap it up before it's sold out!!

Happy Christmas Shopping Everyone!

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23 Nov 2012

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Etsy Sale!

This year we're having a massive Black Friday Etsy Sale, but rather than only give you a wee discount or free shipping, we've decided to do something extra special to celebrate all the amazing support we've had recently. So, what could be better than a coupon code? Let me tell you...

20 items are up for grabs from now till Monday

Each item has been discounted by at least 1/3, though most items are 50%OFF

....That means, all items are under £10 each!!

We've got everything from prints, pencils, totes, cards and accessories from our shop up for grabs. You can view the full list of goodies here

The catch? There is only a couple available of each item... otherwise we'd be going bust! 

So, if you want to snap up yourself a bargain you need to get in there quickly

On your marks
Get set...


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22 Nov 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We'd like to wish all our lovely American friends a very happy Thanksgiving!

Whilst we don't celebrate the holiday ourselves (we're based in the UK), we think it's great that you share what you're thankful for on this day.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all our lovely friends and followers, and to everyone who has given us opportunities to grow as sellers, designers and as a business. We've come a long way and we couldn't do it without you!

If you'd like to share what you're thankful for ( even if you're not USA based :D ) we'd love to hear it! Please share by leaving a comment below.

Hope you all have a fantastic day and eat more turkey than you would care to admit!


As a special way of thanks, we've been working away on our biggest ever sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Etsy. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog and on our shop for goodies with up to 50% off - perfect in time for the festive season!

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20 Nov 2012

Featured In Vogue Bambini Magazine!!

We're in VOGUE! 

Our Lets Grow Old Together bag is officially a superstar!

Incase you didn't see it, we're delighted to finally be able to show off our massive achievement of getting our amazing tote bag grace into the pages of Fashion Worlds most important magazine. And we're jumping for joy!!

Vogue Bambini is from Italy's collection of the Vogue publications, though they are available throughout most of Europe - we even saw some copies of the previous issue whilst we were in Paris :) They come out quarterly, so we know that our issue will be on the shelves all over for a few months! How amazing is that?!

We're pretty much speechless about how proud we are right now. It is Vogue after all! We never expected to be given such an incredible opportunity and are totally honoured we made the cut. Hopefully it will be the first of many more :D

A big thank you to Susanna who got in touch to get us involved and a great big thank you to everyone for all their love and support. We couldn't do it without you :)

We hope you're as delighted as we are!


To celebrate our feature, we've got a limited few available with a big discount :D Better get in there quickly!
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19 Nov 2012

DIY: How To Use Gold Leaf To Up-cycle Objects At Home!

Recently we've been obsessing over gold. Perhaps it's something to do with the season; there is something really warm and lavish about it, but either way we want to have gold everything! Unfortunately we're not made of money (we wish!), so buying gold goodies just isn't an option... but there is always a way around that in our eyes....

Bring on the Gold Leaf!

This week we're going to show you how we up-cycled our little gum-ball machine into a golden wonder! This little guy is going to look so awesome at Vivid HQ - and it's going to make the coolest table decoration for our Christmas dinner :D The best thing about making your favorite toys golden is that they become classy, little works of art. Step aside Jeff Koons, there's a new talent in town!

You can gold leaf pretty much anything if you have patience and the following things:
gold leaf
gilding paste
a soft brush

To begin, you must make sure your object is clean and dry. Give it a good wash to get rid of any dust, oil and sticky bits. If you're using something like wood, make sure to give it a wee sand to get rid of any jaggy rough bits. 

When you're ready to start working, paint on a thin layer of your gilding paste. This is much like thinned down pva glue; it starts off white and dries clear. If you're struggling to get your hands on it, you could probably water down pva and use it as an alternative.

Once you've covered your item, let it dry for 10-15 minutes or until the white paste has gone clear and your item is a little tacky. 

Using another brush with soft bristles (or once your other one is clean and dry), you will be able to tear off small pieces of gold leaf, pick it up with your brush and apply it onto your sticky object. 

If you're feeling bold, you can go straight in there with a big chunk, but we found smaller bits easier to work with as they were less prone to tearing when we were trying to smooth them down...

Once you have a piece of gold leaf placed on your object, gently press down and smooth it out using your brush till it's all stuck down. This stuff is super delicate so don't worry if it rips a little and has a few gaps in it on your first round. We recommend doing a couple of coats to get full coverage.

Continue to put gold leaf all around your trinket. Looking good, right! It's quite satisfying fitting all the pieces of gold leaf together, like a little shiny jigsaw :)

Once you've covered as much as you can on your first round, paint on more glue where the gaps are, let it dry till it's tacky and add on a little more gold leaf. This material is pretty tricky to work with, so  you're probably not going to get it absolutely perfect. We quite like the character you get from the tiny flaws, it makes it more charming!

Once you're happy with the way your gold leaf wonder looks, give it a little coat of varnish so it's protected. We painted the little gumball turner a pretty teal to match it better than the colour it was before too - little flourishes can add the nicest touch when up-cycling :)

What do you think?
We're really pleased with how it's turned out. Add a little ribbon to the top and you could proudly pop this gum-ball machine on the christmas tree and all :D The best part is that the gold leaf is really versatile, so if you're patient you can put it on pretty much anything and make your world a whole lot more lavish :)

We'd love to hear what you think of this weeks tutorial and hope you have a lot of fun adding a little kick to all of your cute trinkets at home!

Happy Making!

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18 Nov 2012

New Stall Layout! Christmas Craft & Design Market

What an excellent weekend!
On Saturday we ran a stall at the ever awesome Market up by Edinburgh Castle and we had a fantastic day :D

We got to trial our new products, like our wooden brooches and christmas cards, and we had the chance to experiment with a whole new layout... White table cloths and a new rack for our A4 prints :D What do you think? A little less eye-catching and vibrant than our previous look, but we think the white helps the colours *pop*

A peek at our stall-exclusive Christmas Tree decorations here :D We're talking about putting them online but we've not decided yet. Seemed to go down well on the day! Are you a fan of our little mushrooms? Or perhaps you're more of a fox and hound fan? Well... sausage dog that is :) 

We'd love to hear what you guys think about our new look. Miss the check table cloth? Or are you loving how clean and clear the table is now? You know us best and we really appreciate your feedback!

We've got a few more stalls lined up before Christmas and hope to attract as many new friends as possible. December is going to be busy, but I've a feeling our best month yet... fingers crossed!

Hope you had an excellent weekend too

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15 Nov 2012

The Market Design Fair, 17th November, Edinburgh

Free this saturday? Come visit us at The Market!

We've got a new set up for our stall and a whole bunch of fun new products - perfect for the upcoming holidays :) There's going to be loads of amazing designers, artists and crafters showing off their best skills and plenty of tasty treats to tickle your taste buds.... and it's free entry too :D Perfect!!

The Details:
Where?        St Columbas by the Castle, on the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland 
When?         11am till 5pm on the 17th November 2012
Why?           Because you love awesome stuff... and so do we :)

Can't make it? Don't be sad! Why don't you enter our new giveaway and try n bag yourself some free stuff instead :) Everyone's a winner!

Hope to see you there lovelies! 

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12 Nov 2012

Supporting Movember!

Happy Movember everyone!

Incase you hadn't heard, November is more than just your average month ... it's a facial hair fiesta!

We are big fan's of the Movember event, as it combines two of our favorite things; moustaches and raising awareness of a good cause.

Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men's faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 
Having started in Melbourne, Australia, the Movember event has gone global and inspired more than 1.9 Million people participating in official Mo - events. We're really pleased to hear that last year participants raised over £79.3 million for the charity, and we hope to help smash that goal this year!


Whilst our little piggy can't grow his own tach for the event, we've made a set of large moustache brooches and a special edition white christmas decoration so he can play too :) For every one of our moustaches sold, we will be donating £1 to the charity, and hopefully helping one more person get the treatment they need. 
High fives to all you gentlemen currently in the process of growing their own spectacular mustachio and those of you donating to the cause already; it's great to see something so fun become something so beneficial.

For those of you who would like to get invoved, click here. Anyone wishing to donate, please visit here. For more information on men's health, please visit here
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