31 Jul 2012

Fabricate: Fabric & Pattern Exhibition In Edinburgh, 2nd to 31st August

We are really excited to share news about Studio One and We Made It's new exhibition, Fabricate. It opens on the 2nd of August and runs until the 31st and is showing off six of Edinburghs best designer/makers whose work incorporates and responds to fabric and pattern. If you love locally designed and handmade textiles, crochet, ceramics and skilled print craftsmanship for a contemporary audience you are going to adore this show!

Who is involved?

Ceramicist Lara Scobie’s current work is concerned with the dynamic interplay between form and pattern. This is explored through the integration of drawing, surface mark making and volume. Fabricate will showcase her simple yet exquisitely formed bowls, jugs and vases.

Fabric florist, Ruth Burgon of Rag Rose, draws her inspiration from vintage textiles, history of art, costume dramas and British wildflowers. She works with all kinds of fabric, particularly organza, satin and delicate lining fabrics, creating delicate single-stem flowers, bouquets and fabric accessories.

Eleanor Caie creates ceramic pieces which use natural patterns to bring light and nature together. Fabricate will showcase Eleanor's tea-lights and lamps, each of which is slip cast and painstakingly carved by hand to create organic patterned designs. 

Kirsty Anderson of A Wooden Tree transforms sourced and vintage textiles. She brings your granny’s linen closet to life by recycling found fabrics into plush pieces, accessories and art, including her ever-popular handmade stag heads.

Illustrator Victoria Fifield of Hipster Spinster has a love of line, pattern and detail. Victoria's work often combines hand drawn elements with digital techniques and collage. Inspired by a wide variety of sources including vintage imagery, textiles and nature, a Hipster Spinster print makes a great addition to any room.

Using primarily traditional crochet techniques, textile designer Emma Lamb creates beautiful and practical home-ware pieces, such as vintage and retro inspired crochet granny cushions, floor throws, pot holders, forever flower garlands and pin cushions.

The organisers
Studio One, a popular shop in Edinburgh’s West End, has been the place to go for great gifts, jewellery, home-wares, craft and design for over thirty years.

We Made It is a new initiative sharing and creating opportunities for local designer/makers, such as design markets, exhibitions and pop-up shops. We Made It are excited to be working with Studio One to showcase great local makers in their Gallery Room on Stafford Street.

So, if you are in town for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, be sure to drop in to this event. We can't wait to go along and get inspired - these designers are going to be Scotland's next big things :D

Exhibition runs from 2nd - 31 August at Studio One, 10 Stafford Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ
Opening  6.30pm on Thursday 2nd August - Facebook event here

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30 Jul 2012

DIY: How To Make Collar Clips / Cardigan Clips

Hello again!
As Peanut butter is so easy to make and to take to afternoon tea, I thought I would share a second tutorial to help you accessories for the occasion. I really love using cardigan clips when I'm dressing up as I am really into vintage clothing, so these are the perfect little addition to any retro outfit. What makes them even better is they double as some really trendy as collar clips for during the day, which is a reallly hot look right now. Win / win, right?! This tutorial will take you less than 5 minutes and makes use of those old accessories that you don't use any more. Perfect! 

All you need is some old clip on earrings, a chain bracelet, and 2 sets of pliers. 

First up, pop those rubber plugs out of the clip on earrings. The great thing about this tutorial is that if you change your mind and want your old stuff back you can just put it all back together again. So you may want to keep these for a rainy day :)

To dismantle your bracelet, you will need to open each of the rings (jump rings) attaching each element and remove the parts you don't need. For instance, I won't need the lobster clasp to hold the bracelet closed, so I will need to remove that. And I will not need the words, so I would remove them etc. 

To do this, you will need to hold the ring with a set of pliers in one hand to keep it steady. You will notice a join in the ring which is where to open and close it. Make sure you are holding the ring with this at the top as shown above. To open it, use the second pair of pliers in your other hand and holding the other half of the ring, twist it open by pushing it away from you. This is the best way to open these little rings without risking them snapping and ensuring they will sit properly when closed again. Never pull them apart!

So, do this step as much as necessary for your bracelet. All you need to keep is a ring on each end and some of that chain in the middle. Easy!

At each end you will need to attach the clip on earrings. Simply open the jump ring and pop it in beside the chain and close it again. So simple! The best place to hook your chain is through the hole where we took out those old rubber plugs. There they will be hidden and secure. Perfect! 

{this is how it will look when attached}


Lovely, aren't they? Now all you need to do is add your lovely outfit :D 

We hope you've enjoyed these two quick little tutorials! You will save a fortune on hostess gifts and cute little wardrobe updates for next to nothing. In fact, with the money you save you can try different versions of each :D Remember that you will find some pretty awesome clip on earrings in charity shops too, so keep your eye out when you go thrifting! A couple of minutes with those pliers and you can swap these sweater clips for each outfit. Hooray!

Happy Making

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DIY: How To Make Peanut Butter (And A Cute Jar Too!)

Today we thought we would share a couple of really quick and easy diys which show you how to turn old things you don't want into something you do. First up, I thought I would share a peanut butter tutorial. It is super easy to make and as you can see, can make a really lovely little treat to bring along to afternoon tea!

To make peanut butter all you need is nuts, oil and a jar to keep it in. I'm going to up-cycle this cute little jar with some enamel paint and an awesome little squirrel to make it a fun and quirky gift for my peanut loving bezzie. Hooray!

Start off by painting your lid. You'll need enamel paint and an old brush that you are either happy to chuck out after, or are happy to clean with turps. You will need to paint 2 coats for a lovely even colour, so be sure to take time allowing each coat to dry. Remeber to fill in the gaps where your fingers were holding the lid on the second coat too :) Once completely dry, you can glue your lovely squirrel on the top. He's all about hoarding nuts!

Peanut butter is so easy to make you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it before now and spending lots of money on the stuff at the store! The great thing about this recipe is that you will know exactly what is going into it. And that's not very much at all! For the best tasting peanut butter, I would recommend using roasted ones, or honey roasted ones as it will be flavorful and incredible. Otherwise, you can roast these monkey nuts at home and make the peanut butter by shelling and skinning them and adding in salt to taste. The methods for both are the same...

Put 500g nuts into a blender.
Add 2 tablespoons oil - any oil is fine (vegetable, sunflower, peanut etc), but whatever you do, don't use the strong tasting stuff like olive or sesame oil as it will make your peanut butter taste of it!
Blend for a couple of minutes until smooth (or slightly less if you like crunchy!)
Scoop out of the blender and pop in your jar

Doesn't it look brilliant? All that from some left over nuts, an old jar and a kids toy. Just goes to show you don't need to break the bank to give someone a little treat :) Now all you need to do is fight the squirrel for some of that peanut goodness inside!

We hope you have fun experimenting with this little tutorial :D

Enjoy xox

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27 Jul 2012

Style Me Friday...

The Lady Is A Vamp

dress asos                                      fascinator debenhams
eyelashes shu uemura                      bullet perfume juliette has a gun       
lipstick mac                                     nail varnish chanel rouge noir
clutch alexander mcqueen                 lingerie agent provocateur
shoes louboutin                                ring house of harlow

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23 Jul 2012

Featured On Uncovet!

Whoa there! Check out our extra special feature on Uncovet!
That's right, we have a selection of our awesome design work up for grabs on the coolest website online this week with a cracking 30% off for all you lovely people!

As featured by Forbes and TechCrunch, Uncovet source the most stylish upcoming stuff online and emails their finds to all the lucky beans on their mailing list. Not only will you get to see the most coveted items, but you will get them at a special price too - what's not to love?! Each item is only up for a few days and quantities are limited so you need to be hot on your heels to snag yourself the bargain of the year. 
In love? Want to own some Vivid goodies at a great price? Then get in on the action here...
Super proud!
We hope you enjoy your treats :)
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DIY: How To Make Your Own Screen Print

Today we thought we would share a diy that shows you how to make your own screen print. Ahhhh, screen printing, how we love you so! Often there are things we want to make and do with this incredible process, but studio time and the cost of materials can often hold us back. Most importantly, sometimes you have the urge to make it RIGHT AWAY - often an issue here at Vivid HQ :) 
Fret no more, here is a quick way to make your own one at home. Made with cheap and easily come by materials, it may not be as perfect as the real thing, but it has great character and still works a treat...

You will need:
Old tights (stockings/hosiery)
Modge Podge glue
Fabric paint or normal paint depending on what you're printing onto
An embroidery hoop
Some card
A Sharpie
A paintbrush for your glue 
And a paintbrush for your paint
.... and whatever you want to screen print onto of course
Ready? Lets go!

First up you will need to make your screen. Unscrew your embroidery hoop and put the smaller circle into one of the legs in your tights, leaving a little excess material at each end. Then chop it off! Screw it back into the larger hoop and pull it taught on one side of the circle. You will need it to be as tight and stretched out as possible for printing or it will go all wonky. Then slice the back (baggy part) in half and trimm off the excess material. Pretty sexy screen, huh!

To get your image onto your screen you will need to start by using the sharpie marker and tracing it right onto your tights. If this is your first try, I would recommend starting with something simple so you can get the hang of it. As you will be lying the side of the hoop with the material stretched out directly onto your image for tracing and then onto your material for printing, you don't need to worry about backwards letters or anything. Hooray! So pop down whatever you want to print and go round it all with that Sharpie marker...

Hola indeed!
It doesn't matter if it is a little bit scrappy as you will just be using this as an outline. Thank goodness ;) Next, you will need to apply your Modge Podge glue...

Apply the Modge Podge wherever you don't want your paint to go. For instance, I only want colour in the speech bubble, so I have used my paintbrush to put the glue all around the outside of the bubble and I have used it to carefully fill in those cute letters. The glue creates a waterproof seal which will stop the paint from seeping through. Brilliant, right?! So, make sure you take your time to fill in your gaps, then let it dry till it goes all clear. 

All dry and good to go? Winner! So get your material out. You can use fabric paint if you are printing onto fabric, or just normal paint if you are using paper or canvas etc. To set it up, all you need to do is put it underneath your screen; remember, you will be applying your paint inside the hoop. To print, you will be scraping your paint straight across the tights in one smooth, straight movement. Using a piece of card, apply a thick layer of paint at one side as shown above...

When you turn it upside down and pull it across the screen, the paint will roll down from the card and create a block of colour where there is no glue.... Like MAGIC!

Look at that! Isn't it awesome? I think I could do this all day long :D Just remember to take your time and have enough paint ready to cover the print in one movement as you don't want to try re-applying. The more you touch it when working with it, the more likely it will move and get smudged. When you're done you can give it a wee rinse with cold water and either use a different colour or save it for another print-a-thon. How great is that?!

We'd love to hear what you would love to make and hope you enjoy working with your new screen printing kit :D xox

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21 Jul 2012

New Products: Maps, Pugs & Rock n Roll!

We've just been stocking our lovely Etsy shop with lots of exciting new goodies :D With our new wedding favour themed engraved pencils for inspiration, it's no wonder we came up with some of these beauties too... 

I Pugging Love You! Like many people, we are great fans of pug dogs and couldn't resist making a card with our favorite little cheeky chappy on it :) A cheeky play on words had to be included of course!

In our Scotland print, we keep our heart in Edinburgh, but in America you will find it in Tennessee! Our new print of the States is customizable, meaning you can have your heart wherever you .... left it :) Lovely!

You Rock My Sox Off! One of our favorite ways to say 'I love you' without being too soppy. Who wouldn't want that reminder on their wall?!

Incase you didn't know, there is a whole lot of Italian in my family. Naturally I had to create a lovely I Left My Heart In Italy print to celebrate some of those relatives and fond memories :D Here we are in Rome, but if you're more of a Milan lover, you could have that too...

Nothing says Rock N Roll like some hardcore baking! So bad it's good, right? Yeah, that's just how we roll ;)

Last, but certainly not least, we'd love to say Fangs Very Much! Hee hee :D Take that Twilight! Frightfully good, isn't it? And perfect for Halloween!

We hope you like all of our new goodies! As you can see there is never a dull moment here in Vivid HQ. With all these new prints and keepsake cards, there is barely any wall space left either. Loving it!

Enjoy xox

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