30 Mar 2012

Style Me Friday...

Holy smokes!

1 i'm as free as a nerd: david and goliath                                     2  astronaut ice cream: space boosters
bubble tea: bubbleology                                                                   4 sequined shorts: topshop
642 things to draw: chronicle books                                           6 jailhouse rock dvd: amazon
peanut butter lip balm: asos                                                           8 lilac hair dye: directions

This friday we thought we would share a wee peek at our recent purchases and our new  favorite things! With the sunshine starting to come out and play, we have been getting really excited for summer. It's seems so near yet so far away! We hope these things bring a smile to you as much as they have to us... 
Bring on the BBQs!

Happy Friday!

29 Mar 2012

Featured: Nicola Baker

This week's feature is hosted by the lovely Nicola Baker.  
Specializing in paper crafting, it is easy to see why Nicola's work is popular in galleries. 
If you are looking for some beautiful art for your home, Handmade is the way to go!

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Nicola and I live in the North East of England in a place called Durham with my husband and our two young sons. 
Durham is a lovely city, but what has struck me over the years is that all of the shops are the same and what they sell is generally the same. In fact not just in Durham, in most of the UK. That’s why over the past ten years I started to make more and more of my own pieces of art – it’s just lovely to have something different in your home. So, initially from making things for my own house, I started to sell my work in shops and galleries. 

Now that can be pretty limited to just where you live so I feel why can’t anyone, no matter where in the world have some lovely pieces of art, whether that be a gorgeous handmade paper bowl, some fabulous mixed media pictures for your home or as a beautiful gift or lovely individual handmade cards? That's why I decided to open my Etsy and Folksy shop's. There are so many beautiful shops on there, it's inspiring to see people doing something they obviously love and creative and actually making a  living from it. 
My Blog shows people snippets of what's new in my shop, information which I have found which may be useful, and features some amazing artists in the North of the UK.
Are your products inspired by what is currently popular or based more on your personal style and interests?
My products are inspired by textures, colours and techniques I have discovered mainly while travelling. My house is my canvas; sometimes I'm guilty of creating art that I would like to own, but hopefully that resonates with other people too. I love working with paper and experimenting with different materials and mediums in conjunction with it. It's exciting to see how an idea can develop organically by adding different elements; it can take on it's own life. For that reason each piece is an individual work of art. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Getting to grips with social media. I know how helpful and important it is to promote your work, but until I opened my Etsy shop I didn't even have a Twitter account! 
The world is our marketplace now and there's never been a better time to sell your work. The goalposts have changed – leaflets and business cards aren't as important as a good web presence and Twitter account. 

When you're having a crap day, what do you find motivates you? 
Sometimes I have to take a break from it, whether it be for five minutes or for the rest of the day. I usually go and work on something else or catch up with my admin if the juices really aren't flowing! Some days a field trip is in order – to the library, an art gallery or just a walk to check out architecture, surroundings and just to clear my head and thought process. I feel if I keep working on something and I'm just not feeling it then it shows in the end product. If you are making something just for the sake of it then it usually shows and as a maker you view that work differently. I just want to be the best I can be and to make the best products. I keep telling my 6 year old never to give up, just keep trying and you will feel so proud. So I've got to try, really! 

What have you found to be the best piece of advice you've been given? 
Know your market, be patient and keep doing what you love.

How can we find you?
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Tell us what your guilty pleasure is?
Anything sweet and delicious. If eating out I very nearly always have to have something sweet to end it!

Thanks for taking the time to share such an inspirational post with us today Nicola! 
I don't think we have ever managed to pass up on that dessert cart :S

Be sure to check out Nicolas shop and snap up your own beautiful work of art.
And if you click this link you can see our work on Nicola's blog too :D

Happy Thursday Everyone

27 Mar 2012

DIY: Easter Garland With Small Chickens!

Easter is coming!
That means our favorite little chickens are absolutely everywhere. 
We can't get enough of these wee chicks and rightly so too, they are adorable! 
So, to get you in the spirit of Spring, we thought we would share our little Easter Garland diy...

All you need is some chickies, pompoms and a needle and thread. 
This tutorial takes like 2 minutes to do and the fluff from the chickens and pompoms hold onto the thread really easily. It's hassle free and looks fab when pinned up on the wall. And you could do it with those fluffy bunnies too... It would be rude not to make one, right?

Super fun!
Enjoy everyone

26 Mar 2012

Up There: A Film About A Lost Art

This mini documentary shows the lost art of painting adverts outdoors. It's one of our favourites as we think the world needs more public installations like these. It's only 12 minutes long, so be sure to watch it and spread the love...

23 Mar 2012

New Products: Cute Felt Brooches!

Check out our new friends!
Yup, these cheeky felt brooches are the latest addition to our ever growing Etsy boutique,
just in time for summer!

Our cloud brooch has been especially designed for the special someone who always helps you see the brighter side of things when you are having a bad day. 
We decided that our special friend needed a treat to remind them how much they mean to us, and this little guy went down a storm :D
Our cute little cumulonimbus cloud comes carefully packed in a box with For Our Silver Lining marked on the label. Great things come in small packages after all!

Hello Pips! 
Our little strawberry brooch has a cheeky smile and is perfect for brightening up summer dresses. With pips for freckles it's easy to see why this little guy is going to bring smiles wherever he goes!
We love strawberries and summertime sunshine so couldn't resist making a cute character to bring out and share the day with. We don't get sun too often here in Scotland so we always make the most of it!

 Last but certainly not least, Easy Peasy is our little lemon friend who is ready to turn any frown upside down in a flash! With this wee citrus character on your lapel you can rest assured that everything is going to be alright. After all, cute treats make everything better...

 All of our new brooch friends are carefully handmade with felt, thread and are stuffed with a special polyester filling to make them lovely and plush and simply adorable. Each is presented in little brown box and carefully packaged with brown shredded paper... With so much tlc going into each one your special person is going to feel super cherished with this beautiful accessory!

We would love to hear what you think and who else you would like to see join the crew!
Happy Friday Everyone 

22 Mar 2012

Featured: The Dorothy Days

This week's feature is hosted by the lovely Rachel from The Dorothy Days vintage and handmade shop.  
If you are looking for the prettiest tea cups, this is the place to go!

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Rachel and I run The Dorothy Days, a vintage and handmade shop from England. I have had a passion for vintage since my teenage years. I loved the idea of owning something from days gone by, with history and having something a bit more unique and individual than the high street. While at university studying for my Art History degree I realised that vintage items were not only more unique and individual but were also more affordable and often of better quality than what we see on the high street so I ditched the high street and went vintage! For me, buying vintage items is not so much about collecting but rather having beautiful items which I can wear and use. My house is now an eclectic mix of different styles and eras and is rather like an Aladdin’s cave of vintage items. My particular love is vintage English teacups, I use them to decorate and display, as tea light holder and to drink from (tea just tastes so much better from a vintage tea cup!)

A few years ago I decided to turn my passion into a business and started to sell vintage items at different vintage fairs in England then in August last year I decided to launch The Dorothy Days online shop on Etsy which is combination of my two loves…vintage and handmade. I have really enjoyed running the business and the community feel of Etsy. I started my blog at the beginning of this year and it is something I find really enjoyable. It’s great to be able to connect with customers and other buyers and sellers on Etsy. I blog about all different types of things and every Thursday I feature a different shop and seller from Etsy on my blog. 

 Are the items you sell inspired by what is popular or based more on your personal style and interests?
The items I sell in my shop are extremely influenced by my personal tastes, style and interests. I discovered early on that I find it really difficult to sell things that I do not like. Part of running a business is being excited and passionate about what you do and I can only do that if I love the things I am selling. I only problem with this is the temptation to keep what I am selling!

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
My biggest challenge so far I would say is getting to grips with social media. Twitter and Facebook were totally new to me and I had never used it before I started my shop but now I have got to grips with it I really enjoy using it and it’s a great tool to connect with people from all around the world. I was really pleasantly surprised with how quickly and how many people ‘liked’ my page and it was such a boost to know that people like what I am doing. Whenever someone leaves a comment it really makes me smile.

When you're having a crap day, what do you find motivates you?
When I am having a rubbish day I make myself a large cup of tea from one of my favourite vintage cups ( I am particularly fond of green tea at the moment), get into my comfy pyjamas and slippers and wrap up in my duvet on the sofa. It is a magic combination and makes me focus again and get motivated to work on my Etsy shop, blog, twitter and facebook page.

What have you found to be the best piece of advice you've been given?
To never give up even when things get a bit tricky or stressful and to do something that excites you and you are passionate about.

How can we find you?
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Tell us what your guilty pleasure is?
My guilty pleasures would have to be Madonna! I love listening to her songs and singing along at the top of my very out of tune voice! My other guilty pleasure is one I discovered recently, it’s the most amazing dark chocolate made with cranberries. It is delicious and I am addicted!!!

Thanks for taking the time to share such an inspirational post with us today Rachel! 
We are gasping for a brew and sweet treat now :)

Be sure to check out The Dorothy Days shop and snap up your own vintage treasure...
And if you pop over to the blog now you can learn all about us from interview too!

If you would like to be featured on www.vividplease.me be sure to follow our blog and leave us a comment with your link below...

Happy Thursday Everyone

20 Mar 2012

DIY: Update Your Wardrobe With Fabric Paint!

It's springtime already and we are really bored with our wardrobe.
Feeling ready to a add little colour and some fun patterns and update your look but too skint to shop it? 
Well we thought we would share a quick fabric painting diy which will cost you less than a fiver and will get you back on trend in a flash! All you need is the clothing you are bored with, some fabric paint and a potato!

Using your favorite cookie cutters, cut out your new stamp using an old potato. Simply press the cookie cuter into the potato and carefully cut around the plastic/metal so you have a protruding shape. 
Then put down lots of paper and stretch out your boring scarf/top (insert relevant wardrobe mishap here!)
Pour out your fabric paint into a tray and get ready dip your stamp in. We like Dylon as they have a great selection of colours and you can find it in most craft and fabric shops.
Then stamp randomly all over!
Repeat with other shapes and colours; we used the lid off a pot for the smaller polka dots... anything solid that will wipe clean will work well in this project. Have lots of fun with it!
Once you are happy with it, hang it up to dry over night. Use a hanger with grips to make sure nothing gets smudged and be sure to pop it somewhere you're not going to accidentally brush up against it.
Then when it is dry, simply iron it to fix the ink (check the fabric paint bottle instructions if you are not using Dylon as this may vary...) 

Check it out! Our little scarf all refreshed and ready for going out in the sunshine. 
And as our little wardrobe update was so cheap we are going to treat ourselves to a strawberry milkshake when we're out :) Who says you need to spend a fortune to look great?
 With mixed patterns being hot on the catwalk right now we are going to look super trendy. We are going to stamp everything we own now! 

We hope you have fun updating your wardrobe with this little tutorial...
You'll never need to worry about owning the same clothes as everyone else ever again!

19 Mar 2012

London Fashion And Textile Museum: Designing Woman - Post-War British Textiles

The London Fashion And Textile Museum has just opened its latest exhibition featuring textiles designed by women after the war. Being big fan's of design from this period, we are itching to go to this show!

During the 50s and 60s, Britain was at the forefront of international textile design, and with designs like these it is not hard to see why. We have three pioneering women to thank for such fab prints and patterns after such a dull and drab time; Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag and Marian Mahler. These lovely ladies broke down boundaries and made the world a much more beautiful and fun place to be again. 
Thank goodness for that!

Showcasing their work and featuring more than 100 pieces designed during this period, we are sure this exhibition is going to be packed out with retro fans and vintage addicts looking for some inspiration for their homes and their wardrobes...

We are super proud of our heritage and are ecstatic to announce that we have been asked to stock our retro stationery for the duration of this show too! 

That's right, our polaroid note cards will be available in the London Fashion and Textile Museum shop until the 16th of June. We are pretty speechless about how proud we are to be able to get involved and spread the love of the fifties. What an honour!

Check out the London Fashion and Textile Museum website to find out more details of the show and be sure to check out Design Week's review here... 


16 Mar 2012

New Products: Make & Do!

Check out our new Make & Do note pads! 

As you know, we are suckers for making lists. 
They are great to get your head in order and to help you focus with less faffing about! 
We tend to have two lists on the go at all times: one list for things we want to make and the other for things we need to do... 
I want to finish making my ukulele top, but I also need to go through all my receipts. 
Guess which one would normally never get done!

So, we designed this super cute pocket sized note pad to help us keep on top of both areas of our life.
One make for one do. What makes our note pads even better is that there is a space at the bottom to write in what treat you are going to reward yourself for completing your tasks! 
A constant little reminder of something you are desperate to get your hands on is a cracking way to motivate you through your less fun tasks :)

Being organized no longer means being boring!
Your desk space could be made a whole lot more curiously creative with these treats on hand :)
What do you think?

Start your own  revolution by getting your hands on your own set here
Be sure to drop by our Etsy Boutique for more treasures too...

Happy Friday!

15 Mar 2012

Featured: fAveritte Creations

Today we are hosting our first ever feature with the lovely Amy Averitte of fAveritte Creations

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a stay at home momma to a spirited toddler son and wife to an amazing man. Fortunate for me...my creative outlet of fabricating unique and silly creations has allowed me to be able to stay at home and watch my son grow. My shop is named fAveritte creations...my last name is Averitte(pronounced like the word favorite without the "f", so I jumped on the opportunity to have a unique shop name that ties directly into my last name. My shop is full of about 90% cute, colorful and silly custom made items for the young...or young at heart. When I am not creating...I love playing choo choo with my son, running around outside, watching silly sit coms like The Office or Everybody Loves Raymond, and playing video games with my hubster.

Are your products inspired by what is currently popular or based more on your personal style and interests?
They are definitely more of my personal style and interests. I love working with colors and patterns in fabric. I have a conversation with a piece of fabric and it tells me what it wants to be created into. Our house is full of silly goof balls, so many of my kids items are just that...look a little silly and much like a goof ball. My main goal with my creations is simply this: I hope for whomever receives one of my creations that at first they smile, explore it, hug it and begin a long friendship with it. I grew up playing with many toys and dolls and to this day still have a few of them and they instantly take me back to my childhood. I want some of my silly characters to become best friends and to be drug around on adventures, and get dirty, and become frayed and faded...because the child feels they are worthy enough to be apart of their everyday life.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
My biggest challenge thus far is balancing out my time between my stay at home business and blog, to my toddler son, to my husband, keeping up the house and finding time for myself. The latter..."finding time for myself" gets neglected more often than not, but I knew once my shop started blossoming I would have to sacrifice "me time". At least until my children are a little older and begin school.

When you're having a crap day, what do you find motivates you?
My sons infectious laugh, a brief walk outside, 5 minutes chilling in the recliner with chocolate and Dr. Pepper, deep breaths and browsing Etsy or Pinterest.

What have you found to be the best piece of advice you've been given?
I love this quote from Steve Jobs and I am blessed to be one of the few that can live by it and say I love what I do. "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way you do great work is to love what you do."

My college counselor and I had a similar conversation about this...I was selling earrings while in college and we were discussing my future plans and goals with my business. She just simply said, "If you love what you do...it shows through your craftmanship and creativity. People will see that and pieces of your creative soul. They will share your work because you have spoken to them emotionally. That is when you know you are doing what you were meant to do in life."

How can we find you?
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Tell us what your guilty pleasure is?
Simple. 4 words. Chocolate and Dr. Pepper.

Thanks for taking the time to share such an inspiring post with us today Amy!
We want to come play at your house for sure!
Love Amy as much as we do? Then be sure to check out her blog and shop :)

If you would like to be featured on www.vividplease.me be sure to follow our blog and leave us a comment with your link below...

Happy Thursday!