28 Feb 2012

DIY: Felt Fortune Cookie Proposal

It's February the 29th tomorrow. You know what that means?
Its Ladies Night!
Yup, traditionally it is only this leap year day that woman can propose...
So to celebrate, we have dedicate today's diy to a lovely proposal surprise:
The Fortune Cookie!

This project is really quick and simple, all you need is:
a round piece of cookie coloured felt
a white strip of felt
a needle
black embroidery thread
pale cotton thread

First up you need to stitch your message. Leave a little gap at the start of your white strip (or tag) and use the black embroidery thread to stitch in your letters. If you are worried about the spacing, you can stitch this into a larger piece of felt and cut to size after.
Don't fret, this is the most time consuming part of this project. Don't worry if it's not perfect, it's nice to have a little character to it. It just needs to be legible :)

Next you need to attach it to the cookie part.
Position your tag on the top right hand side of your felt circle. It should be above half way and the letter M should be outside of the circle. To check if its alright, fold it in half like the image below the next step...

Now, using your pale thread, sew the tag into place. This part will be hidden so don't worry if it is a little messy...

Now, from this position, you want to fold the bottom to create the fortune cookie.

It will look a little like Pac Man when you are doing this!
It may take a few attempts to get it to meet properly as it can be a little fiddly here.

Your next step is to sew the ends together to keep it closed and hold its shape...

The best way to achieve this is to sew it from the inside. This means the thread will be hidden and it will look magic!

Wow! Look at that! Beautiful, isn't it?

To finish it off, just gently tuck your message inside.
Leave a little taper out so your mister will know what to do :D

Present your beautiful felt fortune cookie in a small box and give him the surprise of his life.
We have used a simple brown box and created a special label for the front...

Because fortune favours the bold!

Create yours by dragging this image onto your desk top and size it for your very own presentation box. Perfect, right? If you have it, print this out on sticky label paper. Failing that, a little glue or double sided tape would work just as well...

All you need now is your lucky man... Go get 'em girls!

We hope you enjoyed this diy as much as we did! We would love to hear what you think :)
If your mister is more about chocolate than Chinese food, you may also like our Kinder Egg Proposal diy too... Spoilt for choice today!

Good Luck Ladies

27 Feb 2012

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25 Feb 2012

New Products: You Are Spectacular!

I think you are spectacular!

So much so we designed these two new cards just for you!

Yup, our newest illustrated cards have been inspired by our favorite people. We even designed them as mini works of art, meaning you can give someone spectacular a card to celebrate their greatness and they can stick it on their wall forever so everyone will know it.
Clever, huh? Just like you :)

Also new to the shop is our That's The Spirit card. We love a good double entendre and a little fifties twist on things so we couldn't resist creating this cheeky number!
Let's raise a glass to celebrate...

Finally, we wanted to create a thank you card which showed appreciation in a stylish way. Who better to take inspiration from than the King Of Rock N Roll?
Remember, tasteful manners rock!

We also created these two spectacular gift sets for the store...
The first is perfect for any geek who loves to take notes, make lists and doodle all day long. At under £10 it makes a great little treat for your favorite person without breaking the bank...
It contains our geek glasses card, lined sticky notes and our set of engraved pencils stating 'Feeling Notey', 'Yeah, Write' and 'Words Are For Nerds'
If you cant beat 'em, join 'em!
Our second gift set is for the ultimate vintage tea party lovers.
Our set contains our wing tipped glasses card, our 'Hello Cupcake!' lunch bag and our 'Whisk Me Away' cotton canvas tote bag. Our simply adorkable set is ready to take your favorite sweet treats out on the town. Tasty and stylish, just add the frosting!

We hope you love our new products, because we think you are spectacular!

24 Feb 2012

Alexandra Burke!

Singer Alexandra Burke is now the new owner of Vivid stationery!

We were given the opportunity to give out sets of our stationery to a couple of stars who are going on the ITV programme That Sunday Night Show and we are delighted to share that Alexandra is the first of our recipiants!

We love Alexandra's Bad Boys pop track and are super excited by the concept of her sending our retro cards to one of her hot boys! Pretty awesome, right?

Be sure to tune in to the show this Sunday at 10pm where she will be on with comedians Kevin Bridges and Frank Skinner...what a great line up :)
We will update you with who the second lucky celeb is next week...
In the meantime, you can grab your very own set here. Get 'em before they're gone!

23 Feb 2012

Andy Warhol's Polaroids

These portraits of Debbie Harry and Liza Minelli were taken in the 70s by pop art father Andy Warhol. Ever wondered what he used to capture such stunning images? A Polaroid camera of course!

Yup, using a Polaroid Big Shot, Warhol snapped these iconic women and used the images to create his stunning silkscreen prints. It just goes to show that it's all in the eye and not in the equipment...

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of his death, and it's not hard to see why his work is so iconic. Where would the art world be without his Marilyn paintings? Or his Campbell Soup Cans? Having studied Warhol since I was a young teen, I have to admit that his work has inspired me through many creative droughts. If you are ever stuck on what to make, just sit back and think: What Would Warhol Do?

Experiment, make a mess, eat your lunch and turn it into art.

Do something 'Warhol' today to celebrate his influence on the world as we know it.
Warhol's Polaroid images will be exhibited in the Danziger Gallery in New York.
If you can't make it there, learn more about the man himself here.