14 Dec 2012

Style Crush: Laidbare Beauty Products

Today I thought I would share a little secret with you. I've just discovered Laidbare's incredible beauty products and I am in love!

It's not very often that I get excited about a cosmetic product, because 9 times out of 10, I'm left  disappointed. Never one to settle, I'll happily give everything a good go to find the one that's right for me, and trust me, I mean everything!

My new crush has come in the form of Laidbare. I discovered their products in a department store recently and I have to admit it's possibly been my best find all year. For me, taking care of my skin is really important, especially during winter as I find the cold dry air particularly effects me... and, of course, there is no better feeling than some pampering when it's snowing outside!

So, what's all the fuss about? Well, to start with, all of the products in the range are 100% natural. I find that the ones pumped full of chemicals tend to be rather undesirable. I had a shot on some of Benefit's new moisturizer, which although looks a treat, cost quite a lot of money and left me with a horrible taste in my mouth - literally. Ok, ok, I know you're not meant to eat the stuff (which I didn't!), but when moisturizing I do include my lips in the process. Perhaps that's not normal, but I think it's important, and I think that a moisturizer should be able to cope with it. Unfortunately I could taste chemicals all day, which is not only disgustingly unpleasant, but left me pretty concerned about what I was putting on my skin! If it's not natural, it's not worth it if you ask me.

I find that whenever I want to buy a completely natural product, I'm usually disappointed with the packaging and branding. As you will have noticed from our blog and shop, branding is really important to us. We're designers and we like to fill our lives full of good looking items; it may sound shallow, but I bet it's more important to you than you think.
Hands down, Laidbare is the best looking product on the shelf. It's clean and simple with a beautiful typeface and its 50/50 colour brings a Damien Hirst tear to my eye. With cute names like "Working 9 to 5", "Butter Me Up" and "DIY", you know for sure that I am in heaven!
I certainly don't feel like an old maid carrying this cream in my bag :)

Looks aside, I'm delighted to share that the products are great too. I've been using them for a while now and not only has my skin cleared up and become silky soft, I smell delicious too! My favourite products form the range are the body butter, cleanser and toner and moisturizer...

The body butter "Butter Me Up" has the most beautiful smell of bergamot (one of my favourites!) and has hints of jasmine and patchouli in the mix too. It smells really luxurious when you're putting it on and the scent lasts for hours, which is incredible for a natural product. It takes a few seconds to massage it into your skin, but the results are simply devine; my skin is soft and the boyfriend is a fan - what more could a girl ask for?!

I'm a big fan of the two in one Clenser & Toner "DIY" as it get's the job done fast and extremely well. Being party season, the last thing I want to worry about is spending ages trying to take my party face off before bed, and the state my skin is going to be left in the next morning. Combined products are the way forward! Not only has my face cleared up (I get spots around my mouth), but this stuff smells like my favourite party treat; lime jelly! I swear, it takes years off you in mood and ageing :D

Last, but certainly not least, is the all important moisturizer. "Working 9 to 5" is an anti-aging hydration cream that is bang full of goodness; you wouldn't want anything less for your most important feature! The cream is like a second skin which is ideal for that cold, dry air that is super tough on you're skin at this time of year. It has a light rosewater scent (which alway's steals my heart), and is not only great at making your skin look radient... I'm delighted to share that it's taste free too :D

So ladies, I hope my little discovery and insight has helped you in your search for your perfect beauty product :) My skin is soft and clear... and most of the products cost less than £10! It's going to be difficult for Santa not to pick up a couple of these for me this year ;)

Here's to starting 2013 looking as good as we feel!

Happy Pampering!


  1. Thanks for the link, going to give this a try!

    1. You're very welcome! I hope you get on really well with it :D

  2. I'm really glad I visited your blog today, because these laidbare products definitely look worth giving a try. I really like the name too. I'm thinking that DIY will be the first to try out. Thanks for a great review!

    1. Thanks Kim! I'm totally addicted to the stuff :) It's been absolutely brilliant through December too as there has been a lot of events and it has been really chilly! Normally I would have dry skin and would have a lovely break out for Christmas day, but this year, things are looking up! I hope you love it as much as I do :D Good luck!

  3. Hello, this is burst*

    We created the branding and packaging design for Laidbare.
    See our web page featuring the designs here:

    We are very happy you like design! We will put a link to your kind words from our website, thank you.

    We love the products as well.


    1. Hello Graham!

      Thanks so much for dropping in :D We wondered who was responsible for this incredible design - so great to know it's burst* We are big fans of your work and hope you have more packaging planned for the range; it's a winning combination!

      Thanks for linking us and we hope you keep in touch!

      Vicky & David

      PS, It seems you are also the sole reason we buy our tea tree products from superdrug! Brilliant!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful review of our brand!! To follow our activities check out our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laidbare-Naturaceuticals/115120201243 - We have a fab half price offer on that started yesterday! www.touchmyface.co.uk Sarah xx

    1. Thanks so much for dropping in Sarah! We really love your prodcuts and are looking forward to seeing what else you bring out in the future :) In the meantime, I'm going to go abuse that half price offer! Thanks for the link! :D xx