18 Nov 2012

New Stall Layout! Christmas Craft & Design Market

What an excellent weekend!
On Saturday we ran a stall at the ever awesome Market up by Edinburgh Castle and we had a fantastic day :D

We got to trial our new products, like our wooden brooches and christmas cards, and we had the chance to experiment with a whole new layout... White table cloths and a new rack for our A4 prints :D What do you think? A little less eye-catching and vibrant than our previous look, but we think the white helps the colours *pop*

A peek at our stall-exclusive Christmas Tree decorations here :D We're talking about putting them online but we've not decided yet. Seemed to go down well on the day! Are you a fan of our little mushrooms? Or perhaps you're more of a fox and hound fan? Well... sausage dog that is :) 

We'd love to hear what you guys think about our new look. Miss the check table cloth? Or are you loving how clean and clear the table is now? You know us best and we really appreciate your feedback!

We've got a few more stalls lined up before Christmas and hope to attract as many new friends as possible. December is going to be busy, but I've a feeling our best month yet... fingers crossed!

Hope you had an excellent weekend too

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  1. I like the new look. I think the plain table cloth lets you see the items a lot better. I also like the tote bags hanging from front. And I definitely think you should add those Christmas ornaments online. They're super cute!

    1. Thanks so much Kim, your comment is really appreciated! We think it's made everything much more clear too - alas it is sad to see the checks go. Onwards (and hopefully) upwards!
      Glad you're a fan of our ornaments too :D

  2. "I personally think the check table cloth gives it some flair! But love your table overall. Great placement, everything looks so cute!"

    This comment went into our spam box!

    1. We're worried that it's a bit of a visual overload with the check table cloth as well as so many different products. I think if we only sold prints or something we would be able to get away with it, but we're concerned that people are making a snap judgement about our stall before even approaching it to see what we've got. It's been a really tough decision to make, but we can always go back... Thanks so much for the feedback, it's really great to hear what people think!