23 Nov 2012

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Etsy Sale!

This year we're having a massive Black Friday Etsy Sale, but rather than only give you a wee discount or free shipping, we've decided to do something extra special to celebrate all the amazing support we've had recently. So, what could be better than a coupon code? Let me tell you...

20 items are up for grabs from now till Monday

Each item has been discounted by at least 1/3, though most items are 50%OFF

....That means, all items are under £10 each!!

We've got everything from prints, pencils, totes, cards and accessories from our shop up for grabs. You can view the full list of goodies here

The catch? There is only a couple available of each item... otherwise we'd be going bust! 

So, if you want to snap up yourself a bargain you need to get in there quickly

On your marks
Get set...


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  1. Wow, how exciting :) lots of beautiful items.

  2. Thanks Dorothy Days! We hope you have an awesome Black Friday too :D