25 Oct 2012

New Products: Illustrated Cards & Prints!

Hello lovelies!
We've been working like little bee's here at Vivid HQ on lots of fun new goodies for our shop. We created these new cards and prints which were exclusively for sale at our last market and we are delighted to announce they are now available in our online boutique too :D 

We've released our little pug illustration from the keepsake card as a full sized print as he's been getting a lot of friendly attention :D We've also created 6 new cards with a few of our favorite things on them...

Gumball machines, French Fancies and little sweeties for the ladies - c'est bon! And retro record players, red converse shoes and mint green headphones for the guys. Such a cute couple, right ;)

Finally, our extra special retro cards with our marshmallow fluff jar, vintage salon, garden flamingos and clock radio illustrations are now available to buy as a set. Looking good, right?

We're really excited to share that we've also working away on a new line of products for some time now which has been stupidly hard to keep a secret! A lot of time and effort has been put in and we are really close to spilling the beans :D Keep your eyes peeled for something super exciting coming to the shop and blog soon :)

In the mean time, we hope you love our new stationery and remember that there is a 20% discount available at our etsy shop too. Simply enter the coupon code: SPOOKTACULAR20 at the checkout... beware, the code will expire very soon so if you want to snap up some of these new works you better get in there quick!
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  1. Such cute cards, Viv! Love 'em.

  2. That's like totes amazeballs.
    I think I may be addicted to that ridiculous phrase.

    1. Totes is, like, the worst catchphrase ever. I'm putting it up there with "whaaaaaaazzzzuuuuppp".
      Amazeballs however, is like music to my ears ;)
      hee hee x

  3. Super cute! Love the gumball machine!

  4. Awww :D Thanks Jamie! I can't get enough of them!