16 Aug 2012

Our First Magazine Feature - Pencils In BIBA Magazine!

We are SUPER excited to share with you news of our first ever magazine feature :D 

Featured this month in the awesome French publication BIBA, our geeky pencils came 3rd in their top 15 "Tout ca pour moi!" section! How brilliant is that?!

We can't even begin to explain how proud we are to see our work in print. We've known that we were going to be featured for a few weeks now, but didn't want to jinx it by letting the cat out of the bag too early. We simply can't believe our eyes!

BIBA is a really cool magazine full of beautiful fashion pictures, beauty tips and lifestyle treasures, not to mention it has some absolutely awesome products in amongst it all too :) We got contacted and asked if we would be happy to be a part of this issue - as if we could refuse! We now have some very well traveled pencils who went all the way to Paris and back for the shoot, and two massive smiles on our faces :D What an honour! 

A big thank you to BIBA magazine for supporting us and giving us such an incredible opportunity! 

We'd also like to thank our readers by sharing a discount of 10% off our etsy shop till Sunday the 19th of August to celebrate :D  Simply enter HOORAY4BIBA at the checkout...

We'd love to know what the whole feature says, so if anyone is able to translate French to English we'd love to hear from you :) My French can order me a baguette and ask where the bank is... it's a start at least! Hee hee

Enjoy lovelies!
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  1. Whooo congrats! I am so happy for you! :D

    1. Thanks so much Zyzanna :D We're stoked!!

  2. Wow! that is so exciting! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Meagan :D Can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. Okay, PLEASE tell me what it is you do to get featured on so many websites, and now magazines. You must have some magic trick that I need to know about!

    Also, did they ask you permission to include your work in their magazine? I assume so since it looks like a French magazine, and unless you just happened to be in France and pick it up, I doubt you'd have just stumbled across it.


  4. Oh, also, I forgot to say, congrats on being featured in a magazine! ♥ that is actually so awesome :D I'd love to see my stuff in print like that!

    1. Crikey Kim!

      Haha, thanks so much, we're so pleased and proud of ourselves, we never thought it would happen :)

      We're really amazed how it came about ourselves; we got an email asking us if we wanted to be included in the publication and asked if we could send the pencils over to France to be photographed for the feature. No secrets here!
      If we new how to make it happen more we would be abusing it all the time (and sharing the information too!)