23 Aug 2012

Off To Leeds Music Festival!

It's here.
We've done our packing.
We've organised our travel.
We've even updated our shop status so everyone knows their purchases will be sent out on Tuesday the 28th of August.
That means one thing; the time has come for us to go camp in a field and listen to some of our favorite bands! LEEDS FESTIVAL HERE WE COME!

As we're heading off to rock out and get mucky, I thought I would leave you with 3 songs we'll be singing along to...

If you sing loud enough we may even be able to hear you :D

The Foo Fighters, The Cure and Florence & The Machine... it's going to be AWESOME!

Enjoy the videos and we hope you have a great weekend too! 

See you on Monday :D


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  1. She means the 28th of -August- not September. Go buy your goodies, you won't have to wait THAT long!

    Have fun my lovely! ♥ Enjoy The Cure for me! ♥

  2. Thanks so much everyone :D xox