20 Aug 2012

DIY: Glitter Sunglasses For Music Festival!

We're getting ready to go to Leeds Music Festival this week and CANNOT WAIT!
So much packing and planning to do, not to mention we still need to practice putting up and taking down our little tent! Needless to say, we cant go to this event without some fun accessories for the sun, so today I thought I would share a quick little diy to turn some cheep sunnies into some killer ones :D

All you need to bling up your sunglasses is:
masking tape
mod podge (or pva glue)
an old brush
clear nail varnish

First up, carefully tape up your lenses. You want to ensure you can still see through them when you're done! Be sure to go right to the edges and be careful not to overlap onto the frames as it will peel off the glue when you're done.

You're going to be wearing these bad boys in the sun for the best part of the day, so to make sure they are comfortable also tape up the parts that sit on your wee nose. Glitter can be a little scratchy!

All good? Get your glue out and cover it all over. Mmmmm. Pretty sexy, right?

Give your specs a good sprinkle with your glitter! The more the merrier - we don't want any gaps...

Once dried, paint over with your glue again and give it a second coat. This will make sure you don't have any spaces and will ensure if any of your top layer of glitter comes off it will still have some coverage underneath. Clever!

Give them a good shake and once they are dry, carefully peel off your tape. Gently touch up any gaps if you've accidentally peeled off some of that glittery goodness. Wait till it is fully dry and add a coat of clear nail varnish to seal in all the sprinkles... 

Pretty fun, right? Now I can rest assured that no matter what I'll be wearing, these will bring a little bit of rock and roll wherever I go :)

 Bring on the music we say!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks tutorial and bringing a little bling into your wardrobe :) 
Can't wait to share snaps from our little music festival adventure - seeing the world through these killer sunnies is going to be spectacular!

Happy Making...

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  1. What a great idea! I love seeing others' creations - they inspire new ideas of my own. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww! Thanks Nicole :D
      It's a quickie but a goodie!
      Enjoy x

  2. Fantabulous. Have fun at the Music Festival! I hope it goes great ♥ And that the Foo is as good as ever <3

    1. Hee hee! Thanks Kim! IM TOTALLY EXCITED!!

  3. AMAAAAZING! I'm totally glamming up my sunglasses!

    1. Hooray! Glad you're a fan too Janine :D bring on the bling!

    2. Where did you find your glasses?

    3. These were from Primark :)