25 Jun 2012

Stall Success At The Market!

We had an excellent day at the market on Saturday, despite the hardcore weather!
That's right, the winds were so bad in Edinburgh that we all had to go inside for the day. 
We are really happy to share that despite all the challenges that faced us our day was a great success and our new set up looked incredible!

A big thank you to all that braved the elements to make our day - we hope you enjoy your new goodies!
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  1. Well I already expressed my belief that I thought the stall looked fabby!

    Do I still have one set of those pencils booked? :)

    1. Thanks Zyzanna :D
      For sure! We have one with your name on it :B
      *not actually, that would cost you more money!! haha!

  2. I'm happy to hear your day at the market went well! Wasn't that lucky that they had somewhere to go indoors when the weather went bad :)

    Lots of joy!

    1. Thanks Corrinne :D Lots of Joy indeed!
      It certainly was a huge relief there was an alternative. As it was a council event they had to make a call if the winds were too strong as it would have become a health and safety issue :B Luckily the place we were in was well known and they were really lovely too. Just goes to show that it really will be 'alright in the end'!
      Thanks for commenting :)