18 Jun 2012

Rollercoasters From The 1900s: Inspirational Images

We recently came across these wonderful photographs of rides and roller-coasters from the 1900s and we are totally in awe. They're not just beautiful pictures, we think they are incredibly inspiring and fascinating too.  Check out that sign; 'Re-modeled, Not as rough as last season'! Crikey, imagine how hardcore the folk were that got on that ride before this photo was taken! 

We both love a good thrill, but only when we know that the ride has been stapled down to the ground. I've never been one for those traveling fun fair rides as I fear the bolts will get jiggled loose during the transportation. Give me a theme park any day, but you will never catch me on something set up over night in a public park! Clearly, if we lived in the 1900s we would be completely fearless. Check out that loopty-loop. Do you think they had seat belts? Haha! I don't think the term 'Health And Safety' had even been invented yet! It just goes to show how sheltered (and wise) we have become over the years.

I don't even know how you would get on this ride, but you gotta admit that it is an impressive structure! There is some debate over when the first ever roller-coaster was created. Some argue that it we owe our kicks to Russia who built the first one in 1784, whilst others believe it was in Paris, France in 1812. Either way, we are blown away to discover that our obsession of being dropped and racing along some tracks dates back that far. Can you imagine the guy who pitched the idea? 

It just goes to show that if you have an idea, no matter how crazy, someone will still like it. And if you work hard and develop it and 'roll with the times' you can build it into something that everyone knows and loves. We hope these images inspire you to take challenges and risks and dream of what could be in the future. Anythings possible!

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  1. These are great! The first coaster The Tickler should be renamed Neck Injury. I just imagine it whipping you roughly around each bend! And does that last coaster end in the water?

    1. Hahaha, it should be renamed that! I don't know if it would be considered a thrill seeker if you got on that ride, or the village idiot. Maybe that's how they worked out who's who ;)
      The last one is the most terrifying rickety water-slide I think I've ever clapped eyes on. They were apparently all the rage before the roller-coster was invented. Imagine all the scrapped knees!
      Thanks for commenting Amy :D