29 May 2012

Blimey! Free Printable Cupcake Toppers DIY? Huzzah!


Today we thought we would share some lovely cupcake toppers for you to use during your Brilliantly British afternoon tea parties! Featuring some of our favourite classic British phrases from ye olden days, these little speech bubbles are great to add a little bit of banter between those painfully British awkward moments... 


Click here to print out your free sheet of cupcake toppers :D


Cut out the speech bubbles using the guidelines 

(they join together at the top for easy folding) 


Using double sided sticky tape, attach your toothpicks ... 


Jam them in and you are good to go! 


Don't these look incredible?

We even left you a couple of extra speech bubbles to fill in with your own Best Of British phrases :D
Blimey we're good! 


We hope you enjoyed todays tutorial! We'd love to hear what words you add to your collection :) 
We hope you have a spiffing swaray...


  1. lol good idea, fingers crossed I find time to make some cakes and think of some quotes...may be some famous ones or from favourite Bristish books, film etc! Oh ideas and so little time!

    1. Thanks Sarah!
      Well the print outs have the phrases shown, but there are extra speech bubbles included for your own inspiration :) We hope you manage to make cupcakes soon!
      Thanks for commenting too :D

  2. This post has made me smile so much.... Absolutely spiffing work!

    1. Huzzah! Thanks so much :D
      They're super cute sitting out, we think they would make great displays for vintage tea sets!

  3. Best.Print-out.Ever.

    Did you make those cakes, or cheat and buy them like I do? xD

    1. :D Thanks Kim!
      We are very proud of ourselves right now :B
      We had a little help with those cakes too... they were so cute and perfect for the post that we just couldn't resist them! Hahaha

  4. What a great idea! Thanks! :)

    1. No problemo Colleen!
      Enjoy :D