28 May 2012

Best Of British DIY: Royal Crown Accessories

Phew, what a start to our Jubilee week!
Our first diy is a super quick little tutorial on making your own crown accessories...
With some polymere clay (fimo/sculpey etc), a few creative minutes and some baking time you can create some fun jewellery to wear throughout our Best Of British week. 
All for a few pennies? Yes please :D 

Crown Ring
This little crown is inspired from the one worn in Where The Wild Things Are.
To make your own tiny crown of jewels simply roll, flatten and trim your clay. Mould it around your finger to get the right size and bake it in the shape you would wear it. The best part is that it doesn't shrink! 


Crown brooch
This simple and eccentric little crown makes a cracking brooch, but also works well on cakes and as a card decoration...

 As before, all you need to do is flatten and trim, then add the details you want before baking in the oven. When it's done all you need to do is add some glue!

We hope these ideas have given you a little inspiration for your own Jubilee celebrations...
Happy baking! 


  1. I have never thought of making rings with clay. Such a great idea!

    1. Thanks for commenting Guitar Girl!
      Yes, it was our first attempt at ring making with the polymere clay and it worked out really well :D you just need to be careful when shaping it for the oven as it will set that way. We're glad you got inspiration from the post! Happy making!