20 Apr 2012

Style Me Friday...

Sit On It!

Dorothy Perkins Dress                                                    Fred Perry & Amy Winehouse Cardigan
River Island Sunglasses                                                   Motel66 Ring
MAC lipstick in Brave Red                                              Barry M Nail Polish
Cry Baby DVD                                                             Urbanears Headphones

This week's collection is all about the 50s. 
Mix up your good gal look with a few killer accessories to make sure you snag that bad boy! 
Catch you at the diner on Saturday Night...
Happy Weekend


  1. Sooooo cool to be featured here. Wonderful collection of 50's ...... stuff. Great sunglasses.

    Thank you Vicky, love the blog

    Devon Dupree Motel66 x

    1. Thanks Devon! We're so pleased you like it :) I am in LOVE with this ring!x

  2. Great collection! I could never pull of the 50's look (I'm a 90's brainchild), but I still love it! I'm going to be adding some super-retro 50s, 60s, and 70s sewing patterns to my Etsy store.. so awesome!

  3. Thanks Crazy Lady :D
    We're super psyched you like our little collection. I am all about the 50s, but love a bit of 60s and 70s too so will defo be popping by to check out some of those patterns! As for the 90s, I think all the Pizza Rollers I ate rotted my brain! Hahaha