20 Apr 2012

Product Packaging: Which Do You Prefer?

Hello lovelies!
Today we are asking for your help...
Last week we introduced you to our new biscuit ornaments. Made out of plaster and displayed on raffia, our afternoon treats seem to have gone down well... However, we can't quite decide which packaging we prefer. So we thought we would open up our discussion to our favorite people...  You of course! 
Your thoughts and opinions are really important to us and we were hoping you would be able to help us finish off this product properly :)

So, simply put, which packaging is your favorite?

Is it the white Chinese take out box? We like it because it is so clean and simple; really minimalist and playful. It is easy to pack up and hand out (very market stall friendly) and we love it's kitsch factor. The surprise you get when opening it up is awesome too :)

Or is it the 1/2 pint berry box? This beautiful teal box is super farmers market chique... It is eco friendly as it is made from recycled pulp and it is so perfect and pretty you could put it straight on your  dresser :) But as it is so open, packaging this one up at a market would prove quite the challenge at speed..

Or perhaps you think we should only sell take out boxes at markets and berry boxes online?

As you can see, we are in quite the pickle over this one... they're both pretty cool and we just can't make up our minds!

What would you do?

Thanks for your time and help peeps!


  1. I like how the berry box looks and you could do both sell them online .

    btw , it's hard to make comments with captchas .

  2. Thanks Va!
    Would you take both to the market too? Or keep it simple and easy with only bringing the take out boxes?
    Will look into that capture box too :) thanks!

  3. I think the take out boxes at the market would be adorable! Then that would allow you to do the berry boxes online since they are so very cute as well.

    1. Awww thanks EK! It's really great to get some help with this one, I thought I was going to go crazy! We're glad you like em too :D

  4. I think the berry box is more photogenic, but the takeout one is probably more practical. both are hideously cute and I have a certain weakness towards the takeout one...

    1. Thanks Zyzanna :D I think we will be using the take out boxes for our first stall as it is going to be a lot less hassle... Pretty nervous so making the day as easy as possible is probably the best plan! Also, I think you are spot on with 'hideously cute' hahaha! x

    2. whoooO! When are you doing your first stall? :) and where? I will sure try to pop by if I can, provided im not in work (boring) or it's not superfaraway

    3. :D
      It's on the 28th of April up beside Edinburgh Castle. We are really excited about it already - only 6 more sleeps to go :S would be lovely to meet you - make sure you come say hi if you manage to pop in :D x

  5. I have no idea. I love the chinese boxes, but at the same time it makes little sense for such biscuits to arrive that way...but the box is so cute!
    The berry box actually does make a little more sense - it's simpler in terms of what its original contents would be - berries and biscuits are plainer than a chinese take out.

    I will be honest, though. I've got my eye on those biscuits, and the prospect of them arriving in a chinese take out box does excite me more than the berry box. I would probably display them on a plate anyway, but the box would be more fun and exciting to open.

    That's my verdict, anyway! Packaging is a tricky and (very) exciting thing!

    1. Haha! We see were you're coming from Kim! That was our initial thought, but we love a bit of quirky action :D we figure that crazy people like us would have plaster biscuits all over their house, but some people who are less 'eclectic' might like a ready made presentation box, you know? Keeping it simple... I've found that if I do something a bit mental people just accept it (and almost expect it!), but if someone thought to be a little more 'normal' does the same thing people spend a lot more time asking why... that's a curse as well as a blessing! haha
      The debate continues!