30 Apr 2012

Our First Stall!

We just held our first ever market stall on Saturday and it was a success!
We thought we would share our little set up with you so you can see how it all looked...


We had an hour to set up before the event, which you'd think would be plenty of time, but I'd say it was just the right amount... With so many different things to put on our table it can take some time to get on top of - I'm glad we did a trial run first! 


We came super prepared with lots of snacks, change, business cards and sign up sheets, and managed to persuade my mum who popped in to see how we were getting on to get us frappicinos too. If you're going to do your first ever stall, we recommend getting someone you know pop in through the day who is happy to bring you supplies! 


It was great to meet so many lovely people and to see people's reaction to what we make and do. Having only run our etsy boutique before today, it was really lovely to see people laugh and smile and get involved. It is a long day and a lot of work goes into it behind the scenes, but it is definitely worth the extra effort :) 


The only down side to working a market is wanting to buy everyone else's stuff! 
I think next time I'm going to give myself a budget for a treat - it's very easy to spend everything you make at these events :D

Thanks to everyone who made it and supported us throughout the day!
We've already booked up our next event and are thinking of switching up our set up a little...
For our first attempt we think it was looking pretty sharp!
We'd love to hear you think :) 

Also, we are delighted to have been featured on A Blackbird's Epiphany today too, so if you would like to know even more about us and how we work, make sure you pop in for a visit!


  1. Oh that was a huge problem I had at my fairs, I ended up spending some of the money from the first fair on cakes, and most of the money at my second fair on bath stuff! And then we went into the corner shop on the way home and had very little left after that! Glad you had fun ♥

    1. There were AMAZING cakes at this fair too! Hahaha! The troubles of crafters, innit? :D x

  2. It all looks very pofessional for your first stall!

    I haven't done an official craft fair yet, I have a stand with bits on at other events when I was doing some aromatherapy work, I didn't do too much in the presentation of my items though.

    I am thinking of doing a craft stall...at some point!And I have a lovely vintage suitcase (my moms) to use for display. My items are a little varied at times though, from jewellery to hand sewen items to hand painted glass. I have been trying to focus myself on vintage and upcycled crafts- that way it can be a mix of items. I'm also building stock, I always wonder just how much you would need to take, I wouldn't want to do too much and not sell, that's the worry.

    All looks very good though so well done!


    1. Aww thanks Sarah! We're delighted you think it looks professional, that's quite the compliment :D
      We think you should do one, we should have started a long time ago! I think having a variety is a good thing as long as you have some good branding to pull it together. Little things like your use of colours and organised micro sections can work wonderfully :) Quantities are going to be the biggest challenge. As it was our first market and we have a LOT of different things we decided to bring 3-8 of each item (mainly 8 of each cards and less of everything else!) we figured that way we would always have stuff on the table, and we could work out what sold best without killing ourselves carrying it there. I guess if one thing did REALLY well you'd feel gutted you didn't bring more, but its a risk you take with anything really :S you can't win!

      Thanks for commenting on our blog :D we wish you luck and would love to see how you got on if you took the plunge! x

  3. It looks great! You'd never know it was your first show. (My table looked a hot mess the first time I sold in person.) It's so surprise you had a successful day. :-)

    I just sound your blog through Etsy and it's so adorable! I'm off to poke around...

    1. Hi Paige!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment! We're starting to think about improvements for our next stall too; we have a lot of ideas but they all seem to need more space :S it's hard to get it all out there and looking good, so we're glad you think we did a good job :D
      We're delighted you found our blog too :) We hope you enjoy your wander!