13 Apr 2012

New Product In Store: Lovely Biscuits!

Lovely biscuits!


The latest addition to our Etsy boutique comes in the form of this lovely set of 3 plaster cast biscuits.

Presented in an awesome white take out box with raffia stuffing, these lovely ornaments will look simply devine on your dresser and alongside your vintage tea cups...

 Starring our 3 favorite afternoon tea party treats:
The Bourbon Creme
The Custard Cream 
The Jam Ring
Who needs guests when you have these three at home? Hee hee!

Made to order, these lovely biscuits are cast in plaster just like we showed you a few weeks back. We've had such great feedback and requests from friends that we decided to add the range into our shop... We can't wait to see how they go down :)


Pop the kettle on and click here if you want some biscuits to last a little longer and bring some good ol' British fun into your home :)

We hope you like em!


  1. This blog has just made big problems for me. As if I didn't have enough to waste my time with, now I have to do every single tutorial on here.

    Seriously, though, this blog is epic. Thank you, so much, for being here :D

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Kim, we are so pleased to be causing such troubles in your life! It's really nice to get such an amazing compliment about our blog, it means a lot :D Thank you for taking the time to enjoy it!