24 Apr 2012

DIY: Repurposed Stationery! Pencil Brooch & Eraser Stamp for National Stationery Day!

Happy National Stationery Day! 

Today we thought we would go all out and celebrate the big day in style by repurposing our favorite things: a pencil and eraser of course! 

We never leave the house without our trusty friends with us at all times, so we thought we should give them a little make over for todays tutorial... 

Being in love with our Words Are For Nerds pencil, naturally we thought we should turn it into a badge. Who doesn't want a pencil brooch?! All you need to do it take your pencil, shave a little of wood off the back, cut in a key (hatch cut the wood so the glue has something to grip into) and glue on your brooch backing. Awesome! Now we will never loose our pencils in the bottomless pit that is my handbag ever again! It may be simple, but it is SUPER practical :D 

Next up, we're making a stamp out of our eraser!
I would refer to it as a rubber, which I normally do, but the phrase has been somewhat tainted from my youth! Hee hee! So, to make a super quick and easy stamp, all you need to do is draw your favorite thing on the end of your eraser. I chose a heart because I LOVE National Stationery Day! Next, carefully cut around it with a scalpel so it sticks out by a few millimeters. Then all you need to do is stamp it into some ink and away you go!
I love this diy as it can be great for making your own gift wrap and you can always just cut off the end of your eraser and start again when you want a new shape or if it goes wrong.... This has saved me a fortune in fun printing!

For those of you too lazy to make a pencil brooch or a rubber stamp for National Stationery Day you can always participate but making yourself some paper clip jewelry... 
It only comes by once a year so it would be rude not to! Hee hee :D
Looking for more stationery celebrations? Pop over to Molly & The Princess  and join the party...

Happy National Stationery Day
We hope you enjoy customising your favorite tools!


  1. Lovely! and thanks for linking up with my Show Me Your Stationery. I call them rubbers too (and pencil sharpeners 'pencil parers" - it's an Irish thing!). I've made rubber heart stamps like yours from the rubbers on the end of pencils (which are also useful in their normal shape for stamping dots). Great post, and Happy National Stationery Day to you too x

    1. Thanks for having us on your blog too Molly :D Love the idea of having stamps made at the tops of our pencils, but I would feel bad if I needed to use the rubber! hee hee :D
      Here's hoping for a big stationery celebration today

  2. Those pencil brooches are GENIUS! I must find some nice pencils! I must have some somewhere!

  3. I like the eraser stamp idea. I had forgotten we used to make those when I was in school! (MANY years ago...)

    1. Thanks Greenstar!
      Eraser stamps are possibly the greatest repurpose going; they save you a fortune and a whole bunch of time when creating a pattern. If you get a big rubber too you can create some really awesome in-depth detail too. Love it!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Fielding!
      We love our stationery :D