17 Apr 2012

DIY: Customized Tights! How To Create Your Own Tattoo Tights...

My latest obsession is tights... coupled with a love of tattoos, it was natural that I became OBSESSED with illustrated tights! Unfortunately the really fun and unusual ones are painfully expensive, and being the ragamuffin that I am, they aren't worth the investment as I can put a hole in tights quicker than you can work out what's coming next...

That's right, I decided to make my own and share it with you!

Yup, with just a sharpie marker, a pair of cheapo tights, a bit of cardboard and a little imagination you can make your own. And you can add in as much as you want. Winner!

So, just get your piece of cardboard and draw out the pattern you want. I'm feeling a little Bonnie & Clyde so today I thought I would draw up a pair of holster tights. I started by drawing out my gun and garter with a thin pen. When I go over it with the marker I will be able to see what part I've done already. I've also decided to keep it really simple as I love line drawings, but you can get into some really cool detail if you want to.

Try on your tights and work out where you want your illustration to go, then swap your leg with your lovely bit of cardboard. Be careful not to rip them in the process (trust me, it is possible). Then using your sharpie, go over the lines. The best way to do so is to 'dot it on' - you'll see quite quickly that tights are a little bit fiddly. Take your time and think of all the money you will save!

Go over it a couple of times to make your illustration nice and dark. The way the tights are threaded, the more stretched they are, the darker the lines will be when it is no longer stretched. If you can, stretch them out a little when you're drawing on them. Once you're all done you will need to wait a couple of hours for them to dry out. You will think they are dry straight away, but trust me, you will have black legs if you don't give them a chance... overnight is best, but I'm too impatient for that!

Now all we need is a getaway car!
There is so many possibilities with this project it's unreal. Coloured tights and different coloured pens here we come! Costume party? Sorted... Gee, you could even make your own seamed stockings if you had a good eye. Brilliant! So next time you are looking for a little accessory to mix up your outfit you know what to do...

We hope you have a lot of fun customizing your pins... 
We'd love to hear what you would draw :D

Happy doodling lovelies!


  1. This is GENIOUZ!

    I am same with tights, I think the main prolem with them and breaking is that tey seem to be made of... well, not made of much at all.

  2. Good point well made :D hahaha

  3. Ha! I love this Idea. I can't decide wether or not I want to get a tattoo so maybe tattoo tights will be a good way to test it!

    1. Thanks Animal Cafe!
      We think it is defo worth a shot :D It's a lot easier to ditch the tights than the tattoo if you change your mind, that's for sure! Hee hee