16 Mar 2012

New Products: Make & Do!

Check out our new Make & Do note pads! 

As you know, we are suckers for making lists. 
They are great to get your head in order and to help you focus with less faffing about! 
We tend to have two lists on the go at all times: one list for things we want to make and the other for things we need to do... 
I want to finish making my ukulele top, but I also need to go through all my receipts. 
Guess which one would normally never get done!

So, we designed this super cute pocket sized note pad to help us keep on top of both areas of our life.
One make for one do. What makes our note pads even better is that there is a space at the bottom to write in what treat you are going to reward yourself for completing your tasks! 
A constant little reminder of something you are desperate to get your hands on is a cracking way to motivate you through your less fun tasks :)

Being organized no longer means being boring!
Your desk space could be made a whole lot more curiously creative with these treats on hand :)
What do you think?

Start your own  revolution by getting your hands on your own set here
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Happy Friday!