19 Mar 2012

London Fashion And Textile Museum: Designing Woman - Post-War British Textiles

The London Fashion And Textile Museum has just opened its latest exhibition featuring textiles designed by women after the war. Being big fan's of design from this period, we are itching to go to this show!

During the 50s and 60s, Britain was at the forefront of international textile design, and with designs like these it is not hard to see why. We have three pioneering women to thank for such fab prints and patterns after such a dull and drab time; Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag and Marian Mahler. These lovely ladies broke down boundaries and made the world a much more beautiful and fun place to be again. 
Thank goodness for that!

Showcasing their work and featuring more than 100 pieces designed during this period, we are sure this exhibition is going to be packed out with retro fans and vintage addicts looking for some inspiration for their homes and their wardrobes...

We are super proud of our heritage and are ecstatic to announce that we have been asked to stock our retro stationery for the duration of this show too! 

That's right, our polaroid note cards will be available in the London Fashion and Textile Museum shop until the 16th of June. We are pretty speechless about how proud we are to be able to get involved and spread the love of the fifties. What an honour!

Check out the London Fashion and Textile Museum website to find out more details of the show and be sure to check out Design Week's review here... 



  1. Great pixs, and article. Am your newest fan, following you from etsy.



  2. Thanks Mohala, thats really sweet :D
    We'll be sure to come check out your blog too x

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