20 Mar 2012

DIY: Update Your Wardrobe With Fabric Paint!

It's springtime already and we are really bored with our wardrobe.
Feeling ready to a add little colour and some fun patterns and update your look but too skint to shop it? 
Well we thought we would share a quick fabric painting diy which will cost you less than a fiver and will get you back on trend in a flash! All you need is the clothing you are bored with, some fabric paint and a potato!

Using your favorite cookie cutters, cut out your new stamp using an old potato. Simply press the cookie cuter into the potato and carefully cut around the plastic/metal so you have a protruding shape. 
Then put down lots of paper and stretch out your boring scarf/top (insert relevant wardrobe mishap here!)
Pour out your fabric paint into a tray and get ready dip your stamp in. We like Dylon as they have a great selection of colours and you can find it in most craft and fabric shops.
Then stamp randomly all over!
Repeat with other shapes and colours; we used the lid off a pot for the smaller polka dots... anything solid that will wipe clean will work well in this project. Have lots of fun with it!
Once you are happy with it, hang it up to dry over night. Use a hanger with grips to make sure nothing gets smudged and be sure to pop it somewhere you're not going to accidentally brush up against it.
Then when it is dry, simply iron it to fix the ink (check the fabric paint bottle instructions if you are not using Dylon as this may vary...) 

Check it out! Our little scarf all refreshed and ready for going out in the sunshine. 
And as our little wardrobe update was so cheap we are going to treat ourselves to a strawberry milkshake when we're out :) Who says you need to spend a fortune to look great?
 With mixed patterns being hot on the catwalk right now we are going to look super trendy. We are going to stamp everything we own now! 

We hope you have fun updating your wardrobe with this little tutorial...
You'll never need to worry about owning the same clothes as everyone else ever again!


  1. Thanks so much Boretto art! Vivid HQ is surrounded by inky things not to be touched till tomorrow :S hee hee!