27 Mar 2012

DIY: Easter Garland With Small Chickens!

Easter is coming!
That means our favorite little chickens are absolutely everywhere. 
We can't get enough of these wee chicks and rightly so too, they are adorable! 
So, to get you in the spirit of Spring, we thought we would share our little Easter Garland diy...

All you need is some chickies, pompoms and a needle and thread. 
This tutorial takes like 2 minutes to do and the fluff from the chickens and pompoms hold onto the thread really easily. It's hassle free and looks fab when pinned up on the wall. And you could do it with those fluffy bunnies too... It would be rude not to make one, right?

Super fun!
Enjoy everyone


  1. i can't decide if it's more cute or morbid ;) Poor impaled chickins! :P

  2. If it makes you feel any better, we did feel bad for impaling the chickies... They seem happy enough though... Having piercings is super cool ;) hee hee!

  3. Thanks Ionwen :D I think we are going to cover the whole of Vivid HQ with them... may not look as cool when you cant stand up for pompoms and flying chicks! hee hee x

  4. This is adorable. I'm sure the boys would love this as a quick project! Thanks for sharing.

  5. AH, So cute, I love em;-)

  6. Aww thanks guys! We hope you have a whole lot of fun making your own cute garlands x