27 Feb 2012

Love Our Blog?

Well hey there!
We are super glad you stopped by our blog today.
We have been working super hard on our content this year and thought we would check in with you to see what you thought! Here is a little break-down on what we have been up to... we would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see more of.
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This year we have been really focussing on fun new projects to make and do. We keep them simple and affordable and have a lot of fun with them! Do you take inspiration from our weekly posts? Ever made one? What would you like see more of? jewelry projects? Sewing diys? Packaging ideas? We would love to get some feedback :)


L.A.M.B ....................................Jean Paul Gaultier

We have also been sharing our crushes. From fashion designers to artists to baking ideas and what we are listening to. Would you like to know more about us? Do you prefer when we do our Top 5 Crushes or do you prefer when we focus on one designer at a time?

Every week we run a Wordless Wednesday where we share our personal snaps from throughout the week. Do you find these inspiring? Would you like to see more?

Cool Finds

We also like to share cool projects we find. Would you like it if we featured other bloggers too?
Would you like to do a blog post exchange with us?

That's a whole lot of questions right there, but we would really love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Relatively new to the blog, so not quite sure what to say, except that I clicked "follow" for a reason:)

  2. Gee! *blush* Thanks Nancy! You are very appreciated :) thanks for the comment!

  3. Jus found your blog through etsy.

    Every now and then when I get time I look for new blogs as I think it's a great way to share thoughts, meet others and take a look at how people use their blogs.

    I think tutorials are good (I've only ever done a cookery one on my blog), but gives people a chance to try something different and hopefully they let you know and perhaps even promote you on one of their pages.

    Simple photo blogs, I have started to see a few crop up. I think they are good ways of expressing somethin creative without having to think of how to explain it. If I get decent photos I might try it...but I don't think I'm very good with a camera.

    Sharing blogs or talking about other crafters is also popular and I think it is a good way to network- you get promoted to the other persons followers as they to yours. I have added a few other peoples blog 'buttons' to my site too, I'm still working on my blog (when I get time.)

    Overall I think you are on the right track!


  4. Hi Sarah

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!
    It's great to hear that you think we are on the right track. We have been working hard at networking recently and are hoping to be featuring other blogs and etsy shops as well as adding a few buttons in the near future. We are keen to do blog swaps so prepare to see them starting to crop in now and again :) spreading the blog love is the way forward!
    Thanks again for your thoughts and hope you enjoy our posts :)