26 Jan 2012

We Love New Girl

If you've been watching New Girl, we bet you were expecting an appreication post coming. For those of you who aren't, there is something fundimentally wrong with your TV programme choices. You want to get that looked at!

Anyhow, today we thought we would share a couple of reasons (besides hilarity) why we love this show with you. First of all, check out the strap line on that poster.... "Simply Adorkable"

Yeah, that's right, we are all over that already! Perhaps it's a head's up to Vivid?
We can dream hee hee! New Girl is the embodiment of Adorkable; cute and funny and a little bit wrong. They have done us proud!

Geek Glasses
We are all about spectacular specs and are embracing the geek glasses look. These make every gal look super cute and should never be frowned upon! Although ours are prescription, you can pick up some cheap pretend ones in loads of high street shops at the moment. They are an investment piece as they can make any outfit look more arty in a flash. Thanks for underlining our point, New Girl!

Cute Bedroom
The loft apartment used in the show is awesome. Check out Jess's bedroom; miss-matched art, furniture and cushions, bold colours and giant prints... it's an inspiration if you ask us. Most of our stuff is miss-matched and a bit wild, but this prooves that we are doing interior right. Score! We love looking for home, gift and diy ideas and found some real treats in this show...
Our favourite being the Douche Bag jar!

Outfit Appreciation.
We love the fashion in this show. Especially when our eyes are treated to gem's like this turkey number! We could go on for days about the cute cardi's, pj's and dresses. Jess is all about bold colours, crazy patterns and cute shoes. We feel like we need a wardrobe revamp day!

So, to sum it up, there is nothing not to like. Awesome look aside, it's charming and funny enough to get your boyfriend tuning in... perhaps it'll even help him understand why we're crazy sometimes? Nah!
So next time you're in on a friday night, don't feel like a looser. Thank tv-land for making a show that, like, totally gets you. And understands why you watch Dirty Dancing.

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