16 Jan 2012

Top 5 Crushes: Amazing Cakes!

Hungry? Well you will be after this Top 5 Crushes!
We have a very special birthday coming up and have been looking at all kinds of cakes for inspiration. We thought we would share the ones that looked so good it would be a real shame to eat them (I know, imagine!)

First up is the most amazing UP! cake. See, you couldn't eat that, now could you?

This ice-cream inspired cake is just incredible. Where would you begin to start cutting a masterpiece like that? Can you imagine all the amazing photos you could take of your mates holding it? A cake everyone can get involved in... that is a revolutionary idea!

This Nightmare Before Christmas cake is another whopper. I mean you could put that on your mantlepiece and no one would question you. Maybe its not a real cake? No, no it is. Ouch!

I bet you Starbucks is working on a rival to this cake.
We want one too!

Finally! A cake that we may even be able to pull off at home?
It's pretty inspiring, isn't it? And you would be able to make your first ever decent Etch-A-Sketch picture whilst you were at it too... nothing is impossible, right?
Well, it's back to the drawing board for us...
Happy baking everyone!

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  1. So cool!!!! Gonna have to learn to make one of these!