10 Jan 2012

DIY: How To Make A Super Quick Lavender Sachet

Today I thought I would share this UBER quick tutorial on making a lavender sachet...

My mum gave me a whole bunch of lavender and I've been meaning to do something with it for a while; these things happen! So if you are looking to make a cute gift or want to make your pants smell nice, this will take you two ticks to do and save you about a tenner from Cath Kidson! You know what that means ... a frappachino to help you along :)

So, all you need is some cotton fabric, some dried lavender and some cute ribbon...

If you are blessed with a sewing machine you will have it in two shakes of a lambs tail, but hand stitching will make it extra adorable! Simply fold your material in half so the pattern is on the inside. Then sew down the side and along the bottom. Thats it!

Remember to backstitch at the start and finish of each lengh you do as you don't want it to come undone. Next up, flip your little bag inside out (making it pattern side out)

And fill it with your lovely lavender!

Finally you want to tie it closed with a beautiful piece of ribbon. For extra protection you can gather it with string and stitch closed before adding the ribbon, hiding the seal. If you are concerned the top of the bag may fray, you can use pinking shearers (zig-zag scissors) to trim the edges or even use some fray stopper glue... we think it is just fine though.

See that? Two minutes and you got yourself a cute lavender sachet. Take that High Street!
Let us know what you think and click here to see our previous DIY.
Enjoy your frappa :)

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