12 Jan 2012

Detroit Soup: Creative Funding By Dinner Lovers!

Love soup?
And salad and bread and pie and helping out creative projects?
Well, Detroit Soup is the place to go!

This idea is so simple we can't believe it's not happening globally already. For only $5 you can get yourself one healthy dinner and the money raised from the evening will go to a creative project. Amazing, right? Not only do you get to eat with some awesome people, you'll get to hear a few people talk about a project they would love to do. Then you get to choose which project you think is the best and deserves to be funded. The creative with the most vote wins.... all the money raised from the dinner!

We think this is a fantastic way to fund creative projects and fully support the idea. We all gotta eat, honey! Well done to team Soup for their brilliant idea of bringing people together to share their ideas and get help from the people who matter.

For all the lucky beans who live in Detroit, you can get yourself a slice of the pie by submitting your proposal here. Hungry people can get involved at the next Soup dinner and get try some of Soup's pie here. Just want to know more? Then click here. Hooray for supporting the arts!

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