20 Jan 2012

The Boat Project

Whoa! Check out this boat!
Hanger, check. Wooden spanner, check. Toothpick, check. Hockey stick, check...
Built using over 1200 wooden objects donated by the public, this boat will be sailing around the south of England to celebrate the Olympics. Isn't it cool?

That there is a guitar played by Jimi Hendrix! Yup, this boat isn't just made up of any old wooden thing, it has been built using some really amazing things. It also has a piece of the Mary Rose! Having people donate the wood used for this beautiful boat's construction means that every inch of it has a lovely story. I think that makes the boat have magic powers too.

Conceived by artists Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters, The Boat will be named through a public competition which will be launched in May. We would love to read those entries!
To read more about this whimsical vessel, click here
We are delighted to see that when asked, the public love to get involved with projects like this. Let's hope for more collaborative wonders in 2012!
Well done to everyone involved, you will be going down in history...

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