30 Dec 2011

DIY: How To Make Party Popper Earrings!

We are just about coping with our Christmas come-down and trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the upcoming New Year's celebrations. With plenty of festive cheer, we felt that a new accessory needed to be created for the big event.
Introducing our very own Party Popper earrings!

Awesome, right?
These are easy to make and are a great way to make use of all those empty party poppers kicking about. So, all you need for this how to is:

An empty party popper
Mixed beads (the more the merrier!)
Ear wires (dangly earring bits)
Jewelry pin heads (wires with pin stoppers on the end, not actual pins!!)
3 jump rings

You will also need a couple of pairs of pliers to pull bits apart, pop them together and to cut the chain to length. You will be able to find everything you need (and a whole lot more) at your local bead shop.

First up, arrange your beads. These are the streamers and confetti from inside your popper! Lots of bright beads mixed and matched and a few long bits to act as streamers is perfect. Mess about with them on the pin wires to make sure you have the ultimate party combination before moving on. You can have as few or many beads on each wire as you want, just make sure you have enough space left on the wire to create a loop. As you will be hanging these from a jump ring, you can have as many streams as you like :)

Once you are ready, loop the excess wire round to create a ring and chop off the excess. Repeat this with all your wires then simply attach to your large jump ring. You can do this by twisting the jump ring open and threading them on.

Remember to add on one of you ear wires before you twist the jump ring closed. Well done, you are almost done!

Next up, party popper!
All we need to do is switch the string with chain. Simply take the string out and widen the hole slightly with scissors. Cut the chain to whatever length you feel is best for you (make sure it hangs longer than your confetti and streamer earring), then slowly thread through the hole. Once the chain is through it, attach a jump ring on the end of the chain which wont be seen. This will make sure it doesn't fall off. Then, attach the top end of the chain and the other ear wire with the last jump ring...

Finally, click on our lovely Happy New Year label, save it on your desk top and print it out at 9.2cm by 2.5cm and stick it on. It's that simple :)

Don't they look great? Completely over the top is the perfect way to start 2012 if you ask us. We hope you have an amazing time when it comes... whatever happens, you will be looking fabulous!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial - let us know how you get on :)

24 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas!

We hope Santa brings you loads of totally awesome stuff!
Happy holidays
Love Vivid

22 Dec 2011

Penny Farthing Bags On Woouie.com

Our Penny Farthing canvas tote bags made it onto the front page at woouie.com today!
They've done a feature on eco friendly bags available on Etsy and we are super chuffed that we've been included in their run down :D It's pretty mind-blowing to see your product being popping up on different websites... especially ones we need to google-translate!
Thank you woouie.com!

20 Dec 2011

Kidrobot For Swatch

Here at Vivid HQ we are big fan's of Kidrobot and were super excited to see that the love had spread all the way to Swatch Watches. With some of our favorite artists creating watches based on their vinyl beauties, our hearts skipped a beat and our Christmas wish list got longer!
Naturally, we didn't think this collaboration could get any better... until they created these Stopmotion videos! Ouch, right? Check out our faves below...

Are you eating your heart out yet?
To watch the rest of these lovelies and to learn more about the making click here
I think our New Year Resolution will be to start making films like these... and to spend more money at Kidrobot!

19 Dec 2011

DIY: How To Make Snow Globes!

Holy Moley!
Ever wanted to know how to make your own snow globe? Well we have just the tutorial for you! We have quite the crush on the magical little jars with goop inside ... who isn't?
We thought this would be the perfect tutorial to share being so close to Christmas, but being a curiously creative bunch, we decided to mix it up and show you how to make a hawaiian glitter globe instead. Awesome!

You will need:
A fun object to live inside your snow globe (ours is a flamingo!)
A smooth jar with screw top lid (beets anyone?)
The magic ingredient, Glycerine (shhh)
Enamel paint

You will also need cold water, a paint brush and a glue gun (or superglue and a lot of patience!)

First up, empty out your beets and clean out that jar!
Then you need to get painting. With the lid on the jar, apply x2 coats of enamel paint. Make sure you let it dry before you start getting water on it as you don't need paint smeared all over your kitchen!

Then you need to glue your object of desire on the inside. Don't worry too much if you get globs round the edges as you're not really going to notice it once your masterpiece is completed...

Ever wondered how a snow globe works?
Cold water and glycerine, thats how!
Fill up your jar with cold water so it is almost brimming, then add 2-3 teaspoons of glycerine and stir it in. It will go a little cloudy at first, but that's just the magic happening. Persevere!
Once its all clear again, add a sprinkle of glitter. We mean a sprinkle too - if you go overboard it will go all clumpy and gross. Stir it all up and screw your lid shut..

Isn't he just darling?
And now you can make them all day, every day with anything you can get your hands on!
If you notice you have lots of glitter clumping, carefully unscrew the lid and scoop out the excess with a spoon. Then, once you are happy with the consistency we recommend you glue your lid shut to make sure a nosey person doesn't spill it everywhere :)
Most of all, enjoy!

18 Dec 2011

Sugar Highs...

Today we have been eating giant dino jellies by the dozen :D We've needed lots of sugar to help us finish our latest project! Were going to photograph them tomorrow to share with you...Fingers crossed for the sunshine and no sugar coma in the morning.

15 Dec 2011

Daytime Fireworks By Cai Guo-Qiang

We love fireworks. And we love sunshine. Ever wish they could be combined?
Well fear not, as clever clogs Cai Guo-Qiang has got just the thing!
Using microchip controlled explosives, Cai has managed to bring the magic to the daytime...

From black bat like shapes to beautiful rainbows, we are in awe of Cai's work and hope a home edition comes out soon... imagine all the wonderful photographs we could make together!
From Edinburgh Castle to the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar, this artist is making quite the impact...

Inspiring, isn't it?
We love you Cai Guo-Qiang!