29 Nov 2011

Do You Squink?

Do you know what Squinkies are?
Us neither!

Did you know that THESE are their HOMES?
Us neither!!

And all our friends are playing?
Count us in!!!
Get your fix here

We have no shame.

26 Nov 2011

Our Day In Pictures

Ever wonder what we do on our days off? Well today is your lucky day!

Our morning started with packages of our new products arriving and we have to admit that they look incredible!! With plenty of boxes still to come, were going to have to decide where to store them, then when and how to photograph them for our Etsy boutique!

With the rest of our kitten material from our mini envelope tutorial, we made a sweetheart kitten top. So bad it's good, right?! We couldn't think of a better way to break it in too...

Christmas appears to have arrived - and it seems to have brought this littlr tram substitute to Edinburgh... We're not won over this easily people!

Ahoy Edinburgh Castle!
We love the One O Clock gun and managed to bag ourselves the best seat in the house for todays airing. We love to pretend we're tourists when we can...

Sweet view right? We take it for granted usually so thought we would indulge today :)

ice sculptures rock.

Afternoon tea should become a mandatory event over the weekend. Vivid for president?

We had a wee wander round the shops for our Christmas presents today too. We like to donate gifts to less fortunate children and teens at this time of year. This sneaky pair of shorts somehow got purchased too... I'll give them a good home!

A lovely stroll looking at the Christmas lights is enough to get anyone in the spirit, right? We had a lovely festive and fun day off, we hope you did too. Now? A cuppa and a film to cozy upto. The up side to the cold and windy weather!

25 Nov 2011

Etsy Black Friday Discount!

That's right!
It's Black Friday and we're offering a 10% on everything in our Etsy boutique for the day only!
Be sure to take advantage and snap up an extra special handmade treat before it's too late...

What's the password?


24 Nov 2011

DIY: Mini Envelope Purse For Earphones

Hello Earphones!
If you are anything like us, your canvas tote is full of everything you can think of. Camera, notebook, pens, lipgloss, keys, Kinder chocolate, wooly hat, hand cream, purse ... yup, we have it all! But we are getting super tired of our lovely new earphones getting tangled up in everything. Nobody wants to be the crazy looking bird raking through her handbag, right?!
So we decided to make a special little envelope bag just for them.
This is a quicker and simpler tutorial to our original Envelope Clutch diy, and would be a great little stocking filler too!

First up you will need some fun material (hello kittens!), some lining, needle and thread (a sewing machine will help a lot too if you are lucky enough to have one) and a little velcro.
We have used quilting material for our lining as we wanted something a little more substantial and protective to help our envelope keep shape (this stiffens when ironed). If you wish to get the same effect without that particular material, you can alternatively iron in some webbing/interfacing before you sew the materials together. This project still works great if you cant be bothered doing that though :)

First up we need to cut out matching squares of our fabric. Make sure they are large enough to fit your headphones in when you fold in all the corners -- otherwise you will be making yourself a very small coin purse. . . or eyelash pouch if its teeny tiny! Hee hee!

Next, you want to sew the two together. Make sure you are stitching on the wrong side of both materials as we are going to hide all the edges on the inside of the bag like geniuses. Remember to leave a gap so you can pull the material through, then hand stitch this little nip closed. Lovely!

Now we are going to lightly iron each side down to form an envelope...

And hand stitch the two bottom sides to keep them shut.
Next up you can add on your velcro fasteners and even a little label of love!

Hooray! That was easy, wasn't it? And now your lovely earphones will never have to get tangled around everything you own ever again. How clever! These are a great way to make use of your fabric scraps and would be ideal little gifts for your bezzies too.
Fashionable and practical? Yes please!
Be sure to let us know what you think of our little project :)

21 Nov 2011

New Product!

Oh My!

We're getting pretty tired of the same old Christmas cards clogging the shelves year in and year out. Having tried and failed at finding a pack of cards which are fun and festive without being too fussy, we decided something needed to be done!

Our "Get Your Stockings Out" cards have been designed to bring a cheeky grin and giggle to the season without compromising your taste - who doesn't want that?! With a pair of legs illustrated on the front, our cards poke fun at putting your stocking out for Santa and use a pair of fishnets to remind everyone that this is the party season. That's right, they're smart and sexy. Perfect!

Be sure to set the trend and snap up yours here
Hooray for the holidays!

Welcome On Board Pan Am!

Be still our hearts!
Pan Am has hit the airwaves in the UK and it is taking us by storm!
If you are a fan of Mad Men and The Kennedys, this 60's show is not only right up your street, but may even become the top show on your hit list...

Following the stewardesses working onboard this iconic airline, Pan Am gives a lot more than just directions to your nearest exit and a light refreshment. With a spy, a runaway bride, a disappearing co worker and a new adventure each week, we are delighted to say you are not going to get fed up with this show too easily.

But what's our favorite part of this little series?

The fashion of course!!

Although each of the leading ladies on this show get fab threads, there is one trolly dolly who has made a big impression on us. That's right, our latest Style Crush Award goes to the lovely Miss Christina Ricci. Although we want to sit her down and give her a decent dinner, the costumes Miss Ricci get's to wear throughout the show are simply beautiful...

Even when she's a waitress she gets to rock it.
Oh my do we pine for the days where working 9 to 5 looked this cute. If we rocked up to work our shift at the local 5 and dime wearing this, we are sure we would be handed our raspberry beret and sent home. So sad! So Unfair!

So if you are looking for your next look or some Christmas Party inspiration, be sure to keep your eye on this show. It's not hard to see why your are going to be the bell of the ball wearing one of these little numbers! Ready to hit your local thrift and fabric stores to try and re-create some of these outfits? See you there!

18 Nov 2011

DIY: How To Turn Your Broken Lipstick Into Lipgloss...

That was the noise I made when I broke my favorite shade of lipstick. There is nothing worse than having a broken lippy in your handbag as you know it is going to go absolutely everywhere when you're trying to put it on. But fear not! I have an uber quick tutorial to show you how to save your expencive make up from the bin. . . and your purse from the makeup counter too!

Simply scoop your broken lipstick out the tube and pop it into a microwavable pot.

Add in a dollop of Vaseline or if you have some of the good stuff kicking about, 8 Hour Cream.

Pop them in the microwave for a few seconds until they are both melted.

Mix together then let it rest for a little while...

All potted up and good to go ... our mothers and bank managers will be so proud!
So remember, next time you batter your lippy don't chuck it, just melt it...
Aaaand if you mix a couple of different colours together you can create a brand new shade that's just for you! Or if you add in lots more Vaseline you can make it a light lip tint instead of a solid colour gloss... Versatile AND stylish, right?!
And we still plenty of time left over to paint our nails...
Enjoy ladies!

16 Nov 2011

New Products!

Our latest product has just made its debut into our beautiful Etsy boutique!
My my don't they look great?!

Throughout our travels we learned the importance of lunch... and the importance of being nice to the planet. It is pretty great after all! So, we decided to develop our new product line in the interest of making packed lunches cool again. We have to admit, we are super proud of our epiphany! Who wouldn't want to bring these to work?

Each bag is handmade using oilcloth making them reusable and easy to clean. They also have two velcro fasteners to ensure your lunch will be kept all tucked in until you are ready to unleash it. With 3 different patterns to choose from, we think you will be the bell of the canteen with one of these cheeky little numbers...

Be sure to pop into the shop to nab your favorite before your bezzie cuts you to the chase!
Happy hunting everyone...

15 Nov 2011

Queen Of Bath And Body...

Good enough to eat? We'd say so!
We are delighted to have our Penny Farthing canvas bags featured on the lovely Lilly Queen Bath & Body blog this week, and have eye's like saucers over their yummy make up and body products...

If you are like us and have a fetish for eco friendly and uber pretty lotions and potions, be sure to drop by Lilly Queen's etsy shop for a spy. Hooray for being a girl!

With our boutique back in action and our travels completed (for now!) we are super excited to get our new products online too... Hold onto your hats and be sure to keep an eye out for our new products post!

14 Nov 2011

Top 5 Crushes: Books From Our Bedside Tables...

This week we thought we would share our top 5 books before bedtime...
Although we love to curl up with a good book, we often find it difficult to find ones we fall in love with. Having the combined patience of a spanner, reading a book from start to finish is as rare as completing a game of Monopoly without anyone cheating (that's rare!)

So in no particular order, here are the books that have managed to keep our attention:

It's no secret that we are big fans of the Foo Fighters and Mr Dave Grohl - therefore you're probably not surprised that this book has made it onto our list. However, this book is much more than just an indulgence of the man himself. If you have an interest in punk and rock n roll music you will learn a lot from this book. Namely: how to become a rockstar without losing your soul. Simply put? This book is a must.

Caitlin is a rockstar in her own rites and we have to admit we have developed quite a crush on her. This books takes us through her journey from tween into dream with all the funny, gory and slightly disturbing bits we would never have admitted to in between. It is witty and laugh out loud funny, and reminds us that feminist is not a dirty word.

Why would we read a travel book about the country we already live in? Because Bill Bryson is awesome, that's why. This book is more about the people who live in this rainy island than the towns he visits during his tour and by golly it's good. This book will make you want to embrace your inner Brit ... or seek them out if you live elsewhere!

Did you know that Pricilla was only 14 when she first met Elvis? Me neither!
Read this book if you would like to know what it would have been like dating the king of rock, and get a glimpse into whole other world. Was it a curse or a blessing? Either way, we would have loved to play dress up in their wardrobe!

Growing up, my mother always taught me never to judge a book by its cover.
With a cover as beautiful as this one, it is easy to see why that gem of advice got tossed out the window! This book was good enough for Judi Dench, therefore it's going to be good enough for me. And it was! Need we say more?

And so we come to the end of our Top 5 Book Crushes. You can click on each highlighted title for a link to an online bookstore, but if you have a soul and some spare cash we recommend you pick them up from your local bookstore. Think of the extra money you are parting with as a donation to the high street cause. Where would we be without our local book shops?

Happy reading...

10 Nov 2011

iPhone Inspiration

A wee peek at what's been inspiring us this week at Vivid HQ...

And a reminder that we would be lost without our iPhones!!