31 Oct 2011

A Halloween Séance

The big day has come and we are almost ready for tonight's main event...
This year we have decided to have a traditional seance!
Dating back to seventeen-hundred-and-oatcake, seances are preformed by the living in attempt to communicate with the dead. Ever popular throughout the years, few know that seances were even held in the White House, with Abraham Lincoln amongst those in attendance.
And if it's good enough for Abe, it is good enough for us!

Spooked? We hope to be!

To get into the spirit of things (wink!) our dress code for the evening is all things 1920s. We can't do things in half now, can we?! So for the gents it will be tops and tails, and perhaps some elaborate facial hair for good measure. For the ladies there will be strings of pearls, feather boa's, flapper dresses and feathered hair pieces. Hurrah!

After our spooky session we will be honouring our chosen era by partying in our very own Speakeasy. During Prohibition, these secret clubs popped up all over America where the music blared and the booze was brought in by gangsters. What an exciting time to have lived in!
Besides, we certainly think a little dancing will be required to take our mind of things...

Happy Halloween everyone!

30 Oct 2011


Did we scare you? Not likely!
We love halloween and in preparation of tomorrows day of celebrations, we are getting a head start on things tonight. Here are our key ingredients to a ghoulish night of fiendish fun...

Bloody Mary's
We have a night of real fright in mind and are sure these cheeky cocktails are going to take the edge off what we have planned! We switched the tomato juice for V8 vegetable juice and have added a glugg of Tabasco sauce for extra kick. It tastes like pasta sauce and makes us very happy...

Pumpkin Soup
This year we have secretly added some Creole seasoning, brought all the way from New Orleans itself. Here at Vivid HQ we are big fans of carving pumpkins, and even bigger fans of what we can do with the contents. If only we could be bothered to make a pumpkin pie!!

Salted Caramel Cupcakes
You heard right. SALTED CARAMEL. Jealous? You should be as these are killer good. That base is chocolate with dark chocolate chips in too. Mouth watering enough? Making the icing violet is perfect for this time of year... no one knows what is coming! Yum yum!

Meet our new Voodoo Shakers!
Another New Orleans tresure, these wicked potion pourers are ready for the dinner table. One has salt in to make our waters bubble and the other has black edible glitter in to make everything we bake a little more magic... these may in fact be the purchase of the year!
Mwah Ha Ha!
We will see you tomorrow with an update of what were getting up to.

In the mean time, sleep tight...

25 Oct 2011

QR Cookies

Looking for the ultimate way to announce your Halloween party this year?
Well you can bet you would be the only kid on the block handing out these QR cookie's!
Created in Germany, Qkies are the latest technological bake wear treat to hit the web and we have to admit we are intrigued. For EUR 6.90 per box, you can home-bake 20 biscuits and add on your very own unique QR Code which is printed on edible paper. Awesome, right?
Then all your guinea pig needs to do is scan the code with their phone to reveal your message, which could be a youtube video / flickr image / or even a web page with a secret message - whatever you want basically! We think these will become the treat of the future as there is so many ways you could use them - birthdays, wedding invite, baby showers, store announcements, exhibition openings... marriage proposals! Our list of uses is endless!
If you want in on the action, be sure to check out the site here...
Happy baking!

24 Oct 2011

Dita Von Teese: Muse

Burlesque bunny Dita Von Teese has created her very own little fashion collection which is launching this November.
Muse will be appearing exclusively at David Jones in Australia and we are itching to see what this lovely lady has been up to. With a collection of 5 exquisite pieces made of 4 vintage inspired dresses and a trench coat, we bet these will be sold out within the day.
Here's hoping it comes to the UK after!
We forsee a few little tribute numbers making an appearance very soon ;)

22 Oct 2011

Pop! Crush

Our latest vinyl crush was brought to us by Funko.
Never heard of them? Us neither! But they are the people who make these super-awesome Pop! vinyls and we cannot seem to get enough of them. With a range for Disney and Elvis, it seems that we are not the only ones either! Keep your eyes peeled for these little wonders wherever you go - some are only available where you finds thems, making them even better...

19 Oct 2011

Make Up Bag Wish List

Geeze Oh.
Have you seen this?


During our travels I picked up a few naughty treats to perk up my little Twinkie make up bag and thought you may like to take a peek. With party season coming up, every gal needs a little extra glamor in her day and I believe in investing in my party purchases - they will be truly used and abused over the next few weeks!

So, first up in my Top 3 To-Die-For's is Debbie Lippman's Happy Birthday nail varnish ... and I'm a little lost for words on describing how great its is! Its like a party on my fingers and everyone is invited.
With its vivid colours, variety of glitter sizes and ultimate shine, this is the perfect polish for our accent nails. I can't wait to use my typewriter with this lovely lacquer on!

Ahhh. Mac.
I am a massive Mac fan. It's hard not to be with such great products and such pretty colours!
My signature would be a cheeky Viva Glam number, but this bad boy has definitely stolen my heart. If you're looking to bring a little vixen to the party, look up this Rebel.

Who doesn't want long, luscious lashes?
Well, Benefit must have sold their soul to the devil for this one!
The magic wand in their They're Real mascara really does add the inches without adding an extra 45 minutes onto your 'getting ready' time. For real. I would happily part with a bit more cash if it means I will never need to get my knickers in a twist with false ones again!
Bravo Benefit, Bravo.

Perfect trio, right? Now, all we need is a party and a curly straw...
Happy holidays!

16 Oct 2011

Last Stop: Spain

We can't believe it's time already!
Our next stop is over in sunny spain, where we hope our body clocks will catch up with us again! We will be staying in a small town by Fuengirola, but are planning to travel about once we've had enough of the beach! But don't worry, this trip is only a week long so we will be back to normal on the blog soon. In the meantime, we plan to make the most of our time away and eat as much tapas and paella as possible... its a hard life ;)

14 Oct 2011

American Picture Peeks...

After a solid few days of uploading, backing up and deleting, here at Vivid HQ we are starting to get on top of all of the photographs taken during our states trip. This has been a very long and painful process, but by golly has it been worth it!

We have seen so many awesome things that we want to share with you, but as time is of the essence we thought we would tease you with this hand full for now and save the rest for later...

Each city visited brought so much inspiration (and perspiration!), that it will take a lifetime to fully digest. We fell in love with The Deep South, which is remarkably rich culture and has the best BBQ food we have ever tasted!

Without a doubt, we packed in a ridiculous amount during our short tour, but there was plenty more we would have loved to have done... Isn't that always the way?
I think the most impressive thing we found were the little treasures that have been preserved over the years. The Hatch Print Show studio is still a working studio today, where letter pressing is their speciality. We were in heaven!

And Boy Oh Boy the Greyhound!
I don't know if you are aware of these buses, but do not be deceived by Paris and Nicole's adventures durning The Simple Life! If you're looking to do a short trip, then by all means go for it... But if you are planning to go somewhere which will take you 13 hours on one of these, you are going to be in for one heck of a trip!

All in all, this has to be one of our all time favorite trips.
If you ever get the chance to go to any of these places, jump at it! With so many famous artists, writers, singers and musicians we think there really is something in the water over there. . . and we hope we drank enough from the tap for the magic to rub off on us too!

Thanks for having us USA, you're a doll.

10 Oct 2011

DIY: Scrapbook Cover Tutorial

What an adventure!
And we have so many illustrations, notes, stories, photos, polaroids, souvenirs and ticket stubs collected from our journey that our minds are swimming. Being a total hoarder, I find it painfully hard to part with even the smallest of things. But I do enjoy a little organization...

I took this cheeky little notebook all over when we went on our trip, and to put it bluntly, it is in quite a state now. Rather than tear it all up and create a new book with it, I am going to up-cycle it with a lovely new jacket. Hurrah!

There he is. Mr Whitelines has done some mileage and it certainly shows. Fear not! We will save you from the recycling bin yet!

All we need to give my paper notebook a new lease of life is some scissors, tacky glue (Modge Podge / pva glue), a sturdy brush (like for Decoupage) and some fabric...

You may notice my fabric is a little strange.
That is because I am using the sleeve I cut off my vintage dress!
Yup, this was the dress I drastically altered when I went to see Dolly Parton. I also wore it when we went out line dancing in Nashville (when in Rome, right? Hee hee!) So obviously this seemed fitting for using as my book cover. I am in upcycling heaven! I started this project by cutting off the cuff, which is now being used as a cuff-bracelet (naturally!)

So, as my material used to be a sleeve, it has a seem on the inside. I am going to use this as extra support for the spine of my book as it is pretty sturdy; something this book needs! As you can see my sleeve is MASSIVE and can more than cover this notebook. Remember to check your widths before you start!

Firstly, cut up the tube of fabric so the seam is left untouched in the middle of the material. As I mentioned before, this will be used to cover the spine of the book. Once you have it lined up, cut out around your scrapbook with about 2cm excess material all around. Then simply cover your book in a thin layer of glue. (Make sure it's not swimming in the stuff as it will warp if you use too much.) Then, press it down onto the fabric...

Next, we will need to neaten up the edges. Firstly, cut a little right angle out of all four of your corners. Then glue down the length of the fabric and fold it shut into your cover. When you repeat this with the remaining material you will notice you have neat little corners created on your book. No more dog-ears!

Due to the nature of my booklet, I will be un-able to tuck the seams of the fabric by the spine beneath the stitched paper inside. Instead, I will simply trim off the excess material on the top and bottom of the book. If you can tuck it under and glue it, I recommend it -- but nothing will fall apart if you cant!

Nearly done already - doesn't it look great?
As this book is only paper and is covered in glue, it's a good idea to stick it under a bunch of heavy books for a while to prevent it from warping as it dries. Leave it for a few hours / over night if you can (but I'm not that patient!!)

Beautiful isn't he?
Once dried you can get to work on your super awesome new label. I have gone with a map of showing which states we visited for the background and have added a little horse shoe for luck :) I am so proud of my little notebook and I am proper chuffed I made use out of those fat sleeves. My mother would be so proud of me right now! Hee hee
Hope you got a little scrap inspiration from this little up cycle tutorial - let me know if any of this didn't make sense, I am feeling the jet lag today. Can't wait to show you what we have been working on over the next few weeks... but in the mean time,

Happy scrapping!

3 Oct 2011

To Do: New Orleans

Good Morning New Orleans!
After an over night bus from Nashville, we have finally arrived at the last stop of our trip in the home of Jazz. What a wonderful way to finish our magical musical tour of the states, right?!

No. 1: Mardi Gras
New Orleans is home of the famous Mardi Gras parade, so we have to go check out the floats at the Mardi Gras museum! We think we are going to go into sensory overload with all the shiny treats we are going to find during this outing. I am certain this is going to be full of inspiration and hundreds of photos!

No. 2: Live Jazz
New Orleans is renowned for its incredible live music and we are itching to see some Jazz in the streets during our trip. It is the hometown of Satchmo after all! Fingers crossed we find someone as awesome on the trumpet whilst we are out there ... but we aren't sure it's possible!

No. 3: Pralines
New Orleans has many famous foods; Gumbo, Jambalaya, PoBoys ... good ole' soul food, you know? But what we are most excited about is New Orleans' Pralines. We have quite the sweet tooth here at Vivid HQ and are looking forward to this taste sensation... we are certain we are going to get plenty recipe inspiration during this trip too. Yum Yum!

With New Orleans being the end of the trip you can rest assured we will be sharing things with you very soon... Hold on tight!

1 Oct 2011

To Do: Nashville

Hello from Nashville!
After our first ever Greyhound bus ride we have made it over to Country Music Capital!
We don't know if you have heard, but their aint no trains in Nashville, meaning you can only get here by bus or car if traveling by land. That is simply crazy considering how famous this place is, right!?
With Nashville we have a lot planned, but here are the three we are most excited about...

No. 1: The Mississippi River
We are super excited about a little riverboat tour down the Mississippi River! We will be boarding the beautiful General Jackson showboat for dinner, music and a trip down the famous river itself. I think we will try and get the band to play Proud Mary by Tina Turner too as this is how we imagined it!

This infamous venue has seen every country music star worth their salt, and now we are going to be joining them! Open since 1925 and home to the most iconic country music radio show that ever was, we are certain we are going to see the next big thing here.... if they don't see us first that is!

Taking a little day trip out of the city to Lynchburg, we plan to drop in on Mr Jack Daniel's distillery to give a little hat tilt to the legend that is. We love the branding of this booze and are glad to see that they have stayed true to their roots. We think this tour is going to be a lot of fun!

Thanks for having us Nashville!