28 Sep 2011

To Do: Memphis

Hello Memphis!
After an overnight train all the way from Chicago, we stop by Memphis for a little Rock 'n' Rollin!
Check out what we have planned for this step of our tour...

You cannot visit Memphis without visiting Elvis. Period.

No. 2: Sun Studio
This little recording studio has been graced by more stars that you could possibly even dream of. Being big fans of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis (of course!) this little studio is simply a must. We wonder if they have a little booth for us to make our first hit record in too!

No. 3: Eat BBQ
For those who don't know, Memphis is the hometown of Barbecuing!
We can't wait to get in amongst this dinner fest as coming from such a rainy country, BBQ's are an extra special treat :) We hope they made extra sauce and have plenty of napkins as we know this round is going to get messy!

We love you Memphis!

24 Sep 2011

To Do: Chicago

Hello Chicago!
Yup, this is the first stop on our little USA tour and we thought we would give you a little spy at what has made it onto our top three things to do whilst we are here ...

No. 1: Beauty Bar
This little 60's style bar is definatley getting a Vivid visit as soon as we land!
Dec'd out like a little beauty salon, this bar has the best twist ever: Martinis with Manicures!
We can't wait to get in here and get our cameras out. We aren't sure who came up with this gem of an idea, but we just want you to know we love you. LOVE.

In the interest of indulging in America's most iconic and infamous, we couldn't possibly drop by without catching a ball game! Yup, we will be watching White Sox vs Kansas City Royals with a hot dog in one hand and a giant foam finger in the other. Score!

Yup, that's right. Few people know that Illinois is the hometown of the infamous Twinkee. Brought to us by Hostess, we will be sure to pick up a couple of these bad boys on our travels too. It would be rude not to you know!

Hooray for Chicago!

23 Sep 2011

USA here we come!

We are now off on the second of our 3 trips and we are so excited we might pee a little bit...
We have been planning this for so long it is hard to believe we are actually en-route!!!
So, first up we will be heading to Chicago, IL. Then we will be hitting Memphis, Nashville and Lynchburg TN then we will be going all the way down south to New Orleans in Louisiana! Phew! But dont worry, we will be in touch over our little trip keeping you updated with our top 3 picks for each city...

Hold on to your hats!

21 Sep 2011

Avon Calling!

This September, every girls' best friend Avon turns 125 years old ... and my, doesn't she look stunning!

With over 6.5 million sales reps in over 100 countries, Avon has been helping the world look more beautiful each day with door to door make overs and more packages of joy than we've had Bourbon Cremes...

Launched in 1886 in America by a very clever Mr David H McConnell, the company was initially called The California Perfume Company. Following a trip to Stratford Upon Avon (!) Mr McConnell decided to rename his company and a star was born...

We all know and love Avon as it can turn any frown upside down after a night on the tiles, but few people realise how revolutionary the company was for its time. Avon allowed women to set up their own businesses selling the magical products allowing them the chance for financial independence and flexible working hours meaning they could raise their family and buy their own shoes. All this began during a time when they weren't even allowed to vote. That is awesome, right?

Avon has been loved so much by the world it has many celebrities endorsing the products and has even provided inspiration for movie characters, our fave being Peg from Edward Scissorhands. It's incredible that something so simple has had such longevity and success. If women were allowed to work the planet like they rock Avon, we doubt there would be problems with global warming ... and we would probably have a lot more shoe sales too! Hee hee
So, we would like to take this moment to say *Cheers* to the fabulous company and even more fabulous woman that have made our dreams come true, one lipstick shade at a time!
We wish you all the best for the next 125 years too...

18 Sep 2011

Corfu Picture Peeks...

Hello from Corfu!

We thought we would check in with you and share a couple of our little snaps from our trip to the beautiful island Corfu in Greece! The sun is shining, the sea is crystal clear and the food is incredible ... what more could we have asked for?!

It has been so hot over here that taking it easy is not optional. With so much going on back home, we have to say that it is a very welcomed break! With such beautiful surroundings it is hard not to be inspired so we are looking forward to sharing all our fun ideas with you as soon as we get back ... not that we are in a hurry though ;)

Mind, it wasn't all just cheeky cocktails by the pool.
We also had an important meeting with some very talented sea lions...

And an extra special lobster!
Yep, we were lucky enough to get to go scuba diving during our little adventure too. We met this crustacean around 8 meters under the sea. Ariel would have been proud!
We really hope more of our photos turn out from our underwater adventure. With no flash on our little disposable water camera, photography aint so easy. Fingers crossed everyone!

Wish you were here? Us too!
We hope all is good in the land of blogging. Don't worry, we will be back in touch super soon with more updates of our upcoming travels. The fun has only just begun!
Happy camping everyone...

15 Sep 2011

Massive Monopoly Anyone?

image found here

Wanna play Giant Monopoly? Find me someone who doesn't!
Pretty awesome, right? But we haven't worked out how we can steal from the banker with this version... and we are a little wary of the 'go to jail' element now! Hee hee

We are pretty in love with this street board game. Imagine playing with a go cart, small yappa type dog and a real old boot... Then add a couple of green or red garden sheds for your hotels... Love love love!
Well done to whichever cheeky chappy who made this thought a dream :)
Learn more here

12 Sep 2011

Babycakes Cakepop Maker

Have you seen this?
That's right, it's a cake pop maker...

Although we think this is a super cute product, we have to admit we are a little disheartened with its purpose.
As you know, we love to bake - and especially love to make treats for our friends. Part of the fun of the process is the mess... and the other part is the amount of time and love that goes into it. We think that is what makes home baking taste miles better than anything else. With cake balls and cake pops being so easy to make, we feel this cheat goes a little too far. Where is the effort and love? Mind, saving on the washing up is always a bonus... and it is pretty gosh darn adorable.

Although we will not be investing in one for Vivid HQ, we think a younger baker would fall in love with this -- and the parents who don't have to clean up and mind the oven will love it even more! Check out more about Babycakes here
If you've got that cake pop itch, you can check out how to make Oreo Pops here
and see how we did our Boyfriend Cakeballs here.
Happy baking!

mmmmm.... cakepops!

6 Sep 2011

Trip updates...


We are very excited to announce that we will be touring Corfu, America and Spain over the next few weeks for a month in total. We are incredibly excited about all of the beautiful images and new inspiration to be had, but it means we will need to adapt our little blog during our time away...

Don't fret, we will be about with the same quality chat, but we may not be able to update it on a daily basis due to internet connection and facilities etc. However, we are going to have SO MUCH GOOD STUFF in between, which will make it all worth it!

So remember when you log on and see we haven't updated our post, it's not that we don't love you and we will be back in action soon! Our Etsy boutique will also be closed when we will not be able to assist with orders, but please email us with any questions and we will see what we can do!

Look out Corfu, here we come!

5 Sep 2011

Freddie Mercury Anniversary

The world is celebrating Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday today and it is easy to see why this legend is still getting such a great following to date!

With so many amazing hits it is hard to pull together a top 5 of our favorite tunes from his solo work and his with the incredible band Queen. Amongst our fave's must be Living On My Own, Radio Ga Ga, Killer Queen, Bicycle Race, You're My Best Friend, Don't Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody and of course, I Want To Break Free...

How can you not love that video, right?!

To mark the date you may notice that Google has changed its logo as a tribute to the main man himself. How awesome is that? And the post office are doing special Mercury stamps too! Who wont be trying to pick up a set of them today, right? Not to mention Freddie tribute concerts which are going to be happening world wide, and no doubt a massive celebration at the We Will Rock You musical. There is so much going on we can't even keep up.
Everyone really has gone Freddie GaGa for the day and we love it!
So, take a moment out of your day and join us for a little rock out for the main man himself.
Where would we be without him?!

4 Sep 2011

Sunday Style...

Little bit late on Sunday Style this week!
With all the birthday celebrations going on we have been remarkably distracted.
There has been many, many outfit changes over the weekend - so much so we could barely keep up! Well, if you can't do it for your birthday, when can you? Heehee!
Sunday Style may need to go on hold for a little while as we have a lot going on over the next couple of weeks - more on that later! We will do a big fashion blog catching you up as soon as we can though ... fun times ahead!

2 Sep 2011

Birthday Surprises...

There is a birthday at Vivid HQ today!
Yup, this little chicken has gotten a year older and loves to shout about it :)
But what sort of goodies do you get if you are in Vivid? Well we thought we would share a few birthday treasures with you today... and this is only the beginning as there is more to come in the afternoon. What a lucky lady!

Well, today I am wearing a very special birthday cardigan. Being a wearer of wing-tipped specks, this emerald cardigan is right up my street! I love to be a little Dame Edna (I want to look like that when I grow up!) and think this is defo a step in the right direction... what a winner, right?

This is the best purse in the whole world ever.
Given with my USA trip in mind, it has several sections within for passport, travel documents, tickets, receipts, a card section, a coin section, a secret section and a dollar bill section - not that I will have many of those! Not only do I love how massively organized this purse is, but it is also in my favorite colour: Mustard. How loved am I?!

Don't you just love my new camera necklace?
Being surgically attached to my dslr, polaroid, 35mm and camera phone, this necklace is the perfect addition to my little collection! And it sparkles too :)

These flowers smell beautiful!
I love to have flowers in my little home as they make me a very happy lady.
I'm not very good with plants, but these are looking good and easy to care for!
Our strawberries are still looking pretty good - they seem quite happy at Vivid HQ -- otherwise the only other plant I have managed to care for is an Olive tree called Sol. He is trying very hard to give us some olives, which makes me very proud! Fingers crossed this will be the year. Will definitely be trying to be more green fingered from now on!

Last but not least, I have this little box calling my name out. Isn't it beautiful? I almost don't want to open it, but my inner child is definitely going to win this battle! Will I be able to wait until my party though? Highly unlikely...

A big thank you to everyone for all their good taste and birthday wishes!
Looking really forward to tonight's shenanigans and catching up with you all...
Birthdays Rock.

Love and high fives all round!