31 Aug 2011

Have You Got An Inkling?

Wacom just drew the future....
And it looks a little something like this:

We believe that pen and ink will never be out of fashion, but we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the Inkling. Now we can illustrate old school and have the ability for touching up at the click of a button in the future. Move outta the way Mc Fly, the Doc's latest invention just stole our hearts!
Cry yourself to sleep here.

30 Aug 2011

Hair Battle Spectacular!

Our current favorite TV show comes with added backcombing and an absurd amount of Elnet...
Bring on Hair Battle Spectacular where the bigger the barnet the better!

We are massive fans of giant hair, so naturally we tuned in to this show as soon as we heard about it. Far better than America's Next Top Model (the UK's isn't fierce enough for us!), this show's soul purpose is to have contestants battle it out by creating the most outrageous hair styles. Who doesn't want to see that?!

With more fake hair than you can throw a stick at, this is one reality show we would love to get involved with. With each challenge there is a new object to incorporate or theme to go by, and we are simply in awe with what the contestants have come up with!

Light hearted and a whole lot of fun, we think this is going to make it big in the UK soon. Either way we will be piling our hair high and sticking in anything we can get our hands on from here on in. The bigger the better baby; bring it on!
Find out more here and be sure to tune in for some awesome hair-spiration...

29 Aug 2011

Words Are For Nerds.

Check it out!
We just stocked our little etsy boutique with our brand new engraved pencils:
Words Are For Nerds
How excited are we?

Being from art school we believe that an image is worth more than a thousand words - therefore we should be doodling our notes instead of writing them long hand! Ideal for art school drop outs, geeky boyfriends and your kitsch friend who cannot spell the word 'kitsch", these cute shabby chic pencils are bound to bring a smile to everyone who sneaks a peek at your jotter. Awesome, right?!
Drop by our store and join the club...
Happy doodling!

28 Aug 2011

Sunday Style...

This week has been sprinkled with rock n roll attitude. I love to dress like a girly girl as much as I love to dress like a Tomboy see. Why pick one look when you can rock both? That is what being rock and roll is all about; rules are there to be broken.... as are hearts ;)

26 Aug 2011

DIY: No Sew Felt Bow Tutorial


Today we thought we would share our super quick no sew felt bow tutorial for a Friday pick me up. This week's project literarily takes 2 seconds to make and will add a little fun to any ensemble. Fast last minute accessorizing = win!

So, all you need is two felt rectangles: one little and one large. The best thing about this pretty bow is that you can make it any size; just make sure the length of the little rectangle is the width of the larger rectangle. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to cut out your larger rectangle first, then trim the top off to make your smaller rectangle ... amazing.
To escape the ole needle and thread, you will need a glue gun or a little super glue to hold it together. Finally, to get it into your hair or on your clothes you will need either a clasp, safety pin, or even a little ribbon if you wanna wear it like a hair band.
Versatile projects are our friends!

Ok, so pick up your larger felt rectangle and pinch it in the middle. To get those cute little bow dimples, you simply pinch it in at the central point so it is like a M shape. Add a dot of glue where the pinch meets and hold for a few seconds to make sure it sticks...

That is just one glue dot; doesn't it look great already?!

Next take your small rectangle and wrap it around the middle of the bow, covering the previous glue dot. Add a little glue to one side and pinch it closed. Again, hold this for a few seconds to set. Nice!

Finally, simply add in your fixing...
You can glue this into place if you are happy for it to be permanent. To do so, glue it into the smaller felt rectangle before you glue it shut - just make sure you do it near the end of the strip so the seam is hidden... Otherwise, if you are like us you will want to be able to adapt it for every occasion! You can slip your fixings in and out really easily through the loop you have created with the smaller piece of felt. As you will be clasping it onto your hair or clothes, it will grip both you and your lovely new accessory! For instance, we have added this hair clasp for when we want fancy hair, then switched it for a safety pin when we wanted to brighten up our clothes.... For a hairband, simply switch for a cute ribbon by sliding it through your felt loop and tie the loose ends closed under your hair. Anything goes!


Super cute, right?
But wait, don't forget that this is also a fantastic last minute accessory for boys who love mustaches and monocles: bow tie boys ROCK! Make sure to make one for your mister too :) he will think you are a doll! We hope you enjoyed this speedy how to...
It really is the gift that keeps giving!
Happy Friday...

23 Aug 2011

Penny Farthing Pin Badge? Yes Please!

Our Penny Farthing badges are now in store and ready to take on any lapel!
Our little shop is growing quite quickly and we are proper chuffed with how it is all coming along. It's a lot of hard work but it is worth it once you get a handle on how it works. We have a lot of respect for everyone with stores online - it is certainly no easy feat!
We still have a lot of new lines in the making that we hope to get up over the next week... it really is all go all the time at Vivid HQ and there is never a dull moment!
Remember that our extra special re-launch discount expires tonight at midnight!
Click here for the details...
We are off working out the packaging for our next entry and can't wait to share it with you! Stay tuned and keep smiling...

22 Aug 2011

Glasgow Movie Set

This week we were lucky enough to see some of the filming of Brad Pitt's new movie World War Z in Glasgow, Scotland over the weekend, and my goodness we were impressed with the transformation!

Set in Philadelphia, parts of the zombie flick are being filmed in the UK as the architecture is so similar you wouldn't be able to tell the difference on the big screen ... unless you know Glasgow well enough that is! George Square was totally blocked off and pimped out with all things Philly, which made for some really fun photos. It's not often we get this kind of excitement in Scotland ... Hello Brad Pitt!

How amazing does that United States Court House sign look? Well, it wasn't there before so be sure to keep an eye out for it in the film! The square was filled with all the right signage, traffic lights, newspaper boxes, coffee stands... it really was like being in another world. With hundreds of extra's and cars being flipped, we will definitely be making the effort to see this when it comes out... even if the drivers are on the wrong side ;)
Fingers crossed they need to film outside Vivid HQ next!
Read more about the event here


We are in such a good mood from seeing Dolly over the weekend that we don't want it to end! To share our love with you, we have decided to extend our little 10% discount until
*Tuesday the 23rd at Midnight*
Super fun, right?! If you are looking for an awesome new canvas tote, some beautiful stationary to send to your pen pal or want to add some kitsch n curious art to your home be sure to get your orders in now! Get to know a little more about our new line here and pop to our boutique here. Remember, your secret checkout password is LOVELYBISCUITS1
Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday Style

Our Sunday Style segment was little delayed this week due to a little Dolly road trip over the weekend... but by golly it was worth it! This week appears to have been all about the devil in the detail. Every girl loves to accessorize after all! This week is going to be another busy busy one and if the sun keeps shining, the outfits will too :)

20 Aug 2011

Dolly Parton? OMG!

We are off to see Dolly Parton in Glasgow tonight and can't wait!
We love Dolly's big hair, big lashes and bigger tunes...
How else would we have learned about life working 9 to 5?

Despite the fact she looks amazing today, we have quite the crush on Dolly's 'younger years' look. We love her checkered shirts and super cute hair scarves. Look at those hoop earrings!
In honour of our Dolly Date we are even wearing tribute outfits ... but that is another story!

Dolly has been a singing country super star for quite some time, but that hasn't stopped her from remembering her roots. Dolly is famous for being down to earth despite her incredible look, and also does a remarkable amount of Charity work too. She has even set up a project in Scotland giving out free books to children. What a heart of gold!

We will be belting out the tunes tonight and uploading our photos to flickr soon afterwards... What a great way to prepare for our big tour of the USA!
Go on Dolly!

19 Aug 2011

DIY: How To Make Babycham Jelly!

Ooooh! Yum yum!
As we are celebrating in the sunshine this week, we thought we would come up with a little something special to do it in style. With our boutique looking beautiful, we are feeling pretty proud of ourselves and felt something a little more classy is in order...
Introducing our delicious Babycham Jelly!

For those who have not been blessed with knowledge of The Cham, Babycham is a sparkling wine which made its debut the 50's. Not only is this a classic of its day, it is absolutely adorable and we feel it is due a massive comeback! Ideal for our little soiree :)

This recipe is super delicious and can be made in two shakes of a fawns tail - just ensure you make it in advance as it will need at least 2 hours to chill.

So, to make 4 cups you will need:
500ml Babycham, 4 tablespoons water, 40g caster sugar
5 sheets of gelatin (you can use powdered gelatin instead, we found this way easier) and some yummy fruit - strawberries and raspberries are divine in this cup of joy!

First up take out your gelatin sheets and follow the preparation instructions. Ours says stick 'em in water for 5 minuets to soften then drain and squeeze dry (you can squeeze this stuff, it's mental!) Whilst you are waiting on that, you can prepare your fruit. Rinse, stalk and chop them, then place them in your jelly molds. We used a variety of vessels for ours - tea cups, cute glasses and jars add a fab kitsch twist to any party!

Next up, boil a pan of water and place a bowl over the top (bain-marie) melt the gelatine sheets with your 4 tablespoons of water and 40g sugar. Make sure to stir this gentally the whole time until melted; you don't want burnt jelly! Once all the lumps have gone, pour the mixture into the 500ml Babycham. Mix it in gently as you want your finished jelly to taste a fizzy!

Finally, pour into all of your fun glasses and chill until set...

Not only are these super cute, they are also delicious and still sparkling; simply darling!
We hope you enjoyed this week's tutorial. Remember you can join us in celebrating our online boutique too by using our extra special blogger coupon! For a cheeky 10% off online, enter LOVELYBISCUITS1 at the checkout. It expires on Sunday so get in there quick!


18 Aug 2011

Foo Fighters Garage Tour

For those of you who are big fans like us, you probably knew the Foo Fighters were touring garages this year. Although we weren't lucky this time (we don't have a garage! hee hee) we thought we would share this super awesome full length tour movie with you
... perfect lunchtime treat, don't you think?

17 Aug 2011

New Graphic Prints And Store Surprises!

Check it out!
We have just completed our new prints upload into our Etsy boutique and we are ready to celebrate! With 9 new photographic prints created by polaroid or using TTV and introducing our first ever available illustrated print we are so proud! Want to meet our new editions?

Here we go...

1. A Day At The Beach This beautiful photo shows a tiny cart crammed full of bright swimming toys, kitsch games and retro inflatable animals for the funnest day ever at the seaside. Who doesn't want to get involved with this beach party?

2. The Diner Can you imagine sitting their sharing a Milkshake? Cute little poodle skirt on? Or perhaps a rock n roll quiff is more your style? Either way, this little diner is the place to be when the records are spinning!

3. The Tasttee Maid is our favorite vintage Ice Cream van ever! Based in Edinburgh since the 1920's it is hard to imagine how many cones and 99 Flakes this wee truck has seen!

4. Holiday Motel This retro Holiday Motel can be found heading toward Downtown Las Vegas and my goodness it is a beauty! With one of the most incredible kitsch 50's signs I have ever seen, this hotel really stopped me in my tracks.

5. The Big One This retro fun fair print takes us right back to our childhood and reminds us of the butterflies we get in our tummies when we were waiting to go on the scary rides ... even though we still get them now!

6. The Big Dipper This vintage ride has a beautiful shabby chic design with its blue and white flame and kitsch red typography, it makes us desperate to wait in line!

7. Me And You Look! It is Me and You as bunnies! Different to a traditional portrait photo, these bashful bunnies are so charming, sweet and adorable that they are bound to bring a smile and giggle to any cute couple's little home.

8. Peanuts! Get Your Peanuts! I love you peanut. And you peanut.... and you peanut .... this photographic print of lined up monkey nuts is so cute, kitsch and curious it's hard not to love it. Especially if that's what your nick name is!

9. The Victorian Carousel Buried deep within Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland the Golden Victorian Carousel has shared more kisses and giggles than we could ever dream of. With the incredible horses racing children, couples and families through the daytime and into the night, this fairground ride is always guaranteed to bring a smile...

And last, but certainly not least...

Our new More Mr Kipling Than Mr Darcy print!

10. Are you More Mr Kipling Than Mr Darcy? We are! Forever picking cakes over poncey men, we think life is too short to get upset over boys. There really is no match between the literary lothario and one of the king of cake's French Fancies, is there?!

We hope you like our new shop section and the little insight into the world of Vivid!
To celebrate, we are offering our beautiful blog readers an exclusive 10% off in our little boutique until Sunday!

To get your cheeky discount, type in LOVELYBISCUITS1 at the checkout...

Hot Diggity Dog!

What's the beef?
We don't normally do reports on things in the news, but this one we just couldn't resist...

A law suit is (geuninly!) being fought between two of America's biggest dawg players and we are ready to rumble! Incase you hadn't heard, Oscar Mayer Weiner and Ball Park Franks & Hot Dogs are battling to get the official title of Top Dog USA.
Finally, something lighthearted in the news that we can get involved in!

We have been killing ourselves laughing at the pun-erific news reports with this little segment. With journalists going to town with teasers, referring to the situation as a 'dog fight', they talk about the 'legal beef's" and arguments being 'mustard' against the other side - the even possibility of a 'hung...rey' jury, it's hard not to see the funny side.
Read more here or check out the hysterical report here

As said by the judge, "Let the Wiener Wars begin!"
I know who we are voting for...

16 Aug 2011

Disco Naps On The Moon

Oh My Goodness.
Have you seen this? Perhaps the best invention in the whole world, this moon pillow will take your naps to a whole new world! This floor mattress by the brilliant designers Lily Suh & Zoono of i3lab is called the 'Full Moon Odyssey' and it is not hard to see why!
Created in collaboration with astrophotographer Chin Wei Loon, this dream design has been produced with photographs of the moon from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Using a 6 inch telescope and 26 segments of lunar images, you will never find anything like it again!

But what is this?!
'Nocturne By Moonlight' is a full moon cushion which bloomin' well glows in the dark like real moonlight! Being obsessed with all things space, you can imagine how desperate we are for one of these right now! But with one hefty price tag (over a grand that is!) Vivid will be left dreaming of this product for a little longer...

Read more about the project here
Time for a disco nap we think!

New Products!

Tuesday brings the first couple of new additions to our new range in the Etsy Boutique.
All of the prints going into our little shop have been photographed by Vivid and are designed to bring a little bit of creative curiosity into your home...

Our first print is of of the infamous Tasttee Maid Ice Cream van. We are in love! This little truck has been around in Edinburgh in the same spot beside our National Galleries since the 1920s. That is a LOT of 99 Flakes and happy people! To bring Tasttee Maid's sweetness into your home, click here for a closer look...

The second photo to make it into the store is of the Golden Victorian Carousel.
This Merry-Go-Round has raced more couples, families and children than we could possibly dream of! With such dreamy quality, this quaint print is ready to reminisce with you... We think it would be super adorable in a nursery or bedroom.. click here to see it closer.

We still have more prints and a new product on the way too - busy busy but we are getting somewhere! Thank you all for your kind support so far - as a little thank you we will be sharing a little cheeky coupon code to celebrate our new beginnings with you...
Keep your eyes peeled :)

15 Aug 2011

Top 5 Crushes: Charming Movie Props & Ideas

Well, well, well! It has been some time since our last Top Five Crushes. With so much going on over here, this little feature has taken a bit of a back seat. But don't worry, it will be back as soon as we are on top of things again! For now, we thought we would share with you a little peek at our personal favourite movie props and ideas
... it' hard not to be inspired with this Top 5!

First up is our favorite little mechanical horse from the whimsical and dreamy film The Science Of Sleep. I don't know about you, but this stole our hearts when we first laid eyes on it. Who wouldn't want this charming little pony at home? I think I could marry the person who came up with this. With his stitching and button eye he really is a heartbreaker, right? Ouch!

Ahhh, vinyl LP's the Amelie way! We are pretty obsessed with records and crepes at Vivid HQ - to imagine that the two are combined is simply mind blowing. We're not sure which clever beaver came up with this concept, but we would make this our next studio purchase if such a thing existed! Both pancakes AND vinyl records - how can you not justify that buy? Do you think you could eat both too? Hee hee..

We aren't quite sure why we are so in love with these paper blossoms in Lost In Translation, but they are just so simple and beautiful; they make us very happy! We would love to fill our little bathroom with these and dream of Japan when we are having a splash in the bath... one day we shall go :)

Oh Miranda July. We love her so much and cannot wait for her next movie!
We have all had a little "me" and "you" shoe fantasy like in Me And You And Everyone We Know at some point in our lives and it is so great to see that we are not alone! If only we had the courage to up-cycle our shoes like hers.... mind, our mothers would probably not take too well to that one!

Our last crush today comes in the form of another paper wonder. Starring in 500 Days Of Summer, this stunning paper crane tree is something all homes should have. We are going to create one for Vivid HQ over the weekend - a project well over due! If you would like to learn how to make these beautiful origami birds too, click here for a how to...

Happy dreaming everyone!

14 Aug 2011

Sunday Style...

This week has been all about classic vintage styled patterns and cute accessories. With all the Etsy work piling up we needed to concentrate real hard and avoid as much distractions as possible ... but a cheeky little bit of ring candy always picks us up when we are typing it up a storm! No harm there, right?!

Sunday Etsy Uploads!

Happy Sunday!
It is all go in the Etsy Boutique today and we thought we would share a few of our new treasures...
We have been expanding our line of cards and stationary sets, and are delighted with how they are getting on. First up is our very own Vivid Mascot; the Joint Account piggy bank! Perfect for wedding 'save the date' notes and thank you cards, this little piggy is available to buy individually or in a set. If you like to live a little differently then this shabby chic piglet is the way to go!

We have also released these super cute sea side home cards so you can announce that you are moving house or to tell people you are throwing a party for your new home in style! We love these pretty little wooden houses and think this retro photo is a lovely way to send your message to family and friends. Check out the single listing here or set here...

*Ta Da*
Check out our new mixed stationary collection!
Celebrating our love for museums, this new line of "Obsessive Collections" stationary is simply beautiful. Designed to cover a plethora of occasions, this set of cards are going to hit the spot every time. Come Fathers or Mothers Day, your sea side obsessed sister or dino obsessed brother, these blank cards are ready for every event in the calendar. What more could you want ;) hee hee! Check out the set here

Along with our new lines we have created sets of our classics too. The Chicken Nugget Of Love stationary set is the perfect cute and kitsch way to say thank you and bound to bring a smile every time. Also available individually, this card is great for your quirky special someone too. Valentines, anniversaries, or just to say 'I Love You' this is going to charm the pants off the one you love...

Finally, our retro diner and typewriter cards have also been created as stationary sets and are available individually too. Ideal as thank you cards or pretty little greetings for your vintage loving friend, these are perfect to customise for every event and occasion. Click the following links for the Diner set and individual card or the Typewriter set and individual card. Phew! Lots to see and do!

We have lots more to come, along side a new set of prints and new canvas tote bags on the way too. We hope you like them! Pop into the store and say hi here...

Happy shopping :)