31 Jul 2011

Sunday Style...

Welcome to our new feature!

Our new Sunday Style post will be sharing the outfits I have worn throughout the week. With fashion being one of our passions, we felt that sharing our love of pretty clothes may inspire you to play dress up as well. Personally I have a lot of cute clothes that don't often get an outing, so this is also an encouragement to embrace my wardrobe and look for new combos -fun and money saving! We post these daily through our Twitter stream, but we are delighted to announce that every Sunday I will share my week's wardrobe with you incase you missed out...

The perfect dress for a picnic in the sunshine! Lemon meringue pie anyone?
Tuesday (Our first post!)
The perfect dress for a picnic in the sunshine! Lemon meringue pie anyone?

It's a sailors life for me! Today's outfit is rockin' the rockabilly look. Shiver me timbers! Hee hee http://instagr.am/p/IorHQ/ #style #pirate
It's a sailors life for me! Today's outfit is rockin' the rockabilly look. Shiver me timbers!

Today's outfit is ready to meet the parents for lunch! Mmmm free lunch.... #style #outfitoftheday
Today's outfit is ready to meet the parents for lunch! Mmmm free lunch...

Today I have a date with the museum. 70's shirt? Yes please!
Friday am
Today I have a date with the museum. 70's shirt? Yes please!

All dolled up for our comedy filming...and our feet hurt already!
Friday pm
All dolled up for our comedy filming...and our feet hurt already!

Today's outfit: curious pug...
Saturday am
Todays outfit: curious pug...

Perfect outfit for birthday drinks in the garden
Saturday pm
The perfect look for birthday drinks in the garden

Hooray for lazy Sunday's and all day breakfasts! #style #outfitoftheday
Hooray for lazy Sunday's and all day breakfasts!

Phew! What a week... a great start to our new feature though :)

30 Jul 2011

Flapjacks Forever!

Want to know how to make unbelievably good Flapjacks?
Ones that are chewy and gooey and oh-so-good-you-know-they're-bad-for-you flapjacks? We made these mouthwatering treats for our recent glamping weekend and Oh My Goodness they are good! They are super easy to make but take a long time to set so make sure you make them a day in advance... good luck trying not to eat them as soon as they're out the oven!

To make about 10 good sized flapjacks you will need:
375g unsalted butter, 225g golden syrup, 250g soft brown sugar, 500g porridge oats and a hand full of raisons if you are so inclined!

All you need to do is melt together the syrup, sugar and butter until it is runny. Then pile in your oats and raisons. Make sure it is all mixed together really well as you want to ensure everything is coated. Then simply pour the mixture into a reasonably deep tray and try not to drool!

We made our flapjacks with and without raisons this time around. We used a muffin tray for the fruity version, which not only looks super cute but is also practical as it shows which is which and means that you don't need to try and cut them up fairly. Perfect!

Ensure you give your baking trays a good rub down with butter before filling them; these flapjacks like to stick to parchment paper so avoid it if possible! So, ready to go? Pop them in the oven at 160 degrees for 25-30 mins (15-20 if using a muffin tin like us!)

Once they are cooked they will look remarkably under-done. You will notice that if you shake the tray a little the mixture will wobble. . . This sounds strange, but it is right! You need to leave them for a day / over night to set properly. If you leave them in the oven any longer they get too hard and if you try and take them out the tin too quickly they will fall apart. Risky business here hee hee! The wait is long, but trust us it is worth it; this is how they get all gooey inside - soooooo goood!

Once they have hardened you can take them out of the tins and cut them to size ready for your picnic. As this is just sugar, butter and oats they keep for a good couple of weeks too ... if you can resist them that is ... we couldn't!

We wrapped ours up with parchment paper for the journey. Pretty and practical as it keeps them separate and looks beautiful! Who could say no to these now? Hee hee
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Yum yum yum...

29 Jul 2011

Museum Grand Opening!

Being brought up in Edinburgh meant that the National Museum of Scotland was somewhere I visited a lot throughout my youth. From school visits, the occasional 'family day' and for the odd game of hide and seek through my tweens (seriously!), it has been a staple of entertainment for as long as I can remember. Despite the age gain, the interest never seemed to dwindle; unlike many boyfriends who came and went, the Museum was always there. When it closed many moons ago for the refurbishment nobody ssemed to know what to do with themselves. The side entrance was still open but it wasn't the same; our itch just couldn't be satisfied with only Dolly the Sheep and the limited displays to look at. It wasn't that the exhibitions were bad; we had just been spoilt rotten before. You can imagine the count down that the Edinburgers had going until the opening!

And so today, with Chamber Street cordoned off and more prams and toddlers than you can through a stick at, you could feel the excitement in the air. With 30 minutes of live drumming, the Museum certainly knew how to gather a crowd and people were really enjoying themselves. It has been a long wait and the people are ready - I don't think I have seen that in this town since the Trams were announced! With performers abseiling down the sides of the building and a firework display for us all to enjoy, the National Museum of Scotland marked was back and it meant business!

I am delighted to report that inside they have done a great job too; the Natural World exhibition with all the animals looks incredible, World Cultures area is buzzing with excitement and the Art and Design sections are always intriguing. Our old favourites are back and Dolly is still there standing proud too... if you can get anywhere near her that is! It seems that everyone is in great spirits and it is going to be busy here for a long long time. The goldfish may be gone, but our love of the museum will never fade...

28 Jul 2011

Leaf Art

Beautiful, right?

These works of art have been created by Lorenzo Duran and we are in love!

Using dried leaves, Lorenzo hand crafts each of these little wonders from scratch...

So simple and so beautiful, we thank Lorenzo for the time and love spent on each piece as we know we could never have managed it!

Although we are painfully jealous, reckon Lorenzo could be the next Rob Ryan going by these little wonders! Good work! Hooked? Check out more here.
Bring on Autumn...

27 Jul 2011


Look at what you have been missing!
Our latest obsession comes in the form of Instagram - possibly the best photo app in the whole world ever. Now we can make great use of all the photos we take with even less effort - and we can share our beautiful images instantly at the click of a button. Best of all, this treasure is FREE! How incredible is that? If you aint checked it out yet, get yourself up to speed and download it here ... it will change your life!
If you love our images and want to keep up to date with Vivid HQ you can hook up with us and join the party! Our Instagram name is vividplease and we love to make new friends :)

Happy Snapping!

26 Jul 2011


BirdProject's mission is to raise and maintain public awareness of the Oil Spill and to help provide the funding for Environmental Cleanup Initiatives and aid for affected wildlife.
And we cant think of a more beautiful way to have done it!

These black bird soaps not only look incredible but really are made with love and
environment at heart. Created by local artists, suppliers and manufacturers in New Orleans, our hearts ache a little that we are too far away to get our hands in there too!
Our favorite part of this fundraiser is that whilst using your black soap, you are cleaning your little white keepsake bird which lives beneath; not only symbolic for the cause but such a heartbreakingly cute idea we aren't sure what to do with ourselves!

Be sure to visit BirdProject here to donate to this incredible cause or to invest in a bird today!
Good work everyone :)

25 Jul 2011

Glamping in Scotland!

A glamping success!

We are baaaack!
We were away glamping in these incredibly cute and fun pods in Scotland over the weekend and had the most amazing time ever... The sun came out and everything!

In the forest we found mushrooms, toads, a wee and a dead fox! Eeek!

We had an adventure in the forrest during our stay and found funny mushrooms (not for eating!) a toad and a fox. Phew! It was pretty nerve racking at times!

We used this giant cog for our BBQ table. Clever cogs! Hee hee

Then we up-cycled this giant cog into a table for our BBQ. How thrifty are we? We would have brought it back to Vivid HQ if we could, it was super awesome. Up-cycling in the wild?!
We could get used to this 'outdoors' malarky hee hee!

Yum yum! Halumi kebabs on our BBQ...

For dinner we had hot dogs, veggie halumi kebabs with a cous cous salad, cocktails and flapjacks for dessert. How delicious... How sophisticated! We think it may have been the best bbq that there ever was...

Love glamping? Check out these cute pods

Our pods had led lights in them too so you could see when it got dark - they were the perfect for after our ghost stories at bed time! Being in Scotland, a storm and waterproof camping experience is ideal - not that we needed it this time around! What a brilliant weekend :)
We will be sharing the worlds best recepie for Flapjacks this week... They are addictive, so get ready to invite all your friends round to share them as it makes tons!

Hooray for camping weekends!

24 Jul 2011

Amy Winehouse

Like everyone we know, we are truly gutted to hear about Amy Winehouse.
She was an amazing singer and had incredible style, an icon of our era. Lets remember her for all of the goodness she brought and wear our hair high and our eyeliner massive.

23 Jul 2011

Style Crush: Galibardy

We have just discovered a new love of jewelry thanks to Galibardy!
Kitsch, pretty and a little bit rock n roll they really have something for every occasion and just about every gal we know. Ouch! You know its a friend for life when the gift is this good :)
Bring on payday!

22 Jul 2011

DIY: How Make A Matchbook Note Book Tutorial

We have been obsessed with matchbooks for some time now. And we are also obsessed with notebooks. On top of that, we cannot get enough of tiny wee things! So, what do we do to itch that scratch? Make tiny wee matchbook notebooks of course! And today we are going to share our fun new diy with you... Awesome, right?!

This tutorial requires only a few simple items and about 15 mins of your time. Cracking!
You will need some decent blank paper for your doodles, some thin card, some pretty paper for the cover and to bind it all a sewing machine ... but if you have a stapler handy, you can use stapels to hold it all together... however you wont be able to rip pages out to give to your friends as well!

To start, take your sheet of paper and concertina into 4 equal sized vertical strips. Then concertina again on the horizontal so it looks like a small M. You can make your pages as large or as small as you want to; we found that this folding technique was the quickest and simplest to get lots of paper the same size quickest. Win! We found one sheet of paper was ideal to make small matchbook notebooks as it needs to be able to fit through the sewing machine. You may want to check how much your machine can take before you cut any more than that!

Next you want to chop them all up. Here at Vivid HQ we are lucky enough to have a guillotine, but those not as fortunate can use scissors and an ad break to get your sheets ready. Once you have a pile on the floor, pick them up neatly and use a bulldog clip to hold them together. Efficient!

For the outer cover of your notebook you can either use some pretty paper and some thin card or a piece of decorated / customized card... we are using music sheets today so have some thin card to put behind it to make it a little sturdier; we don't want to get it all crushed in our pockets after all...

Firstly, measure around your new note paper. You will need to measure out enough card to fold over the paper pad comfortably including a lip at the base for stitching. Remember you will be tucking in the front; it is easier to make this strip too long at first then trim to size than guess here! Make sure to add in a few millimeters on each side of your pad to make sure it doesn't get bashed in your bag. Cut out the card first and use it as a template to cut out your pretty paper cover as you don't want it to be too tight.

Next, glue the card and your paper together, making sure there is no bubbles.
Phew! You are so far along already!
Fold up the base of the cover to create a lip for the paper to be tucked into. Make sure to make it reasonably deep as you will need to stitch here too. We recommend using your bulldog clip to hold everything in place so you don't have to worry about what goes where when you are playing around with it. Then fold down the top...

As you can see from that first image we have a little overhang. Thats ok because we can trim it to size.. Make sure to cut this so it will be able to tuck into the bottom lip; it doesn't need too much to stay in place so have a little play to see what you think looks best.
Then to zip it through your machine, use a short straight stitch on a tight setting, to stitch all of the paper into the cover. Sit the paper inside the the bottom of the lip for this part and make sure it is all lined up as there is no turning back after this step! Try not to stitch too close to the bottom you you need to leave enough space for the cover to be tucked into too. Finally, you only need to stitch for the length of the paper. We all love back stitch so remember to do one at the start and end of everything that you are making :)


Oh My Goodness that is pretty. And practical too! Who wouldn't be proud of this little project, right? And what is lovely about it is that you can make them as big or small as you like, you can customize them, use recycled paper and cool packaging to make them
... and you can keep all of your ideas in them too! Hooray!

Much like pringles, once you pop you really can't stop making these little matchbooks!
We hope you found our tutorial helpful - if you have any questions let us know...

Happy doodling everyone!

21 Jul 2011

12 Days, 18 Hours, 28 Minutes and 50 seconds

12 Days, 18 Hours, 28 Minutes and 50 seconds
That is the duration of the final ever Space Shuttle Mission where the wheels stopped for the very last time at 4:57.54 am Central Time (FLA)...
For those not lucky enough to get the live stream of this historic moment, here is a few screen grabs of what we got to see .... it was simply incredible.

This was the pilots view of lining up the craft for landing.
We are super delighted that things went so smoothly!

Congrats to everyone who was involved in the Space Shuttle Program - you kept Vivid on tender hooks for many years and showed us all how to dream big!
Farewell xox