30 Jun 2011

Goodbye Habitiat!

Oh no!
We are gutted that Habitat will be leaving us forever - we have bought many a treasure over the years and are truly sad to see it closing its doors. Although we love a bargain, we wished that it didn't have to end this way! We have selected a few of our favorite pieces from the store... But if you are planning to get anything you better get in there fast as things are going quickly and their stock is so beautiful!

Not just any old tea-pot here! Where else will we get whimsical ceramics like this?

These are perfect for every party; indoors and out. We love them as much as the cakes we would keep in them!

I want this shelving unit real bad. Were am I going to find one when it goes?
Broken hearted, right? Recessions completely suck, but we are hoping that it will make better artists out of us all. That means we all have to step up the making and try harder.
Goodbye Habitat, you will be missed.

29 Jun 2011

Upcoming Projects

Coffee Tree

Oh dear*
Our Etsy store is still having a few listing problems :( the lovely Etsy team are on the case but we don't want to put anything else up until we are up and running properly again. Booo! But as they say, there is no use crying over spilt milk so we are going to use our time wisely and focus on the side projects that we have been itching to do for a while...

Dress Ingredients

We finally got the fabric delivered for my new dress. Oooh! Super excited about this one. Do you like it? It is going to be the bestest dress ever once I am done. Going to have to draft in my mother to ensure I get it spot on - pattern reading is not my strong point! Keep your eye out for an update, will defo be sharing this when it is complete!

Shoes "Before"

Aren't these shoes just the best?
I bought them a while back for my degree show opening. I LOVE them but the white is looking quite dinked and scuffed and they seem a little sad now. I wouldn't dare part with them so I have decided to give them a make over! I will be sharing the process with you as soon as I can.... make-overs rock!

We have also been working with these lovely roses for our next tasty treat ... this post is going to be on the blog on Friday so hold onto your hats for the cutest edible yet!
Until then you can click to view our store here. We will let you know when we are up and running again as soon as we can. Please give get in touch if you have any questions in the meantime! Hope you have a good Wednesday...

*did you spot the tree in our coffee cup?

28 Jun 2011


Today's treasured find comes in the form of this amazing allotment in a box!
This is not only beautifully packaged but also one of the simplest yet sweetest ideas we have spotted in quite a while. Such time and effort has gone into crafting this little box of joy that it reminds us good things come to who those which wait. We would gladly wait for our carrots to grow if the packaging is this pretty!

As strawberries are starting to flourish on our wee plant in Vivid HQ (we never thought it would happen!) we are all about home growing this summer - so much tastier and fun-ner than popping to the supermarket. Being in the center of town means this box is the perfect solution for on the go growing too. Winner, right? Oh my, our mothers will be so proud!

The Allotinthebox website is 'still growing' over here. Fingers crossed they are up soon!
Cant wait that long? Well you can buy one online already from here
You can also check out the beautiful designers I Love Dust here... we do love them!

27 Jun 2011

Festival Survival Kit

Festival season is upon us!
With our first one up in a few days time we thought we would let you peek into our very own festival survival kit. We would be quite happy if these were the only belongings we could take on our trip...not including tent and saved up pennies of course!

Our top tips for what to bring includes extra toilet paper, anti-bacterial hand gel and baby wipes. This sound's a little hardcore, but festival toilets are not the best and these basics run out quickly! Trust us, you will be grateful in the long run. We recommend keeping make-up to a minimum as everyone gets a little scruffy in a field - you would look strange if you were shoveling it on when you are going to get covered in mud, right? Finally, remember to bring plenty of toothpaste, plasters, paracetamol and even a lighter - even though we don't smoke! These are key things which will win you new friends as they are so easily forgotten... festival spirit is all about sharing and getting the banter - we are all in it together afterall!
Last but not least, remember your camera :)

First up Milton Keynes... we can't wait!
Happy camping everyone!

25 Jun 2011

Hungry Trees

Look at these trees!

Today we have been indulging in nature taking over man...
Isn't it just incredible?
Check out more or upload your own treasured tree at hungrytrees.com

23 Jun 2011

Silver Casting with Catherine Zoraida

Ever tried to find the perfect peanut?

Well we did, and it took us a lot of time and a LOT of peanuts to get there!

Mind, this is one lucky peanut as he is going to become our latest work of art.
We have been lucky enough to get to spend a little time with the lovely Catherine Zoraida who is a silver casting genius. She is going to make our little peanut a little star!

Using a silicone gum and some badger balm we make a mould of the peanut for casting. Not only is it super fun, but super quick too; always a winner if you ask us!

Once it has set after a few minutes you can pop it out of the mold ... ours got a little too enthusiastic about being in the mold so he needed a little help to get out!

Then using some silver clay we cast from the imprint.
Silver clay is incredible; it works just like normal clay, meaning you can make whatever you please. You then stick it in a kilm making the moisture evaporate and you are left with silver. How awesome is that? Mind, you need an oven that cooks at 700 degrees to do it. Fortunately Catherine had one to hand! So, once the imprint has set it, pop it out of the mold and put it in the kilm for about 15-20 mins. Once cooked and cooled all you need to do is give it a little brush down to reveal your new treasure...

Isn't he just beautiful?
We cant believe how quick this was to make... and how perfect it has turned out!
We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Zoraida for making our peanut dreams come true!
One day we would like to make a whole plate of silver peanuts... and a silver squirrel to sit beside them :D

To find out more about the adorable and very talented Catherine, click here
She has cast so many pretty things we aren't quite sure where to look. One thing is for sure though - we know where all our birthday money is going this year!

22 Jun 2011

Product Peek!

We have been working like little bees at Vivid HQ and are getting ready to show off our latest product! Check back soon to see the latest addition to the Etsy store ...

The Kennedys

Last year it was Mad Men, this year it is The Kennedys!

We are a little in love with the new Kennedy's series at the moment...
Well, who doesn't have a crush on Jackie O?!

With great cinematography and beautiful fashions it seems like Mad Men has a little competition this year... but you can guarantee we will be watching both!
See more photos and learn more about the series here. To catch up or see what you have been missing out on in the UK, you can watch the series here.
We hope this is the beginning of a new tv trend...

21 Jun 2011

DIY: How To Make Oreo Pops And Oreo Truffles!

Today we made Oreo Truffle Pops!
These are so delicious that you will quickly become everyone's best friend once you whip them out at your next picnic. On top of that they are super easy to make, meaning you will popular forever!

All you need to make these little sweet dreams is a pack of Oreo's, a little cream cheese and some chocolate or candy melts for the shell... not bad, right?
So, first up you want to get your tube of oreos and crush them all up real good until you have oreo sand.... mmmm oreo sand!

Then you want to add in a tablespoon or two of cream cheese *full fat* ladies!
We know that it sounds a little wrong, but trust us, it is oh-so-right!
So, add in the cream cheese and rub in really well. Make sure you add it in slowly as you don't want the mix to become too mushy. To know it is right, you should be able to create a massive oreo ball which is reasonably firm and very fun! Then you want to split them up into smaller balls which are more bite sized. We have decided to mix it up and do oreo balls AND pops - the smaller oreo balls will be chocolate covered and the large oreo pops will be vanilla covered.... everyone is a winner at our picnics!

So, once you have made the balls, stick them in the fridge for about half an hour to harden them a little. Then, melt a chunk of chocolate (or an easter egg if you still have leftovers!) in the microwave or in a faux bain-marie on the hob. Using a spoon, dip each ball in and fully cover it. Try not to eat all of the melted goodness whilst doing this - we know it is hard! hee hee!
Then, you need to let them dry. Place them on a plate or tray with grease proof paper on it so they don't stick to the surface. Trust us, that's the last thing you need!
Then stick them in the fridge to cool...

Now, for the oreo pops, we used vanilla candy melts for the coating as it is super cute!
First up, melt the melts as you would the chocolate and dip the end of your pop in it to get it a little sticky. Then push the it into the bottom of your oreo ball - this will make sure it holds on tight as it is about to go on the ride of its life!

You then want to dip the whole thing into the melted candy stuff (or chocolate) and make sure it is all covered up. Mmmmmm! The best way to store your pop to dry is to stand it in a styrofoam block so it doesn't topple over and stick to your fridge shelf. If you don't have that (why would you?!), a bottle can also work well - you will need enough bottles for pops remember! So, pop them in the fridge for as long as you can keep your sticky hands off them!

You have yourselves the tastiest treat in the world right there!
We hope you are proud of yourself, you are officially the greatest person your new friends will ever know. Come birthdays, holidays and quick pick-me-ups these will hit the spot every time without breaking the bank. Now that is true love! The best thing is, they taste better the longer you leave them. You can store them in tubs once dried and have them for packed lunch every day of the week too. Popfect!

17 Jun 2011

The Rider

With a new tour comes a new Foo Fighter rider - and this year the boys have outdone themselves! Yep, this rider comes with it's very own colouring in section... great, right?!
Hand drawn and full of jokes, crosswords, hints and tips of what is and isn't acceptable on the table, they really blow Mariah Carey out of the water for the most entertaining rider.
Check out a couple of our personal favorites...
We are SO printing this out to give it a go! Hee hee

Richard Prior salad anyone?

We also learned a new term today: Chunklet. Educational AND entertaining!
To see the whole colouring in book (or to print it off and fill it in yourself!), the lovely people at The Smoking Gun have posted it. You can also view their previous ridiculous riders if you haven't discovered them yet... We can't wait till we see the band in July - they seem on good form this tour!

16 Jun 2011

Anthropologie Breaks Our Hearts

Nice, right!?
Anthropologie has just made a grand opening in Edinburgh this week and we are SUPER EXCITED about it! There is so many pretty things inside that it makes our hearts skip a beat with every glance. I am not sure how we are going to manage saving money any more!

Although the clothes are dreamy and beautiful, our main interest is the kitchen section... each piece is so pretty that it makes us want to re-decorate. We would need to take a loan out to fit it with these beauties!

Geeze. Who knew that measuring spoons could make us flustered!
Hooray for not having to pay £6 on postage for web orders - mind, that stopped us from buying stuff so often! Vivid are going to have to start practicing restraint... we were never good at that!

15 Jun 2011

Get Your Sew On

Today we are wearing cute outfits to sew our new products in. How fun! We hope to have a little something ready for the weekend...fingers crossed...

14 Jun 2011

Elvgrens' Pin-Up's

Ever heard of Gil Elvgren?
Well, he is the godfather of those cute pin-up gal paintings of the 1950's.
You will definitely recognize these iconic images as they are the best pin-up illustrations in the world. Cute, fun and a little tongue-in-cheek, these images have really stood the test of time and put a smile on everyone's face...

We have always wondered how these paintings were pulled together and were delighted when we found these little treats! Here we can see who inspired Gil's paintings and peek into how they were photographed.

We never would have thought that such elegance and fun came from such a tiny little photography studio. We guess it goes to show that a little time and TLC can make any dream come true. You don't need 'the works' to make something work, just a pretty lady and a good imagination...

Mind, we do wonder how long she had to pose like that.
Thank goodness for photography for this still life!

We love how each image is just a little bit cheeky - something we feel the world definitely needs more of! If you would like to peek at a few more of Gil's model shots, click here. To read up on the man himself, you can learn more here. So, next time you are sitting in a coffee house looking for inspiration, remember it's not what surrounds you, it's what you can make of it!

13 Jun 2011

Top 5 Crushes: Hold The Phone!

This week we have been looking at home phones.
You know, those phones that don't live in your pocket and are attached to the wall? You used them when you were younger or when you ran out of phone credit, remember?
Well, it seems we have found a whole new level of love for junk food... forget the iPhone, we have eyes much bigger than our stomaches!

Hungry? Well, a moment on the lips...
This phone striked up our little search storm. It's a classic from the 90's, right? And so we continued... and you can't look up novelty phones without checking out Juno's inspirational mouth piece...

Gosh, isn't it fun! The burger phone is another icon of it's era.
Who couldn't look at that everytime and want to nip to McDonalds?
But wait! You want fries with that?

Oh yes, the Fries phone. How brilliant is that!
Anything is possible these days...but we are a little in love with this one...
Too salty for ya?

Well, you could wash it down with a soda phone of course!
Geeze oh! We have ourselves a little lunch deal going on here.
So kitsch and cute we don't know where to look!

They really have done it all. You could even have an apple for desert!
How great are these phones? If only we needed to have 5 phones in our kitchen...
We would keep them on a tray and everything!
We think we will need to go for an early lunch today... and decide which phone to get!

12 Jun 2011

Busy Weekend!

This weekend has been spent looking into a little trip to the States in the Autumn!
This plan has been cooking for a while now, so it feels great to dive right in and start looking into the nitty-gritty. Greyhound buses? Checked. Amtrack? Checked. Graceland?...Well, we don't want to give away too much just yet, but it is on our list :D

We couldn't help ourselves when this little discovery was made - who doesn't want to do a road trip without a vintage mustard suitcase? Not sure that we will be able to hold out until Autumn - perhaps a cheeky weekend away before then is in order to break it in!

We have also located this cute little dress for the occasion too. How productive!
Can't wait for our pattern and materials to arrive for this pretty number. Will post pictures soon.
Hope you had a good weekend... we did!