31 May 2011

Who can? ManCan!

We love to learn about new sellers, new thoughts and new things to make make us smile.
Well, we are proud to have found something to hit all three! Introducing ManCan - man flavoured candles. Yup, these beautiful creations come in Coffee, Grandpa's pipe, Campfire and New York Style Pizza to name but a few. Aren't they great?!

But wait! Who is the brainiac that came up with these?
A 13 year old boy?! WOW!
Yup, meet Hart Main. He started this business all by himself from cleaning out old soup cans to choosing the scents and making the candles all by himself. We have to admit we are very impressed! As if that isn't inspiring enough, Hart is also aiming to use recycled cans to save the environment and is planning to donate a percentage of the profits to his local soup kitchen. Ouch! We love ManCan's so much!

Vivid will be helping Hart's plight by purchasing our own ManCan. Bring on the Bacon!
Congratulations to Hart, we wish you all the best :D

30 May 2011

She & Him and Sunny Mondays

Who doesn't have a crush on Zooey Deschanel?
We are big fans of her, She & Him and the sunshine staying out late to play on a Monday evening so we thought we would share our love with you!

Hoola Hoops! Yes please!

We wish we could keep this band in our pocket they are that great...

We always suspected Joseph Gordon-Levitt was magical!
We hope you have a cracking Monday night. Enjoy!

29 May 2011

Willa Wonka - A Tribute

The classic film of the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory book is 40 years old this year!
Being big fans of Roald Dahl and the classic Gene Wilder flick, we thought we would post some facts about the wonder that is itself. This timeless classic never ceases to amaze us...

Ahhhh. The Wonka Bar. We are so in love with this logo that we aren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. Oh what we would give to have one in Vivid HQ! Incredibly, most of the chocolate bars were actually made of wood. We would still take one!

Did you know that the film was originally financed by the Quaker Oats Company. They hoped to tie it to a new candy bar they intended to bring on the market. When the film was released, the company began marketing its "Wonka" chocolate bars. Unfortunately, an error in the chocolate formula caused the bars to melt too easily, even while on the shelf, and so they were taken off the market. They sold it on and you can still buy Wonka sweets today, but the logo is nowhere near as great!

The opening credits sequence was filmed at a real (Tobler) chocolate factory in Switzerland, and the exterior of the chocolate factory was Munich's gas works. After reading the script, Gene Wilder said he would make the film under one condition: that he would be allowed to do a somersault in the scene when he first meets the children. When asked why, he replied that having Willy Wonka start out limping and end up somersaulting would set the tone for that character. He wanted to portray him as someone whose actions were completely unpredictable. His request to do the somersault was granted and an icon was born.

Sammy Davis Jr. expressed an interest in playing Bill, the candy store owner, but the film-makers deemed it as too kitschy and declined. Nevertheless, the candy store song, "The Candyman", became a staple of Davis' stage show for many years. Vivid love to sing this song!

Who doesn't want all of their grandparents to all sleep in one bed like this? Hee hee!

There he is! Mike Teavee is our favorite character - and has the best exit as a Wonka contestant!
The scene of Mike's demise was difficult to film. When seen far away while in the TV, it was accomplished through blue screen. While seen in the TV from close up, Mike was standing on a platform on a huge television set. The shot where Mrs. Teavee picks him up was a doll, and the single shot where we see a closeup of Mike dangling from his mom's fingers was accomplished by having him dangle from a Styrofoam thumb and forefinger covered with fabric. Who wouldn't have wanted to film that scene?!

The final Oompaloompa song took a total of 50 takes. That would be enough to drive anyone insane. How fitting! You can find out more facts about the classic film here and if you are interested to find out whatever happened to that motley crew, you can read more here.
We will be spending our afternoon watching the film and licking our wallpaper.
Have a good Sunday!

28 May 2011

Dollar Bill Origami

We love a to discover the arts of transforming everyday objects into something beautiful.
So today we thought we would share our love of Dollar Bill Origami!
Found here

In true Vivid style, we always have a dollar bill folded into a rabbit on us at all times. Yup, even when on holiday in America and broke this bunny never got spent. That is Love!
Here are a few folded bills we found incredible and would like to give a try.

Found here

Created by Roman Diaz

Cute, right? Well, for the next time you are sat in a cafe and twiddling your thumbs you will have a new project to work on too...

Found here

Happy making!

27 May 2011

DIY: How To Make An Envelope Clutch Bag

Do you like our new Envelope Clutch handbag?
You do?! Well, today's tutorial will show you how to make one for yourself. Hooray!
It doesn't take to long to make, it's a cheap project and as a self taught sewer, its really simple to master. Perhaps our best tutorial yet we would say!

So, first up pick a couple of fabrics.

We have gone with an illustrative material for the outside and blue and white stripes on the inside. Cute! As our material is fairly thin, we will be adding some iron on interfacing in-between the two to stiffen it up and make sure it isn't too flimsy. Iron on interfacing may in fact be the best creation in the whole world, and it is really easy to use! If you have gone with a heavier fabric/leather/pvc (etc) you should be ok; the lining helps to make it more ridged too.

Right, so pin the two pieces of fabric together so you can see the patterns on both sides...

This is how it is going to work. Dead simple!

You will be pinning the bottom part of the clutch about 1/3 into the fabric. This will allow the cover to fold down on top of it and sit perfectly. Don't do it just yet though!
We will be stitching this part inside out to keep these seams hidden. Remember to pin this area on the inside (the lining). This is the only part which is done inside out, don't worry.

To give an idea of the final look, I have pinned together the point of the envelope for now to keep us right with the measurements. Vivid don't believe in patterns and instructions, but if you do, we find marking everything with pencil on the fabric works a dream as it comes off with no bother. A cheap alternative to fabric pens is always a bonus!

First of all we recommend hemming the bottom of the material as this will be the opening of your new bag and we don't want to get it all frayed when rummaging for our change on your night out. Then pin the bottom of the fabric 1/3 of the way up. Remember that your fabric should be inside out for this step so the seams will be hidden. If you are blessed enough to own a sewing machine, sew the two sides together to meet the hemmed opening as shown. For those who are manual makers, get your trusty needle and thread out and stitch it up a storm!

TaDa! Geeze, you are nearly done already!
Flip your bag right way out and admire your handy work. Brilliant!
Next, trim around the edges of your envelope flap so there isn't too much excess fabric. Remember you will be hemming it so make sure to leave enough to fold it over to create a nice edge all the way round.

The point of your envelope will be the trickiest thing to master.
We worked from the outside of the bag (what people would see) and pinned our pointed curve in place with a couple of pins. From the inside, you will see that this part isn't hemmed like the rest. We will be trimming the fabric around this area very neatly once it has been sewed. If you find yours is threading after a few uses, add a little fray glue to ensure it stays put. We haven't needed it for this project, but it has saved our threads before and is worth the investment!

Now that you have the top pinned and you are ready to go you will be able to see how lovely your clutch is going to look. Perfect! We have decided to give our Envelope Clutch red stitching to highlight our outlines - you may want to pick a colour that gives a bit of a kick too :)
The bolder the better!

Carefully sew around the rim and take extra time sewing round the curve as it can be a little fiddly. No one will see the inside of this so don't worry if it doesn't look impeccable. You can always cover it with a little excess fabric if it bothers you; we love the little imperfections as it gives character. We made it ourselves after all!

Done! Check it out - isn't that great?!
We added on a couple of stitched diagonal lines in red to give ours more of an envelope feel. Cute, huh? You could sew these on free hand, or draw your lines on in pencil and run it through your sewing machine like we did. Then add on little extras and flourishing (like a few kites or maybe some rolled fabric flowers) to really make it stand out.
As much or as little as you like; possibilities are endless!
To keep the flap in place you could add a little Velcro (we LOVE velcro!), a button or if your material is more stiff perhaps even a magnet clasp to hold it in place. Perfect!

Good work!
We hope you enjoyed our Envelope Clutch tutorial and made your own beautiful bag.
Let us know how you got on - we would love to see your creations and hear your comments...

Have a fun night out when it comes...

26 May 2011

Cute Clutch! A Vivid Project Peek...

Envelope Clutch Bag

Ooooh! You like?
We will be showing you how to make this rockin' Envelope Clutch with our next tutorial.
Just in time for going out over the weekend!
We are really excited about it and we hope you are too. This project is really easy and not too time consuming - all you need is some fabric, thread and some tunes to listen to.
We stitched in time with Mr David Bowie for ours; highly recommended!

Pop in tomorrow and become the envy of everyone you know....

25 May 2011

Top Five Crushes: Build It Yourself!

This weeks Top Five Crushes takes a look at our favorite 'Build It Yourself' kits. Who doesn't love to sit down with dad and work out the meaning of life through everything you love?
Find out what makes the world go round here:

As you know, we have a big crush on Ukuleles. We have two already but have our heart set on picking up our own Ukuele Kit and making one too. You haven't lived until you have had a shot on a Uke. And you will be the life of the party if you can say that you built yours from scratch in between Dolly Parton numbers!

We kind of don't want to know the secret of getting a boat in a bottle. But we also kind of do! When the day finally comes, this Boat In A Bottle kit will not only tell us how it happens but will help us make our own one too. I'm not sure we will ever be that patient...

Vivid were both obsessed with dino's when we were little tinks. And being small ourselves, naturally we love tiny things. Hello Tinysaur Kit! Well done to the mastermind who decided to put these two things together. Bravo!
Kaleidoscopes are the un-sung hero's of our childhood. So simple yet so unique with every view. Get back to basics and create your own - we would put random objects in ours then try and photograph through the peep hole.We would call it Abstract Art!

We love cameras and we love creating less than perfect images. This Pinhole Camera is made from card and gives each picture its own personality without breaking the bank. Our dad's would love to get involved with this project! We will be snapping these up for Fathers Day and borrowing it on the weekends. Score!

Happy making everyone!

24 May 2011

Inspiration at Vivid HQ

It is like a monsoon outside Vivid HQ today! As we need to stay indoors, we thought we would give you a little peak around our studio. These are the little things really pick us up when we cant get out to play. We are all about simple pleasures and wandering eyes :)
We hope you find our treasures inspiring too!
Have a good Tuesday wherever you end up...

23 May 2011

Fashion Fixation: Lagerfield Does Diet Coke

Chanel's daddy Karl Lagerfeld is taking his spectacular taste to the streets.
Yup, the man himself has done a line of 3 stunning bottle designs for the daddy of drinks Diet Coke. And by golly, aren't they just stunning?! We want!
If you are a bit of a Lagerfeld geek, you can read all about it here
We will be first in line to pick ours up from Harvey Nichols - see you there!

22 May 2011

Vivid Stationery Launch!

Here at Vivid HQ we are great fans of Snail Mail.
What a better way to celebrate than launch our own set of stationery!
Oh yes, we have just updated our online Etsy shop to include our five favourite note cards.
Take note and take a look here!
Happy writing...

Tape Me Down!

Holy Cake!
As you already know, we have a big crush on Japanese Washi Tape. It is AMAZING.
If we could, we would use it on absolutely everything we own, but we cant quite afford to!
But wait ... what is this?

Tape Hooks?
Oh My Goodness people, that's right! Superhero's Torafu Architects have come up with these incredible creations that allow us to stick em up everywhere and make a real feature in our lives. Hooray! We love to hang, we love to recycle and we love how this amazing paper tape looks. I think you could say that is Good Times all round!

Keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys as we bet they will be hitting the UK soon.
We will be investing the whole set and re-designing Vivid HQ!

21 May 2011

1 band 1 brand

Ever felt like you want to listen to something new and different but don't know where to start?
Ever felt like you want to discover new upcoming fashion brands so you can wear something different to everyone else? Well, 1 Band 1 Brand has it covered!
This clever little website is almost like the ultimate boyfriend / girlfriend website. Every week they upload a new band for you to listen to and a new brand for you to drool over. How super cool is that? You can keep your Mister entertained whilst you surf for your latest look...
Good times had by all!
Check it out now...See Hear.

20 May 2011

DIY: How To Make Rolled Fabric Flowers

For today's tutorial, we will be showing you how to make these super cute fabric rolled flowers. We are big fans of using every last scrap of fabric we buy so these are the perfect way to get the most out of your material and saving the environment. Winner!

As we are very into our Japanese tradition of gift wrapping, we have made ours to garnish our Etsy packages. These eco-flowers are also great as necklaces, bracelets, cards and hot gluing onto anything you can get your hands on. You can even update your shoes for the summer. Hooray!

So, lets get started.
All you need is your fabric scraps, a hot glue gun and as we are using ours for gift wrap, we will be sticking our fabric flowers onto fat ribbon. These are so easy to make you can do it during the commercial breaks. We can't seem to sit still in Vivid HQ so this is the perfect project for idle hands!

First up, fold your thin scrap of fabric in half. Take one end and start rolling it in until you can get a handle on it. Then simply start twisting the fabric repeatedly as you roll it into a wheel. The more you twist it, the wider it will be. Continue doing so until you get a pinch-able size...

Next up, get your glue gun out! Make sure you are working on a scrap surface as you don't want hot glue on your sofa. On the back of the flower, squeeze out a few hot blobs of glue to hold the layers in place. We found that you don't need too much as they are quite well behaved. Remember to leave it a few seconds to cool so you don't loose your finger tips too!

Continue rolling until you are happy with the size and hot glue a secondary time to secure your new layers. We made ours quite small, but if you are making them as a dress accessory you may want to make them humongous (we would!) Once complete, fold over the end of the fabric scrap to smooth out the back. Glue this in place and trim off the excess fabric to give you a nice flat surface for attachment.

TaDa! Isn't he lovely?
Repeat steps 1 - 6 until he has lots of friends. If you are bunching them together like we have, pop a little glue to each side to make sure they stick together. Then you are ready to go! Get that glue gun out to attach these to everything in site. Jam jar lids, organizing stations, hair bands - nothing is safe now!

Good work!
We hope you have fun making everything pretty!

19 May 2011

Spare Scraps? A Vivid Project Peek...

We hate to throw anything away at Vivid HQ!
So, in the interest of using every last scrap of fabric we buy, we have created this super cute rolled fabric flower gift wrap ribbon for our little packages of joy. If you would like to learn how to make these little beauties, drop by tomorrow and bring your glue gun!

Top Five Crushes from the Chinese Supermarket!

Vivid love our local Chinese Supermarket.
We often go and look at all of the wondrous items and dream of another world.
We do love a good supermarket snoop whilst on holiday too. Simple pleasures make the world go round and we love to see what everyone's simple pleasures are!
Here is our Top Five Crushes for our favourite discoveries...


We thought it was a little funny to find crackers that are so USA in our Chinese Supermarket... They look like little superhero's all lined up on the shelves and awaiting the taking; obviously we had to get some! If you ever come across these tasty SkyFlakes crackers you NEED to buy them. Not only are they a taste sensation, but each cracker has perforations meaning you can make one cracker 3 in two snaps. Tasty, Fun and Practical. Hooray!


Vivid bought this can of Crispy Baby Clams but are yet to open them... would you?!
Firstly, the can looks amazing. Secondly, I am not sure if we can handle the contents inside!
It's funny how something can be so acceptable in one place in the world and so fascinating in another. Crispy Baby Clam anyone? Hmmm....


Jasmine tea is a classic. Vivid have been fans for years; the first time My first experience of this cuppa was on a trip to Morrocco when I was little and I have never gone without since. It is amazing! However, we cant get over how ruddy great this packaging is - simple illustrations are the way forward for sure. Beautiful and delicious; YamaMotoYama have done a great job!


Kancho. Remember that name.
This little box of happy contains the cutest and yummiest little biscuits in the whole world. If you are from the western world you may have been fortunate enough to come across Cartoonies in your lunch bag when you were wee. Well, THESE ARE THEM! I know, we are super excited too. Hello Panda are close, but Kancho are our childhood pimped. Get in!


Last but certainly not least we have a pack of Marshmallow twists. A classic treat which only cost us 10p for the whole packet. Hello Sailor!
But check it out; the packet says one thing, and one thing only:
Vivid would love to see where these grow! Can you imagine?
Hooray for our local Chinese supermarket and all of the dreams and whimsy it contains.
Pop in to yours and go on holiday without leaving the street!