28 Apr 2011

Top 5 Crushes: Victoria Street Treasures

Old Town Edinburgh

Victoria Street in Edinburgh is definitely our favourite street in town!
It is so picturesque with its beautiful buildings and the stores and restaurants are all brilliant. This really is in the heart of Edinburgh as it is just off the Royal Mile and leads below Edinburgh Castle. The greatest place in town for drinks, art and vintage finds - you had better save your pennies if you are coming as it is hard to leave behind all these treasures!

This little gallery has more charm and treasures than you can possibly imagine.
Vivid have sold their work their too, so be sure to keep an eye out in the future!
This is the place to go for inspiration and unique gifts; Red Door has something for everyone.

If you love to dress with a twist and want to spoil yourself a little, pop into Totty Rocks and pick up something that will be the envy of all your friends! Sleek, chic and definitely unique, Totty will take care of your next pay cheque!

This joke shop has the best sign in town!
Vivid's favorite store for dressing up treats and halloween surprises, Aha Ha Ha is crammed full of wigs, tricks and thingamajigs - no jokes! Pop in and pick up some jumping beans today!

Not only is this place super cute, but this arty juice bar is also full of tasty goodness!
The ideal place for a refreshment and a good place to hotty spy, Hula is a Victoria Street must!

Last up in our list is the perfect dinner date to end the day.
Howies of Edinburgh is a classic choice for great taste and delicious food.
Go out with style and toast to the best street in town!

If we don't see you there, we hope you have a lovely day!

27 Apr 2011

1,000 Words

Grandads Garden

It's true that beauty can be found in the strangest places!
I took this 1,000 words picture in my 2nd grandad's garden whilst visiting him in Italy. A simple life with simple pleasures - and the funniest looking plants I have seen in a long time!
I would love to grow such curiosities when I grow up...

26 Apr 2011

Brew Dog

Although Vivid are not pro binge drinking or under age drinking, we are pro Brew Dog Beer, where brewskis are (quite rightfully) an art. These crafty drinks are made with a whole lot of TLC and we can guarantee every guy you know will be impressed with your knowlege of this punk rock brand!

With names like Trashy Blonde and 5Am Saint, you can tell from the offset these drinks are not to be mis-handled. Not for the light hearted, these bevies are not to be gulped down but every sip savoured. It is so nice to see a team making art out of their passions. Well done Brew Dog!

The boy's have also opened up a secret pub in Edinburgh which if you are of age and in the area we recommend visiting. Check it out here

24 Apr 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Vivid have been super swamped at work so apologise for abandoning you for so long.

Fear not though, we are back with avengence! With new projects under belt we will be sharing sneak peaks and swaping treats soon.

Happy chocolate-munching in the mean time - we are off for a nap!

18 Apr 2011

Coffee Spill Doodles

Coffee Drip Monster

Vivid are bad for having a lot of tea and coffee kicking about at the moment. We just cant get enough of it! Mind with each sip seems to appear a new spillage, so we have started to make art out of our happy accidents. We are very proud to introduce our Dino Doodles!
Check back soon for more of these little critters as they are popping up
everywhere at Vivid HQ...

16 Apr 2011

Inside Vivid's Make Up Bag

Sorry boys, today's post is for the ladies!

Like most of the female population, I have a few secret weapons which I rely on to make every day a good day for my face! Always looking for 'items you cannot live without', I thought I would share the contents of my Twinkie make up bag with you... any hints and tips welcomed!

Ahhhh, Batiste. What would hair be without you?
You make hair big and you save us an extra 20 mins in bed before work most days. Whoever invented dry shampoo should be given some kind of purple heart!
Tropical is my favorite flavour, but Boho is trying hard to win my heart!

Forget gel, clay, gunk and all other crazy, gloopy hair products. There is one hairspray on the block that holds so strong you would doubt you ever needed a man to take care of you! This can of joy from Shockwaves saves mountains of money and styles like a dream!

Every gal needs a good moisturizer and my goodness is this the one for me. About a tenner for a jar of Nivea anti-wrinkle cream, it makes your skin silky smooth without breaking the bank. And it smells good too!

I love this liquid liner from MAC so much that part of me wants to get down on one knee to propose. Dip in the pool? Stays on. Crying tears of joy? Still here. Rain storm in Scotland? No problemo! This liquid is so intense you need to buy special make up remover to sand it off your face. Well worth it if you ask me!

Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero. The blackest black liner on the market with bad ass attitude and resilience to all kinds of wet. Yas! Re - apply no more!

My final touch is MAC Viva Glam Lipstick. So great that even Aids benefits!

Vivid don't believe that you need to pile the slap on to scrub up nice to bag a man. Ditch your foundations for break out days and let your skin breath naturally. Besides, the less you apply the less you need to take off before bed.... and the more space in your make up bag for last minute accessory requirements!
Happy hunting ladies!

12 Apr 2011

1,000 Words

Peddle Boat

Today's 1,000 words. picture comes all the way from Italy!
I took this image whilst away with the girls in my family.
Although I never had the summer's where hopping in the peddelo and going for a spin was an option, I feel as though this image really sums it up for me!
We found this hidden little reservoir where there was nothing but trees, birds and beauty.
If you told me this was heaven, I would have believed you.

11 Apr 2011

We Like It A Latte

Vivid love it when you find a work of art in the funniest of places.
Today, we would like to show our appreciation to the Coffee Baristas who put Starbucks to shame! Each cup here is sweet, unique and difficult to eat (hee hee!)
These make us feel bad, but oh-so-good when we happen across them; if only we had the patience and skill to master this with our morning treats.
Want to see more? Eat your heart out here

8 Apr 2011

Vivid Dress For The Sunshine!

The sun is out and Vivid are ready to get down to the park for a picnic!
We love dressing for the sunshine and think we will be taking our Penny Farthing bags out for a ride today. Get up to speed and pick your one up here!

7 Apr 2011

Le Brew!

Oh! Whatever next?

This not an April Fools.

The British Nation has spoken, and they wanted to tell us that their 4th favorite smell is a fresh cuppa tea. So, what should we do with that information? Make it available to buy in your local supermarket? No, wait, we have that covered... how about the pharmasy!
Pop down today and pick up your favorite whiff-du-cuppa! And what will all the boys say?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. Thats better. Thats Tetley.

6 Apr 2011

Top 5 Crushes - Designs We Wish We Thought Of...

This week's Top 5 Crushes comes in the shape of Designs We Wish We Had Thought Of. One word to sum it all up: Ouch!

This suitcase chair by Katie Thompson is so incredible it makes Vivid want to weep. Who would have thought someone was so genius they would be able to combine our two favorite things - suitcases and sitting - so beautifully? Ouch. Vivid think they need a pay rise...stat!

Geeze Oh. There are so many incredible killer heels here that we almost don't want to look. Kobi Levis: heart-braker! If you think you are strong enough, take a peek over here

Vivid have a VERY strong love of Post-its. Infact, if you looked through my handbag right now, you would find at least 3 different types of them! These naughty numbers bring Post-its to a new level: Eco-friendly Leaf Post-its. Like mother nature intended, these sticky wonders come in all different shapes and sizes. Bring it! Find your favorite pack right here

This is the ultimate boyfriend umberella. To be fair, he even called shotgun! Ever pretend you were in Batman? Pretend no more! With this brolly you can show the rain who is boss! Get one for your man here

Well, you all know about our love of the "Not A Paper Cup", but here is our crush cup for tea - perfect, right?! Find your perfect tea cup here

4 Apr 2011

Foo Fighters Album, Film and Love

It's been a short while since we blogged about our love of the Foo Fighters.
Today we decided to would drop in our appreciation of the new album, which the band have set up online for you to listen to before buying. If you simply can't wait check it out here!
...after teasing us all for that long, we have decided to wait until we get it on our Jukebox!

Next up, we wanted to make sure you knew about this:

Yep, read it and weep people! Get to your local cinema on Thursday as the Foo Fighters documentary Back and Forth will be out for ONE NIGHT ONLY.
We have our tickets at the ready! Check for yours here

In true Foo Fighter's style, view your teaser below!

Hooray for the Foo!

2 Apr 2011

Milk Shots and Sprinkle Chasers

This photo is so super cute, we aren't really sure what to do with ourselves!
Who would have thought that a glass of milk could look so bad ass?
We will be sure to have our milk shots at least 4 times a day after discovering this little number. Check it out here people. You wont only grow big and strong, but super fun too!

1 Apr 2011

1,000 Words

Bird Feet

I took this photograph mid-chase with peacocks at a farm in the Borders (UK).
As you have seen, there is nothing I enjoy more than being one with the birds!
Just goes to show you can find images in the funniest of places...

Happy April Fools too!