31 Mar 2011

Live like a Bird!

I am pretty into birds; they seem to have it real nice being able to fly about and live in trees etc... Anyhows, designers Merav Eitan Merav Eitan and Gas-ton Zahr haven't just caught on to this fact, they have gone one step further and brought our dreams closer to home!

Presenting: The Nest Bed!

Oh, yes!

Be still my heart!
I know what Vivid will be asking Santa for this year!
Images found here

30 Mar 2011

Vintage Itch

The sun is out!
Summer is near!
Vivid have the Vintage itch!

Girls Girls Girls


Punk picknick


Vivid Pom Pom Peeps

Cute shoes!

Oh my! We cannot wait for our summer holidays!

29 Mar 2011

Celia Birtwell: Fabric Genius

Celia Birtwell is a fabric genius!
Vivid has been working with a lot of textiles recently and wanted to share these little gems;
they have provided much inspiration to us and think might give you the
"print and stitch" itch too!

If only we were rich enough to buy them all...
Keep your eye out to see how we used ours - new products coming soon!

25 Mar 2011

Top 5 Pay Day Purchases

Oh Pay-day! How we love you so!
This is Vivid's top 5 wants this Pay-day:

Video tape notebooks; these bring us a lot of joy!

Books with fun and inspiring prints - Hello All Wrapped Up!

Striped paper straws!

Play-doh perfume (the greatest scent ever!)

Boyfriend jeans in burgundy

So many fun things, so little time! Happy Pay-day people!

24 Mar 2011

1,000 Words

Morning light

Some say an image can say more than 1,000 words... today I feel like there are no words to describe this one! I took this photo one morning in the stairwell of where I work my day job. Its amazing how the light can just inspire your day!

21 Mar 2011

Tiny Blythe!

(image credit)

Find me a girl who doesn't have a Blythe crush.
Nope, she doesn't exist!
Vivid were delighted to get our own little Blythe thanks to a sneaky Toys R Us trip and a great collaboration with Blythe and The Littlest Pet Shop.

Best collaberation ever!

17 Mar 2011

Free Cakepops!

Not only is the sun out to play today, but Starbucks also gave Vivid free cakepops each! It has made our day EXTRA good :D Plus we have an excuse for a pint after work as it is ST Paddys Day too. Get in!

Style Crush: Washi Tape

Just beautiful, right?!
Vivid's latest crush comes in the form of Japanese Washi Tape.
Its like the tape made of our dreams!

This stuff can be put on absolutely anything (trust us, we have been at it all day!),
and they come in so many colours, shapes and sizes that we just don't know what to do with ourselves. Thank goodness for the Japanese and their ruddy cute crafting!

16 Mar 2011

Flirt with a Font

Ever bought a font online and wished you could do it in a real shop? Us too!
Clever cloggs E-type have gone one step further with Playtype and actually gone and done it. Hooray!

Get yourself over to Copenhagen to flirt with your favorite font!

15 Mar 2011

1,000 Words

Runway In The Desert

I took this photograph as we taxied down the runway at Boulder City Airport to flight to visit the Grand Canyon. My dad used to teach people how to fly airplanes, so I spent a lot of my childhood playing driver! This was an amazing trip and it felt fantastic getting a front row seat again. I get excited just looking at this picture!

14 Mar 2011

Get well soon Bakerella!

Boyfriend CakeBall

We just heard about Miss Bakerella being poorly and wanted to send her lots of love and all the best. She is an inspiration to artists and crafters everywhere and we hope she makes a good recovery.

OMG Cookies!

OMG Cookies

OMG Cookies just made high noon tea WAY more bad-ass.

You will need:
100g butter
100g caster sugar
150g flour (plus a dash more if you need it)
1 egg yolk (yellow bit!)
a few drops lemon flavoring (or real juice if you're hardcore!)
some alphabet cookies or some crafty cutting skills!

How to:
1)Stick the butter, sugar and flour in a bowl and mush until it starts to look mixed in.
2) Add in the yolk and lemon drops and mix in till dough like. Add more flour if needed - you don't want it too sticky, but too stiff and you wont taste all the good stuff!
3) Put your oven on at 180C. If you are anything like us, it wouldn't have occurred till now, besides, the next part will take a little while to perfect!
4)Roll out your dough and start OMG cutting. Cookie cutters work best, but if you aren't blessed with these objects of joy, use a paper template to trace and help you cut out the all important letters.
5) Delicately space out on a couple of trays. They don't spread too much so if space is a hassle don't fret!
6) Put them in the oven for about 10 mins until golden on the tops.
7) Try very hard not to eat them straight off the tray and let them cool a little first!
8) Boil kettle and get the girls round for a gossip...
9) Enjoy!!

13 Mar 2011

She & Him and Sewing on Sunday

She & Him and Sewing On Sundays

Anchors away!
We have been busy bee's this Sunday, but somehow managed to squeeze in our weekly coffee and pie session too. Phew! Lots of love to She & Him... and my mum for fixing my sewing machine! Hope you had a good Sunday too!

12 Mar 2011

We Love Imelda May...

Who doesn't?

We fell in love with Miss May a long time ago, but have to say her new album has got us swinging on the dance floor again. Thanks Imelda,
we don't know what we would do without you!

11 Mar 2011

OAT Shoes

Now, we all have a little soft spot for super cute Toms shoes, who do a one for one trade to make the world a happier place ... in fact, it is these ones in particular that get Vivid's heart racing...
However, there is a new kid on the shoe block:
OAT shoes

Oats are made with a biodegradable material, meaning that once you have worn your kicks to death, you can bury them in the garden... Not only will they not leave a mark on the environment, but if you give them enough love, sunshine and water, flowers will bloom! If you are that sweaty you may even get a whole forrest.
Phew! ... or should we say Pe-ew! hee hee!

Anyone who can make a wheelbarrow look this good is worth looking into if you ask me!

10 Mar 2011

Starbucks unleash new logo!

Starbucks New Logo

Before we could even finnish the sentence "Starbuck's are changing their logo",
they have only gone and done it already!
Vivid have decided to celebrate this with a super cute red velvet whoopie pie.
Hooray for everyone!

A genuine Up!

National Geographic went one better than Disney and actually made Vivid's dreams come true:

Based on the film Up, National Geographic made a whole house fly by balloons and love!

Balloons and ribbons people!

Look! There is a real guy in there! Geeze oh!

Wanna see how?

Join us and watch the best film of the year ...

I think our hearts just broke a little.
If you are like us and can't get enough of this story, read more here

9 Mar 2011

In Weirdness With You

We love Dr Seuss.
This Lent we are going to be more positive, and with every negitave sentence we need to follow it up with a positive one on the same subject! Wish us luck!
Quote found here

Illustrator Crush: Derek Yaniger

Hot Diggity Dog!
Today we are sharing our love of comic genius Derek Yaniger. This swinging cat is famous for his funky 50's style illustrations and by-golly we cannot get enough of them!

What a guy!
But what makes our love even stronger is his new ipad app:
Mix Up Max!

The 50's just got super real!
Check it out here...

8 Mar 2011

Happy Pancake Day

Whether it is these:

Or these:

The one thing you need to do today is this:



And roll!

Happy Pancake Day!