27 Feb 2011

Off Sick!

Vivid have been all tucked up as we are sick :(
This means one thing: Pastina! Hooray for grandparents and their magic remedies!
We will be back on our feet soon and sharper than ever.
In the meantime, lets watch Let's Dance for Comic Relief. Charity is fun!

25 Feb 2011

Discovery: A Farewell

Vivid would like to take this moment to tip their hat's and wish the Discovery Space Shuttle
all the best with her last game of space tag.
Discovery has officially been launched for the last time from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on an eleven day trip to see the stars before retiring at the museum.
Above is an image of its last ever take - off!

Vivid have quite a big crush on Nasa and have to say, a wee tear will be shed on Discovery's return - she made America proud! Crack open the Space ice-cream; a celebration is in order!

Hooray for space!

23 Feb 2011

1,000 Words

Nice 'n Sleazys

People say that an image can convey more than 1,000 words.
This wall provided more than 1,000 ideas!

I took this image whilst studying at Glasgow School of Art. I would come to this cafe every day, get a cuppa and sit with my sketchbook and day dream for hours.

22 Feb 2011

Coral Sculptures

Jason Decaires Taylor has finally opened up his latest works to the public ...
if you can get to them that is...

This collection of people sculptures can be found in the deep depths of Cancun, Mexico - aka Spring Break Central... why would anyone not want to go there!

'la evolucion silencsosa' is created from an artificial coral reef, meaning that is not only enjoyed by us human folk, but by our fishy neighbours too! These can only be viewed by scuba diving or snorkelling, meaning that only a small percentage of us will ever see this beautiful secret.
It will forever evolve with the changes of the sea too; unbelievable...
For more info check out here

21 Feb 2011

I Am Not A Paper Cup!

Vivid's gift of the month...

I Am Not A Paper Cup is not only sheer genius, but also a girls new best friend.
Thank you to DCI and boyfriends for making this a happier cuppa tea!

I Am Not A Paper Cup

The walk to school just got better!

20 Feb 2011

Foo Fighters - White Limo

Today is Sunday. Sundays are good for two things - self indulgence and rocking out in the run up to the week ahead. Therefore, there is only one thing Vivid can do...

Bring on The Foo Fighters!

*These boys know how to swear - we hope you don't get offended
. . . but if you did . . . we told you so!*

First up, the latest Foo Fighters teaser - White Limo.
This video is so cool even Lemmy wanted in on the action.
We cannot wait to see them preform this live!

Next up, a guided tour of where all the magic happens by the man himself!
We hope we can afford to pimp our garage like this in the future. . . Scribbler Pops included!

Finally, this interview is an oldie but a goodie!
Mr Grohl tells Kyle Gas of
Tenacious D how to write a top hit...
We learned that white people dance to the lyrics
and the key phrase don't bore us, get to the chorus!
We will be brining out our first single in the near future. Hee hee!
Thanks for participating in the love of the Foo's. Happy Sunday!

19 Feb 2011

Top Five Crushes - Inspiration Station!

This weeks Top Five Crushes comes in the form of our latest items of inspiration...

First up is my all time favorite Dior image. Ouch. I'm starting a balloons project now!

big dipper

blackpool tower

We have a massive crush on Blackpool - an old British family favourite for holidays in the summertime. Sun, sand and roller coasters supreme! We are day dreaming about our last visit and already planning our next one too!

Purple Cupcake

Purple cupcakes with sprinkles . . . for breakfast!

Marshmallow - a tiny ceramic bunny

This is our mascot, Marshmallow
We found him at a little fair
He lives in my pocket
And he comes everywhere!

And last, but certainly not least, Bob's Burgers!
This super cute cartoon has stolen the hearts of Vivid - if you haven't seen or heard of it, check out a clip here. It is about time we got a new cartoon for us older kids on the telly-box, and this one is so fun that even Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Concords got in on the action!
This is definitely a dvd box set we will be welcoming into Vivid HQ!


18 Feb 2011

Edible Crayons


These are not your average crayons people. These are ... wait for it ...


Yup, we are speechless too!

We tilt our hats to Luxirare who manage to blow us away with each blog. How do they come up with this stuff?! Colourful, practical and deliciously factual, they make us want to have a go!
Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

16 Feb 2011

1,000 Words

Holiday Motel

People say that an image can convey more than 1,000 words.
There are so many words we could use to describe how inspiring we find this hotel sign
we fear 1,000 would not be enough!

I took this photo whilst walking down town in Las Vegas. We love old signs and find this one a particularly special one. It looks as though it is on a film set! Well done to the owners of the Holiday Motel who saw a piece of fabulous history and kept it. We like you!

15 Feb 2011

Ke$ha; A Guilty Pleasure...

Today's guilty pleasure comes in the shape of Ke$ha.
We all know that you are a massive fan of Ke$ha too, and we just want to say:
It's OK.
With such colossal hits such as Tick Tock and Blah Blah Blah (these got Vivid hooked!), how can you not love this girl?! Have you heard her track Stephen? I mean, come on, that is sheer talent. Not only do we own and often listen to her Animal album (and Cannibal one too!), but we also collect Ke$ha facts. Did you know that Ke$ha broke into Prince's house and she got 'removed'? Did you know Ke$ha and Katey Perry are mates?

Well, you're no fan then, and you should take a long hard look at yourself. You haven't lived until you have used Jack Daniels to brush your teeth in the morning. That is a Ke$ha fact.
Get it sorted!

14 Feb 2011

The Oreo Guinness World Record Challenge

Tomorrow, everyone’s favourite cookie will be taking on the ultimate Guinness World Challenge –

to reach the highest number of ‘likes’ on Facebook within 24 hours.

Click here and show the world that Oreo’s are your favourite cookie.

It is history in the making!

Boyfriend CakeBall

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, that's it, the big day is here. You don't do Valentines day? What!? That's no way to treat a lady! Get your apron on and get it sorted - it is only once a year you need to go all out, and we have the perfect suggestion for your last minute bake off - the Cake Ball. Think you cant cook? Well, for these bad boys you can use store bought sponge cakes, store bought frosting and some store bought chocolate for the coating. Easy-peasy!
I made these super cute pink and white ones for my super cute one! A sneaky drop of pink food colouring mid-way through the mixing gave these their pink bellys. Yum yum!
Pretty cute and a lovely last minute Valentines surprise.

12 Feb 2011

Get Well Soon; an Etsy Escapade

If you are anything like us, when you need to say "Get Well Soon", you want to say it in style.

Our latest goodies, using re-prints of vintage cigarette cards, are these Get Well Soon cards which are NOW available from our Etsy shop!

Whether it is a sore noggin' or a strained pointing finger, you need to look no further. Classic, kitsch and something a little different, these are sure to lighten anyones day.

Be sure to drop in and say hi!

The End

Not quite sure how to say it's The End?
Well Warner Brothers certainly do! And film obsessive Christian Annyas has gone to all the trouble of watching and saving the opening and end frame of 100's of films to share these beauties with us...

Stunning, right? We hope Warner Bros bring back The End soon
the world is not the same without it!

11 Feb 2011

Product Peak!

Vivid have a new product coming into our Etsy shop tomorrow!
We are super excited and hope you are too.

Here is a sneak peak at what we've been up to...

Check back on Saturday and see what we have been up to!

10 Feb 2011

1,000 Words

On The Beach

They say a picture can be more descriptive than using 1,000 words.
Going by this picture, we think you would agree!

I took this photograph whilst on holiday in Italy. It makes Vivid very very happy!
Next time you are at the beach, remember to bring something neon. We are going to add to this collection of happy when no one is looking - it is that good!
They even managed to sculpt all of this fun into a whole elephant.
This picture just gets better, right?!

9 Feb 2011

Top 5 Crushes From The Tuckshop

Being children of the 80's, naturally we were raised on pure sugar. This week's crush comes in candy form; a nod to the tuckshop treats that got us through those school days that seemed to feel more and more like school years.

Without these bad boys there would be not one super cute post on our blog, not one penny spent on unnecessary objects of joy and not one laugh that lasted a little too long and was a little too loud....
These are our un-sung heros.

Although this popping candy was never going to get you the girl, it was always fun for science class. One gulp of cola and one hand full of these rocks of joy was enough to pop our socks off!

Perfect for those first dates at the cinema where you struggled to even chat to one another. These red gems are enough to get anybody's heart racing again! If you were sweet enough to get these for your gal you might have even gotten a cheeky peck round the back of the bike sheds!

This one is definitely one for the ladies! Im still not quite sure why the combination of white chocolate and pretty sprinkles taste so gosh-darn good, but by golly they are! A Scottish Classic.

Ouch! We want one now! These are the most addictive things on the planet. Once you have one you will eat them until you pop they are that good. So f-f-f-fizzy!

We never understood the concept of the Rainbow Drop. They are really pretty, you know? But they are a massive disappointment in the taste department. You know you have a serious problem when you are STILL buying sweeties you don't actually like just because they are cute, right?! Geeze!

Get yourself over to your local candy store and treat yourself to some hopes and dreams!

8 Feb 2011

The Milkshake Challenge

All Star Lanes Diner

Kelis's Milkshake brought her Boys To The Yard.
But, if Vivid made the world a Milkshake you wouldn't even be able to see the yard!

Strawberry Milkshake

Think you know how to make the ultimate Milkshake?
3 scoops of ice cream and a sneaky splash of Sailor Jerrys?

Or ... maybe milk, 6 ice cubes and a chugg of Hershey's Whopper Syrup?

Milkshake Dreams

Roll up your sleeves and crack open a fresh carton of milk - the Milkshake Challenge begins! Treat yourself to a flavored milk treat this week and slurp away your February blues!

Hooray for Milkshakes!

7 Feb 2011

Should Barbie Take Ken Back?

Do you believe in True Love?

With Valentines Day looming, the clever cloggs at Mattel have launched a mini-site asking people to vote if they think Barbie and Ken should get back together.

Vivid didn't realise they even broke up, but it appears that Barbie moved on to hottie surfer Blaine... we are so out of touch!

Mend your traumatised childhood by voting now.

5 Feb 2011

DIY: How To Make The Ultimate Surprise Proposal With a A Kinder Egg!

Hello! Vivid are off to a wedding today, and we are pretty excited about it. Although we have no designs on getting married (at our age!?!), we decided that this would be the perfect day to share with you our Proposal Tutorial - Valentines day is only round the corner afterall!

So, you are going to propose to your lucky lady, but you don't have a clue how to pop the question? Never fear, Vivid are herr! This tutorial is super easy, and can be customized for many occasions, so even if it's not a ring hidden inside, you are bound to delight with this
Kinder Egg Surprise!

First up, you need to unwrap your egg. Do it really carefully and try and keep the shape of the foil as close to the egg shape as possible - it needs to go back on later! Next up, split the egg as gently as possible to keep the seems - you may want to use a scalpel for this to ensure you crack the egg where you want. Dont worry if you dont get it precisely down the seam, as long as you get them in two separate pieces (and not loads of shards) you will be fine! Then remove the plastic pod of joy and empty the fun-ness that is inside.

Now, as we all know, Kinders always contain those little instructions. Take a pretty strip of paper and write your note inside. If you are popping the question, enter "Will you marry me" here! Next up, roll up the paper with the secret message at the start, so you will have to unravel the whole thing to get the message. Then, tie it up with super cute string.

Hooray! Now you can place your engagement ring or other super cute secret surprise and message inside the pod of joy. It just got a whole lot more joyous!

The best way to seal up the egg is to use some white chocolate. We want there to be no hints that this Kinder Egg has been tampered with! Melt a few chocolate buttons and use a toothpick to apply it to the egg...

As the chocolate cools down and hardens quite quickly, the best thing to do is use the toothpick to put a few blobs around the whole of the egg rim. Try not to make the blobs...too blobby... as a little will come out of the seams when placed together. This will happen a little when you match the two halves together, but using your finger, smooth around the edges and they will disappear and your egg will be sealed!

Well done! That is the trickiest part out of the way! Pop your egg in the fridge to ensure the chocolate hardens and crack yourself a beer open to celebrate.

You have just created the worlds GREATEST Kinder Egg!

Once you have finnished your drink, you will be able to take the egg out and start wrapping. This can be a little fiddly, but take your time; it is time well spent! If it looks a little smouched, you can just produce it from your pocket/bag and say "it got a little squashed in my pocket" - your lady will be so blown away by the site of the Kinder Egg alone that
she'll never suspect a thing!

Now all you have to do is kick back and wait until the right moment. Vivid wish you luck with your proposal adventure! We hope you enjoyed our tutorial ... but if not,
at least you won a prize out of it ...

Everyone is a winner!

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you at our next tutorial!