31 Jan 2011

The New Yorker

This happened back in 2009, but we still cannot get over it. In techno years, 2009 is the equivalent of 1800-and-oatcake, but that is irrelevant just now. The New Yorker ran the first ever front cover created with an iphone application: Brushes by a guy called Mr Colombo.

Don’t you think it looks like an actual real life painting? Incredible. We can barely send a text message with all the words spelt correctly. Shameful!

30 Jan 2011

DIY: How To Make A Tiny Kite Brooch

Happy Sunday!
Today we are going to show you how to make super cute crafty kites for cards and brooches! These are really simple to make and really pretty.
Perfect for Sunday Mornings!

First off you will need some cute fabric, a couple of toothpicks, a needle and thread, some scissors and a lot of love!

First up, we are going to make the main part of the kite.
Fold and stitch the fabric into a diamond kite shape. These should be made tiny and cute as you are going to be using toothpicks to run the length and breadth of it.
You can make templates to get the shapes right for each (like a dress cutter pattern), but then again we just made ours with guesstimation...and love!
It is best to hem two and join them together for extra sturdiness, but you can just do one if you are a little impatient.

This is the most time consuming part, the rest is real speedy, we promise!

Next up you need to sort out your toothpicks. Cut these to fit the length and breadth of the kite. We cut ours with the scissors....be careful not to ping the sharp bits in your eyes though!

Ok, so you need to make a cross with the toothpicks and stick them on the fabric. Simply use a couple of stitches at each of the ends, and crossover stitches where the two toothpicks meet.
A little glue on the back of each toothpick is a great way to ensure they stay in the right place.
I won't tell if you won't!

These bows are really easy to do and really effective too! Take a strip of the material and concertina to create an N shape. Then take a long strand of thread and stitch once in the middle. Do not pull the thread completely through unless you want one bow to be at the very end of the kite string.

Next up, simply wrap round the thread several times in the middle of the fabric (over the top of the stitch). When you pull tight, you will see the cute bow you have made! Once you are happy with it, thread the needle under the bunched up thread to secure it.

Then you simply do the same again for the additional bows you wish your kite to have. We found that 3 is the perfect amount of whimsy! Remember to leave a little thread between each as you want to show how high your kite is flying!
Once you have added the amount of bows you are happy with, simply stitch the thread into the back of the kite to complete it. Again, remember to leave a little extra thread to ensure your first bow isn't sitting too close to the bottom of the kite itself.

Ta Da!
Gosh, isn't it beautiful! We have made these and put them on cards and added brooches onto the back and worn them on windy days too. It is super cute when the wind plays with us and blows our bows!

We hope you enjoyed our first project. Let's go fly our kites!

28 Jan 2011

Chanel Kick It Old-School

The latest Chanel advert by genius Peter Phillips has gotten us very excited! The man himself has taken a break from dolling up the ladies to make this beautiful advert. . .

Who would have thought there was such a good excuse to spend so much money on make up? Sorry mum, we need this £800 worth of lipstick, I am making a stop-start animation movie! Hello! Amazing! We are big fans of stop-start footage and we think this is another hot pick for 2011. Cute advert, stunning brand.

Fashionistas everywhere will take to the streets with their lipsticks and dreams!

Message in a Bottle

Ouch! This film by Kirsten Lepore completely made Vivid’s day. We laughed, we cried, and we are currently trying to nominate it for an Oscar. Move aside Colin Firth, we know a leading Gent made of sand who is ready to give you a run for your money! This film is so cute it actually hurt...

Another stop-start beauty, well done to Kirsten and her lovely team – you are onto a winner there! Keep up the good work :)

Let's go make and do!

27 Jan 2011

Crafty Kite

Ooooh! We've been working away at cute little projects to share with you.

Coming up on the weekend will be our Crafty Kite Tutorial.

Here is a peek one we made earlier!

Be sure to check back :)

Living Dresses

Clever bee Karen Ingham and her team of scientists have created a dress which is not only nice on the eyes, but nice to the planet too. They even made a lovely short film that explains how! How nice are they!?

This wearable art is created with pollen, attracting butterflies and bees during the day and a moth or two at night. One half of Vivid thinks that it would make their skin crawl. The other thinks it would make their day! Each to their own I suppose. Mind, this is a much nicer approach to living fashion –

not a bee beard in sight!

26 Jan 2011

Face to Face with Bill Bailey

The charity that specialises in educating children about where food comes from, aptly called Face ( Farming and Countryside Education), has hired everybody’s favorite Bill Bailey to front its latest campaign.

Its funny, clever and something we could all learn from.

And we will never look at Broccoli the same way again!

Big. Small. Bowl.

We are big fans of all big small things. The worlds biggest ball of twine ... The worlds smallest painting .... the things life are all about! This latest trend has gotten us very excited. If Vivid HQ had a back garden, we know what we would do with it!

Bring on the Big Small Bowl!

25 Jan 2011

The Fourth Plinth

We are big fans of The Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square as you will no doubt remember from our earlier post. We are pretty excited about what is going to be happening there next. Will it be a golden boy? Or a giant blue cockerel? ....Do you think we are having a laugh? Check these bad boys out:

See, we weren’t kidding! These have been created by artists Elmgreen & Dragset and Katharina Fritsch for 2012 and 2013. We saw these images and read the article on Creative Review, but doesn’t it make you think of Harry Hill?

I quite like the boy on the rocking horse … but I also quite like the marine cockerel…. There is only one way to decide who I prefer….. FIGHT!

24 Jan 2011

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas meet Vivid

OMG. Yeah, that's right, Martha is a Vivid fan! We were VERY lucky to meet Ms Reeves and the Lovely Vandellas and they even signed our first ever Vivid bag. As cheesy as it sounds, Vivid really were Dancing In The Street!

Thanks Ladies!

22 Jan 2011

Etsy Shop Now Open!


We are very proud to announce the opening of our Etsy shop and we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our first ever product... The Penny Farthing Canvas Bag!

Super cute, right?!
This ain't your average shopper, this shopper is killer.
It is environmentally friendly and friendly on the eyes too. It is Curiously Creative and geek chique. Like what you see? Pop over to our Etsy shop and find out more!

21 Jan 2011

The Big Reveal

Come back tomorrow to see our big surprise!
The Vivid Launch

20 Jan 2011

Homemade Soup

Remember having nice light? You know, sunshine? The one thing Scotland needs but never has? Well, it happened today, and we are so excited about it we thought we would share it with you! Let's hope we have encouraged it to stay... Pretty please?!

Caravan Obscura!

Taking our love of caravan transformations one step further, lay your eyes on this beautiful creation! This is Luxembourg’s camera obscura on wheels, Roulot'ographe. A gigantic camera, people! Not only does it function as a camera, but they take classes inside too. Ouch my heart! We are looking into flights right now!

Pom Poms

Vivids latest style crush is the infamous PomPom.
Perfect for every occasion and easier to make than beans on toast, we think PomPoms are the future ... or at the very least, the past making a big comeback! Here is the first PomPom I ever made (seriously!) whilst I was staying in our Hideaway. If Vivid can, so can you! Grab yourself a ball of wool tonight and make your own spectacular accessories. You will be the talk of the town!

19 Jan 2011

Foo Fighter Teaser

Check out the Foo Fighter 's album teaser, it is awesome. There has been a lot of coverage about this over the past few days and it is easy to see why! Exciting times. We cannot wait to hear the whole thing!

National Popcorn Day

Hello! Happy National Popcorn day!
Who would have thought that there would be a whole day dedicated to a vegetable that got so hot it actually combust? I guess that’s America for you; anything goes. We are big fans of popcorn though, and all of the ways it can be used. Used? Yes, popcorn has a lot of functions. Weather decorating your house or decorating your chest, popcorn is always a solution… thank goodness for the person that thought to heat up the stuff!

We cannot wait for National Hot Dog Day. For those of you who aren’t aware of it (shame on you!) its happening on the 19th of July. July happens to be Hot Dog Month, so get ready for the hot dog drought that will happen around the end of June! Happy Popping!

Moleskine Moments!

Like all arty types, Vivid are fans of the Moleskine sketchbook. Were would the world be without Moleskine? I can't tell you that, but I can tell you one thing, you can count us out. Just when we thought our love for Moleskine could not grow any stronger after the book-a-month calender, they made this stunning advert. Using stop-start animation, a craft knife and a few calenders, Rogier Weiland made this beautiful film, and made us all feel like we need to make and do more. Good work Rogier!

18 Jan 2011

Date Night

Oh My Goodness! Just when you thought date night couldn’t get any cuter than peanut M&M’s and a kiss in the back of the cinema, this came along:

That’s right, a trailer that is a cinema AND it is solar powered! Who would have thought to put these together? Well the lovely people at Sol Cinema of course! And it is the smallest of its kind in the whole entire world too – Jeeze Oh! Date night just got a whole lot more fun :)

Rosettes Are For Winners.

Rosettes are for winners, that's a fact. So, in the run up to The Vivid Launch, we have decided to make everyone involved a rosette each, as they are all winners too! Here is my first ever rosette. I'm pretty proud about that, so don't judge! The madness continues at Vivid HQ, but we think it will be worth it!

17 Jan 2011

Top Five Crushes

Wow, this is a loooong month! It seems that January is the worst ever for waiting until pay day. Don't get us wrong, we went all out over Christmas and wouldn't change it for the world, but we are SKINT now! Never the less, we get our surf on and cry ourselves to sleep over the cute things we would have bought...

We know, right?! Ouch! We have nothing else to say about this... there are no more words... Check it out at Reform School Rules. Super awesome.

Vivid would love to own this tea light by Jonathan Alder. Ceci n'est pas une pipe by Magritte is one of our big art crushes. It's not a pipe!

What the Font? No problemo! The FontBook is a designers dream. We should know - part of Vivid actually had a dream about it and got it! Phew! We will never suffer a font injury ever again ... unless we drop this book!

Our only problem with this mirror is we don't know who NOT to buy one for. Every girl should have one. A key and a mirror? Hello! Anthropologie makes a bad habit of spending our money!

We have spied these a few places, but check out this super-amazing tin caravan at Caravan Style. If we owned this, we would fill it with tiny lights ... and dreams!

We hope you don't spend the last of your pennies now! Hold tight, pay day is near...

Busy Vivid!

Vivid are powering through the week in the run up to our Launch Date. Thats right! Prepare yourself for 22.1.11 when Vivid are going global! We are SO excited and we hope you are too ... hold on tight, we are in for some ride!

16 Jan 2011

Vivid's Ad of the Year - 2010

We have to admit that there have been a few seriously good adverts this year. Tippex with their hilarious YouTube viral, Match.com with the cute couple meeting in the music store and warming our hearts, and the first Irn Bru advert that has made us smile in a long time.
But Vivid have to admit that THE BEST AD OF 2010 isn't what you would expect ...

Perrier water have blown us away with their Dita Von Teese teaser. Its a strip show, its a dice game, its hide and seek, but most importantly it is shot beautifully!

The vintage sex kitten makes Perrier the hottest water drink on the market, and the viewer even hotter...


Well done Dita and Perrier for doing France proud!

15 Jan 2011

Beautiful in the Everyday

Here is our little ode to the prettiness of the everyday. Vivid tend to run at a thousand miles an hour, so it is always good to have a wee reminder!

On the rare occasion Vivid do the washing up, we get quite involved in the beauty in the bubbles...and tend to only get half the job done! When double bubbles happen like this, it's easy to see why...sorry mum!

Gherkins. Who even likes these? They are like the foot of the cucumber family, but I am a little obsessed with their beautiful-ugly. Aren't you?!

Don't you wish this was outside of your house? I don't think Vivid could ever come home sad if we came home to this. Perfect!

Sitting in the kitchen. Who doesn't like to hang out there? Food, drink, warmth, tea, baking...do we need to on on? I think I should push my bed in there, I never like to leave it!

We know what we will be thinking about come the Monday Blues ...