26 Aug 2011

DIY: No Sew Felt Bow Tutorial


Today we thought we would share our super quick no sew felt bow tutorial for a Friday pick me up. This week's project literarily takes 2 seconds to make and will add a little fun to any ensemble. Fast last minute accessorizing = win!

So, all you need is two felt rectangles: one little and one large. The best thing about this pretty bow is that you can make it any size; just make sure the length of the little rectangle is the width of the larger rectangle. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to cut out your larger rectangle first, then trim the top off to make your smaller rectangle ... amazing.
To escape the ole needle and thread, you will need a glue gun or a little super glue to hold it together. Finally, to get it into your hair or on your clothes you will need either a clasp, safety pin, or even a little ribbon if you wanna wear it like a hair band.
Versatile projects are our friends!

Ok, so pick up your larger felt rectangle and pinch it in the middle. To get those cute little bow dimples, you simply pinch it in at the central point so it is like a M shape. Add a dot of glue where the pinch meets and hold for a few seconds to make sure it sticks...

That is just one glue dot; doesn't it look great already?!

Next take your small rectangle and wrap it around the middle of the bow, covering the previous glue dot. Add a little glue to one side and pinch it closed. Again, hold this for a few seconds to set. Nice!

Finally, simply add in your fixing...
You can glue this into place if you are happy for it to be permanent. To do so, glue it into the smaller felt rectangle before you glue it shut - just make sure you do it near the end of the strip so the seam is hidden... Otherwise, if you are like us you will want to be able to adapt it for every occasion! You can slip your fixings in and out really easily through the loop you have created with the smaller piece of felt. As you will be clasping it onto your hair or clothes, it will grip both you and your lovely new accessory! For instance, we have added this hair clasp for when we want fancy hair, then switched it for a safety pin when we wanted to brighten up our clothes.... For a hairband, simply switch for a cute ribbon by sliding it through your felt loop and tie the loose ends closed under your hair. Anything goes!


Super cute, right?
But wait, don't forget that this is also a fantastic last minute accessory for boys who love mustaches and monocles: bow tie boys ROCK! Make sure to make one for your mister too :) he will think you are a doll! We hope you enjoyed this speedy how to...
It really is the gift that keeps giving!
Happy Friday...


  1. this is so easy and super cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you very much for coming by with a sweet comment! You inspired me with your clutch tutorial


  2. Hee hee! Awww thanks love, that makes us very happy!