13 Jun 2011

Top 5 Crushes: Hold The Phone!

This week we have been looking at home phones.
You know, those phones that don't live in your pocket and are attached to the wall? You used them when you were younger or when you ran out of phone credit, remember?
Well, it seems we have found a whole new level of love for junk food... forget the iPhone, we have eyes much bigger than our stomaches!

Hungry? Well, a moment on the lips...
This phone striked up our little search storm. It's a classic from the 90's, right? And so we continued... and you can't look up novelty phones without checking out Juno's inspirational mouth piece...

Gosh, isn't it fun! The burger phone is another icon of it's era.
Who couldn't look at that everytime and want to nip to McDonalds?
But wait! You want fries with that?

Oh yes, the Fries phone. How brilliant is that!
Anything is possible these days...but we are a little in love with this one...
Too salty for ya?

Well, you could wash it down with a soda phone of course!
Geeze oh! We have ourselves a little lunch deal going on here.
So kitsch and cute we don't know where to look!

They really have done it all. You could even have an apple for desert!
How great are these phones? If only we needed to have 5 phones in our kitchen...
We would keep them on a tray and everything!
We think we will need to go for an early lunch today... and decide which phone to get!