25 May 2011

Top Five Crushes: Build It Yourself!

This weeks Top Five Crushes takes a look at our favorite 'Build It Yourself' kits. Who doesn't love to sit down with dad and work out the meaning of life through everything you love?
Find out what makes the world go round here:

As you know, we have a big crush on Ukuleles. We have two already but have our heart set on picking up our own Ukuele Kit and making one too. You haven't lived until you have had a shot on a Uke. And you will be the life of the party if you can say that you built yours from scratch in between Dolly Parton numbers!

We kind of don't want to know the secret of getting a boat in a bottle. But we also kind of do! When the day finally comes, this Boat In A Bottle kit will not only tell us how it happens but will help us make our own one too. I'm not sure we will ever be that patient...

Vivid were both obsessed with dino's when we were little tinks. And being small ourselves, naturally we love tiny things. Hello Tinysaur Kit! Well done to the mastermind who decided to put these two things together. Bravo!
Kaleidoscopes are the un-sung hero's of our childhood. So simple yet so unique with every view. Get back to basics and create your own - we would put random objects in ours then try and photograph through the peep hole.We would call it Abstract Art!

We love cameras and we love creating less than perfect images. This Pinhole Camera is made from card and gives each picture its own personality without breaking the bank. Our dad's would love to get involved with this project! We will be snapping these up for Fathers Day and borrowing it on the weekends. Score!

Happy making everyone!


  1. I love the ukelele kit. It's actaully more expensive then the ukelele's at my local music shop but off course you could costumise it .sounds like loads of fun

  2. You can do some pretty awesome tunes on a Uke! And if you hand crafted and designed it yourself, you will be fighting off the boys! Hee hee